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Open Letter to Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael: Destroy Eritrean Refugee Camps in Tigrai



Open Letter to Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael:   Destroy Eritrean Refugee Camps in Tigrai.


Gebreselema Hailemichael



To begin with I am someone who strongly opposed Woyanes and Shabia for separating Tegarus in Eritrea and in Ethiopia when Woyanes and Shabia were victorious over DERG in 1991. At that time, there was no one who can listen. But I was personally in pain about it. I could not see a vision in it. The reason I opposed the idea of separating Tigrigna speakers was  I did not see any strategic, and tactical short and  long term vision for the people. From the depth of my heart, I felt it was damaging to the future of our people. However, at that time everyone was high and no one could listen to such idea. Now time is testament that separating Tegarus was wrong, and myopic and without vision. I am writing this piece to request Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael to tear down the refugee camps in Tigrai and to allow Eritreans in Tigrai to live as citizen of Tigrai. I personally believe the land in Tigrai belongs to them and keeping them in detention camp in their own ancestral land is morally wrong. We know before Menelick sold half Tegarus and half Tigrai, Eritrea was just part and parcel of Tigrai and the people are related by blood, history, culture, language, faith and all aspect of life. As someone who grew up on both sides, I know no difference except difference created by enemies to weaken our people and promoted by our own leaders. I will explain the reasons why the refugee’s camps in Tigrai must be torn down and demolished.  I will propose a solution that I believe is the right things to do to mend and reunion the people. 


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I am not sure if people notice it, but enemy countries and person are exploiting the situation between Tigrai and Eritrea. They are exploiting the problem created by our leaders to their advantage. I think the leaders may not notice it because they are in tit for tat revenge mood regardless whether their action is affecting our people.  For example, the Ethiopian prime ministers dealing about Tigrai and Eritrea is secretive because he is trying to exploit for his own political agenda. Foreign actors are doing the same. For example, we can see how the noble prize was given in the name of fake reconciliation between Eritrea-Tigrai that did not include the owners of the issue. What makes it obvious is that the noble prize was given to one person by excluding President Issayas.  They say it takes two tangos to fight, and so does it takes two tangos to make peace between two parties. Something can not happen by one person alone.  On top of that the Trump confession of having made a deal with Abiy and about who should have taken the noble peace prize is very clear. Thus I strongly believe far and near actors exploiting the problem created by our leaders. They might even ignite war to exploit it more to realise their own agenda. I therefore wanted to awaken the people on both sides and do something about it now.


To contribute my part, we must handle our problem ourselves and we must not allow Abiy or anybody to handle our affairs after now. We neither need Abiy nor UN nor America nor Saudi Arabia.  Agazian problem must be solved by Agazians only without allowing foreign actors. To realise this I suggest that the Tigrai government must strengthen relationship between Tegarus on both sides.


I would like to request Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael to destroy the refugee camps of Eritreans in Tigrai.  Since the land is their own ancestral land, they have not come from other foreign lands. I suggest they must be integrated into their community across Tigrai and live as citizens of Tigrai. To do this, the Tigrai government must raise money by Teleton from TigreanTegarus and Eritrean Tegarus in Diaspora for money so that the Tigrai government can build for them proper housing across Tigrai.  Most of them are very young and their formative age must not be wasted in refugee camps. This is also one way of solving the problem durably. 


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