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Stop the Madness!!

Stop the Madness!!


Yared Huluf 11-08-20


Psychopaths are victims of mental illness, empathy and support is all they need. They live and believe in their own bubble when the reality is different.  But that does not mean they are not a threat to others and themselves. The American election is now behind us. But there are those who still believe the former president, including himself, that he has won the election. No matter how hard you try to show them the reality, they will not badge an iota from their perceptions of victory. The former president kept telling the Americans and the world that Civid-19 is a China’s virus, and the Chinese must be blamed.


The question is how do you punish China? Besides,  Chinese or no Chinese the virus is, instead of effectively dealing with the virus as the Chinese did, the president and indeed all the European governments allowed the virus to rampantly spread, leading to human tragedy, in their greed to keep their pockets full of money, with little and ineffective measures against the virus.


The irony, as a carrot attached to a donkey that spurred it to walk and walk with no success to reach out and consume the carrot; the Europeans never managed to fill their pockets with the money they so much love to have. The paradox of the thrift, Economists teach their students! The more you want to save to get quick rich, the less you actually managed to save, and end up as a poor. That is the story!!


We have another psychopaths in the Horn; Isayas and Abiy, no need to decorate them with presidential titles, they do not deserve it nor did they got mandates from their respective people. They have never been elected; they are usurpers.

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In their desperate attempts to stay in power there are causing regional and ethnic conflicts. Dictators are one step ahead their gullible followers. They exploit the weaknesses of their followers and promise them the Garden of Eden.

Abiy masterminded an Entebbe style operation in Mekelle, Tigray with two planes filled with elite commands to eliminate Tigrian leaders, to no success.


Mekelle is not Entebbe, Tigray is not iIdi Amin’s Uganda once was.


Whatever the faults TPLF did as part of the Ethiopian government, it resigned from the post without insisting and resorting to stay in power using military force it had abundantly under its control, This is a new chapter  and dignified way to resolve governance problems.

The one that replace the TPLF did the opposite and horrible to contemplate.


Now the people of Tigray have elected it to administer the nation. It is no one's a business of others, be it people of other nations or Abiy and his surrogates, to tell the people of Tigray who they decide to put in power. The TPLF is a legitimate government of Tigray and must be respected. No one should tell the Tigrians who should lead them or not. I say, Mind your own business you gourmands!


Abiy who claims that he represents all Ethiopians nations and nationalities should not wedge discord among nations and ethnic groups and ferment conflicts and war. As he did when he hatched and plotted the Entebbe style operation to excite and mobilize the Amharas’ dream if annexing lands from Tigray using and abusing the federal army to join the expansionist forces to engaged as he did, bent to destabilize Tigray.


Like the somnambulists walking in  Nevada/Narvada in the USA who now claim Trump has won, when he is roundly and decisively defeated by (306 to 217 own projected); at a time the Chinese have managed to effectively control to virus and Trump was/is going round with blame game instead of fighting the virus.


Biden now ought not go round and appease the Trump sympathizers but with resolve back and address American issues and Black Life Matter convincingly, if American is to stay supper power. It is not guns; it is people who make a nation great.


Anyone with a brain tissue left in his/ her mind they must stop Abiy sprinkling madness if they wish peace to prevail.


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