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Setting the History Straight

Setting the History Straight

Hailemariam Abebe



“Cherkin Werkin Gdefo, Tarik Tigray Tsehafo!”


A few weeks ago, Shalequa Temesgen Tiruneh, not only made territorial claims against the Tigray Nation but he told us too, just like so many Ahdaweeian before him in the last two years, what he planned to do about it.  Regarding his territorial claims, we will see what the court of historical justice will say when the time comes to present the historical footprints some eight thousand years long.  But we Tegaru must take his threat very seriously, not only because he is actually talking on behalf of his boss but also the likes of Temesgen, Demeke, Gedu and other top leaders of ANDM, have already proven to us that they are ethnic cleansing criminals with the blood of innocent Tegaru in their hands!  Remember those about one hundred thousand Tegaru who were ethnic cleansed from Shifa, Gondar, Bahir Dar, Debarik, and Debre Markos, and those hundreds innocent civilians murdered!  Until we meet in the court of historical justice or at the battle front or at both, there are somethings the Ahdaweeian Misery Indexers must know, for “getting the mouth in gear before the brain is engaged,” could backfire with “shock and awe” of incredible intensity and lethality!

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For too long, our silence has been mistaken for consent. For, for too long too, we have seen our history appropriated, and we have seen a concerted and sustained effort to brush us foreign in the land we have lived before the prisoners, settlers and pastoralists!  The extremists in ANDM along with their likes in the Ahdaweeian or Unitarian “Misery Indexers,” and their Diaspora mouth pieces as well as their Arab handlers, have used many code words to bring about our demise, and they have called us many names too.  Our advice? Please do not waste your time. We are not only stainless steel, gold, pure diamond and pure as a whistle but also, we are as sublime and immortal as a spirit!

Projection will never get one anywhere! And so, we say, keep that which is not our own but that which is absolutely and unequivocally yours for yourself, is our advice!  Never forget we are a people with a golden footprints some eight thousand years long.  We have lived where we live now, where you live now and beyond for that much!  We did not just live but build civilization second to none!  We have farmed Teff and baked bread when others competed with wild animals for their daily sustenance.  We have seasoned our food when others ate it raw, and we have lived in a house when our detractors lived in caves or in the bush competing with wild animals!   

We have been a people of faith since eons of time too distant to contemplate and measure. We have worshiped gods, God, angels and saints. We have practiced Judaism before Christianity. We not only have been a part of the ministry of Christ but also, we were present during his birth.  No, none of that the Ethiopian eunuch or Syrian missionary European “shithole!” We have too, introduced and declared Christianity as our national religion, and also became the only people in the world who put the cross in a currency!  And for time immemorial, not only faith was second to none to us but that our daily routine has been governed just about by the Ten Commandment!

We are a welcoming people. We have welcomed refugees including some of the family members of the Prophet Mohammed!  As believers in religious freedom, long before many allowed religious pluralities, we were the first to grant legal protection for those who wanted to worship a faith different than our own!  Please understand that it was not by coincident that the Prophet Mohammed called our Kingdom “the land of peace and justice” and our King one who “gives religious freedom!” The Prophet Mohammed knew we are a people who lived and died by faith, peace, justice, honor integrity and freedom not just for ourselves but for all of God’s children!  It was because He saw us live not only by the law we codified into daily practice but because He saw us live by the law of God, that the Prophet Mohammed forewarned the faithful “never to harm the Ethiopian” which then was the kingdom of Axum! How sad it is those who claim to be followers of the Prophet violating His Words nowadays!  

We have been a people of law and government with emperors and queens more than some 225 and even more!  Our leaders have been, just like the people from whom they were born, leaders of an incredible courage, honor, integrity and foresight, and leaders, like the people they lead, with a premium on freedom, justice and independence, and ones who would never choose bread over honor!    

We have been explorers, merchants, philosophers, architects and engineers whose masterpieces are currently standing tall in Yeha, Axum, Senafe, Adolis, Kohaito, Metera, Debre Damo, Abuna Yemata Guh, Mikael Debre Selam, Abuna Abraham, Abraha We Atsbeha, and yes even Lalibela, and some say two hundred sixty others in all.  Indeed we are a people with knowledge of lines and curves, angles, triangles, squares and polygons, half circles, circles and ellipses, and gates, doors, and windows, that we are all those, is evident on the time and nature defying architectural and engineering marbles standing tall all the way past your neck of the woods, those works of ours without common denominator, which are the symbol and substance of who we are!

Pioneers not only in time, language, art, music, literature and agriculture but also in architecture, engineering and geometry not only in carving and molding the toughest rock or iron there is but in minting coins of gold, silver and bronze!  Remember that, the crosses that are the symbol of our faith, the rings that represent our oath during matrimony, the necklaces, anklets and many others too many to count which adorn the Ethiopian landscape, are the product of the genius of Axum.  The swords, shield, spear, Negarit, Kebero, Embilta, Tchrawata, Meleket, Begena, and Tsenatsil are the arts and crafts we pioneered. And remember too that those crowns of just about all the kings and queens who ruled Ethiopia were not only crafted  in this mountain kingdom  that is Axum but also remember that, throughout the long history of ours, no Ethiopian could become King, Emperor or Queen without the consent of the monastery of the St. Mary of Tsion Ze Axum!  And that includes the late Emperors Menelik and Hailesellasie! 

We are from forefathers and mothers of great mind and foresight.  Not only did they live a life of glory, invention and innovation for themselves, but they lived for their progenies too, leaving us a legacy without common denominator and one that is the envy of the world!  An envy of the world but more importantly, for us, a fountain of pride and a spring of inspiration which like the sun keeps us warm, energized and empowered to become a resolute people, a people galactically proud of our identity and heritage, a free people who would never live as executioners devoid of thought or with conception, conviction and execution incongruently aligned, or as a pair of hands or as human robots or someone’s slave but as a people of mind with conception and execution perfectly aligned and in control of our own future and destiny!   

Yes sir, we are a people raised on paradise, nourished and nurtured on legacies that never age! We are a people with knowledge of ourselves, and with a powerful knowledge and insight into those shiny without substance, willing slaves of the evils of colonial Europe or the menace of the degenerate Arab thugs.  We are never like those in our neighborhood, a liability and utter embarrassment not only for themselves but more importantly to a continent of good people! That is why we salute Mother Tigray, the Agazian state, the mother of Ethiopia, our wonderland, paradise and garden of Eden combined, for it is a paradise for the young, and a pride for the grownups!

Get this! It was not by coincidence the frontiers of Azena or Kaleb were from southern Egypt to Sana in Arabia, Yohannes and Alula Abanega prevailed over the Italians and Egypt, and the TPLF prevailed over the Derg and its entire backers from the East Block to Cuba, it is because we are a people of not only extraordinary faith, culture, history, wisdom and foresight but also because we are a people tested throughout time, by the hottest fires and prevailed! Yes sir, we are a people born to live free and do so by our own blueprints!

If we may serenade you further with the music of ours.  We are from the garden of wonders blessed not only with the rare and exceptional spiritual treasures but also adorned with historical firsts that awe the deepest rim of the imaginations not only to those of us born to these Garden of Eden whose nourishment and nurture produced free men and women of great calibers that are the Azenas, Kalebs, Yareds, Zera Yacobs, great Kings and Queens to many to count, and heroes and heroines without equals, but also awe the great minds of those from distant places the world over! We are from the root of it all, the seat of law and power, the beginning of Ethiopia’s great civilization, and the site where the Kings and Queens of Ethiopia were coroneted!  It was from this, this heart of Tigray, it was from this mother of Ethiopia, the great Kings and Queens embarked to build a civilization that is second to none, and from where they ruled territories not only across the Red Sea but all the way to Monroe!   We belong to a people of great history and civilization and a people of great heroes and heroines who, before anyone else, did put premium on freedom and independence! 

We are too, the conscience, faith and culture of Ethiopia. We are authors of that uniquely Ethiopian.  From that spiritual belief to that reverence for life, from that archeological treasures to our architectural wonders, from that mystic and timeless smile to that culinary paradise, from that courage and valor to that premium on freedom, from the taste in our food to the heavenly sound of our music and from the selflessness and humility to our humanity, it was all born in Axum!

We are a people who live forever too.  We never die! We are immortal, living for ever in our timeless works and wonders!  We are Teff, the Queen of Sheba, Emne Melek, the Arch of the Covenant, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  We are Yeha, Axumauian, Adolis, Agazian, Geez, time, calendar, the great obelisks and rock churches, castles and palaces, Palace of the Queen of Sheba, Fasilodos Gondar and Abraha Castle.   We are of kings and queens all the way from the Queen of Sheba to Azena, Kaleb, Aste Fasiledos, Emperor Tewodros, Yohannes, Ras Alula, Zeray Deres, Abraha Deboch, Moges Asgedom Hayelom, Amora, SeArre, Gezai, and Samora.  We are in the timeless crosses, rings, necklaces, anklets and bracelets we designed and crafted.  We are too in Yared and Zera Yaekob alive in our timeless thoughts, selflessness, inventions, innovations, and compositions.  As such, we are in our Negarit, Kebero, Embilta, Tchrawata, Meleket, Begena, and the Tsenatsil, we pioneered!

We are freedom and independence with a badge of honor known as the only people who met European fire with fire and proved that we are invincible, indomitable and unconquerable! It is not by coincidence that we adorn our churches with divine images that look like us. It is because the divine images affirm not only powerfully and divinely the extraordinary regard we have for ourselves, the value we attach to our lives, the reverence we have for our heritage, and the meaning we attach to our faith but also that we are in fact immortal!  “Never harm the Ethiopians” taught the Prophet Mohammed; it was not for a blind submission or spiritual, cultural and intellectual fraud but for living true to the callings of our faith, heritage, culture and viewpoint! 

Finally, let us set the other record straight. It has not just been code words and name calling, you have also tried to define our boundaries too! Caution may be the best practice here, for you may get what you wish for!   You have killed and uprooted us from Gondar interestingly, waving placards of our Tegaru kings.  It was quiet a site to see where a mass of people victimized by a deliberately falsified historical education, fallen for the absurd. But it should have been obvious that one cannot hate Emperor Yohannes and love Emperor Tewodros and Atse Fasilodos or one cannot worship the latter two and uproot Tigrayans, for they are all Tegaru of the same stock! Similarly, one cannot hate Axum and love Gondar, for it is Axum, just like Adolis, Lalibela and Asmara, that founded Gondar and not the other way around! Historical jumbo-mumbo can only result in monumental discombobilation as evident in the placards at Gondar, Bahri Dar and elsewhere in the Ahdaweeian neighborhood! For the truth, is that Atse Fasilodos and Emperor Tewodros are Tigrayans with the descendants of Emperor Tewodros not only currently living in Tembien, Shire but some of them in Washington, D.C.!

As to the border prescription of Tekeze, Welkayit and Tsgede, our footprints and maps say, you are in our territory (see map above)! If there exit archeological, anthropological, and legitimate written documents and maps that we do not know, that good old Professor Pankhurst would sure have liked to get his hands on them when he was alive. But the legitimate maps made before the onslaught of appropriation, in fact, do not show Gondar/Begemdir, Gojam, Shewa and others anywhere where they are today but Yeha, Axum and Adolis! And this raises a profound question, and that is, who really is Ethiopian with “3000 years” written history and where the hell does Temesgen Tiruneh and his likes come from?

Clearly, it is that the current Ethiopian history is so intentionally debased, defaced and adulterated, it has become not only un-Ethiopian but also it is driving others to claim ownership of history that which has no legitimate historical fact! We strongly believe that the current history of Ethiopia is heavily corrupted by ethnic barbarity courtesy of the Ahdaweeian despots and their intellectual gigolos! The current debacle of Welkayit Tsegede is a tip of the iceberg. We therefore strongly support a constructive study and discussion on who is who, which belongs to whom, and who is indigenous to which, who did what good or harm to whom, and who contributed to Ethiopia what! We supremely believe that having an authoritative history of Ethiopia, will free us from the historical psychobabble and blunders, and orient us to live within our legitimate historical means!

That, the Ahdaweeian extremists have lit an ethnic and religious fire is obvious.  We have seen and heard the presentation live on Ethiopian Television.  We have documented it too.  The pogrom has already caused many deaths and destruction.  People have been ethnically cleaned and by all indications, there will be more.  Even if common sense was to set in and the course was stopped and even reversed, we believe the ultimate damage has been done.  It is irreversible; the idea that Ethiopia as know her will continue to be is a pipe dream! The Gondar and Bahr Dar episodes, along with the selling of the GERD to Ethiopia’s historic enemies, selling Ethiopia’s national and international interests, have irreparably, irremediably, irrevocability, and permanently dismembered Ethiopia not only psychologically but physically!  

But the total delirium continues.  Some two years ago, we were once told Weyane is defeated, surrounded and on a death row! The ethnic cleansers were so emboldened that they not only murdered and ethnic cleansed ethnic Tegaru but also used road closings, economic sabotage, imprisonments, murder of prominent citizens, government sanctioned hate propaganda, disinformation campaign, and threats of killing mothers and children! And now, the Ahdawee clique is orchestrating territorial claims and more threats. To be sure, there is no doubt the Tigray Nation takes these crimes very seriously, and there is absolutely no question that it will smash every evil from wherever corner it dares to pop out!  And as the political metamorphosis of the last two years clearly show, Tigray is cutting that coterie of evil into the size that they truly and really are- a Lilliput with a Lilliputian mind!  Little did these fountains of miseries know Weyane/TPLF can neither be defeated, nor killed dead; Abiy and company must know that, like the people of Tigray, Weyane/TPLF is indomitable as it is immortal.  It can never be surrounded too, for it is AIR surrounding all, and a lifeline for the very life of its detractors.  For now, we will leave it at that!

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