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Open Letter to President Issayas Afeworki

Open Letter to President Issayas Afeworki


Gebre Selema 2-20-20

  Dear President,


I watched your interview with interest because I was hoping you will have breaking news in your   interview for the downtrodden Tegarus on both sides.  But I was very disappointed there was nothing for the young Tegarus on both sides of the Mereb.  I, personally, have less interest in the never ending squabble with Woyanes and Shabia.  I do believe both you have betrayed your fellow fighters who dedicated their own precious irreplaceable lives.  I would like to express my disagreement with you and I will suggest a durable solution for the future of our people.


 President Issayas Afeworki, you can not wash yourself with salt and atone yourself from alls sins you have committed and portray yourself as self-righteous, flawless and dump all sins on Woyane leaders.  You are a big part and parcel of the problem that is holding our people hostages for about 20 years assuming the previous time was for a purpose although I doubt about it since you did not deliver the presumed purpose to our people.  You expressed your desire to interfere in Ethiopia because you wanted to destroy TPLF?  As you may know well, whether we like or not, TPLF synonymous with Tigrai and Tigreans as the names speaks itself.  I am not supporter of TPLF for my own reason. I do not believe TPLF has liberated Tegarus since our people are still after 27 years look like they are living underground and still covered by dust.  Tigreans are not allowed to think freely because freedom is curtained in Tigrai the same way it is done in Eritrea.  I can not say Tigreans are better than the time of derg because they have been denied  trade, investment, development,  mobility in the name of no peace no war. The no peace no war was designed to punish President Issayas Afeworki but it has punished Tegarus on both sides.  For this and other reasons, I am not a Pro Woyanes political paradigm.   I know Tigreans support TPLF now because they have no choice.   I am not therefore pro Woyanes and Shabias. I oppose both of you equally as myopic, vision-less and traitors of those who gave their own precious lives in the hoping of their sacrifice will benefit their people.   You both betrayed them. However, one can not destroy TPLF with out destroying Tegarus.   Even now, it seems you are hell bent to keep on playing war game as if our people are war objects.  President Issayas Afewerki will not mind still waging another war which is a crazy man’s idea.   Abiy Amhed may desperate need the war so that he can easily annihilate our people after their self-destructive war.  But I see no reason president Issayas Afewerki wanting war to wage.   I have a question for president Issayas, do you not have  any feeling for the mistakes you have done by igniting war that destroyed  about 100 000 people in the so called Badme war? Do not you have any small humanity in you?  President Issayas Afewerki, if you were in Europe, and North America, you would have been removed from power at the end of the bloody war for causing such tragic bloody war.  But you live in Africa and you are still on power and you come out without any shame to declare another bloody war.  Honestly, I can not believe it.  Abiy is an illiterate, without any life experience who will be happy to kill more people as he is doing on daily basis.  But I can not believe president Issayas still aching for bloody war.  It is mind boggling how president Issayas’s brain works.  This is not to defend Woyanes, but to tell the truth.  President Issayas, if Woyanes were like you, they would have no saved you on the last minute of the Badme war. If they were like you, they had 20 years to destroy you directly.  It seems there was no war for the past 20 years because of Woyanes. I know the no peace no war is more than war. But at least Woyanes never intended to interfere in Eritrea directly as you told us now you wanted to interfere in Ethiopia.

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Having said all the above, I suggest you both guys  swallow your  pride, haughtiness, arrogance, ignorance and  now give us a chance to have peace, but no more war. If President Issayas wanted war, then you have to fight Woyanes fist by fist directly yourself, but no more using poor people as war game.  


I, as someone who is dedicating my life to restoring Axumite kingdom, now am not a time for war. Now is a time to start Axumite Renaissance.   It is time and it is overdue. President Issayas, our people are living in Stone Age or copper age. If you see how people live in the west, you will not think about war. I have been teaching myself to learn from the west. What I found out is that European and North American progress in Technology was stopped by first and second world war. Europe and North America were hot in science and Technology in the 1820s, but the late 30s and 40s Europe was on fire. Science and Technology was interrupted and they did a come back after the Second World War. Therefore war is never good for anything. The more you invest in war, the more you destroying the future of even the unborn people.  


The way our people are living today in the villages is the way Europeans were living the 18th century, complete darkness.  The thing is when you live in darkness, you get used to darkness.  The darkness becomes normal way of life.  Living without electricity, clean water, proper housing, proper clothing,… is darkness because you get used to it, it becomes okay.  President Issayas, our people very behind the way they live and we have no time now for war. You are an elderly man. You must retire and live in a peaceful place instead of cuddling an immature boy Abiy. As you know age is a source of honour in our culture.  Please go back to your roots and stop war mongering.  You have already wasted our lives and you have made us suffer. I have lived my entire life as refugee because of you guys.  Do not even tell me you liberated me.  You exposed me to refugee life. If you did not exist, I would not have left home and my family.  I know there was bad system in Ethiopia, but that bad system could have been removed by means of peaceful political activity.  It does not have to be bloody and demand all poor souls to perish in the name of liberation.


Now we need a durable solution, we have to go back to square one and restore our ancient land mark, our ancient sea mark, our ancient culture, language, and civilisation.  The Israelites did it three times. One time when they returned from slavery in Egypt, entered the Promised Land and built Israel.  Second, they did it when they returned from slavery in Babylon and restored and rebuilt Israel.  Ezra was the restorer and rebuilder of Israel after the return from Babylon.  Third, they did it when they returned from across the world and restored and rebuilt Israel from almost nothing.   We do not need to work as hard as Israel to restore ourselves since everything is in place except we have to do housing cleaning and restoring and rebuilding the kingdom. We can not afford to keep on fighting in Ethiopia in the name of whatever.  We must live in peace because we are creating to live in peace until we die.  President Issayas, please give us a break from war.


President Issayas, you sound to be Ahadawi or Unitary and you would like to put all people in one box and force them to speak one language, have one religion, and you will not allow people to think.  That is sad story. President Issayas, different ethnics have different ways of life, customs, language, and culture, mode of life, history, and wisdom. What is wrong if people use their language, their culture, history, customs, and wisdom? What is wrong with it?  You are wrong to align with Ahadawi. Ahadawi is apartheid and the South African apartheid was Ahadawi or Unitary. It was one language Afkaans and one church the Dutch church of South Africa which used to teach blacks are cursed by God.  You are telling us it is a curse to use your own language, culture, history, custom and wisdom.  You are very wrong.  Ahadawi or Unitary is apartheid, oppressive, repressive, segregative, and discriminatory.  It only serves one ethnic or one culture or one custom.  Apartheid South Africa served only whites. Apartheid Ethiopia served only Amhara elites, not even Amhara.  This is to say.  In this TPLF is better than you.  They think better than you do. 



In conclusion, time to wake up for president Issayas and Dr. Debrestion to make a new beginning.  Admitting doing mistakes in the past is not crime.  You both parties have to admit that you did mistakes and you caused too much pain and suffering to the people.  You must admit and swallow your pride, mistakes and this can be a lesson for future generation.  Both of you must think of young generation.  Abiy would like war between Eritrea and Tigrai so that he can easily become king over Ethiopia including Eritrea.  He is not building Navy for Lake Tana, he is building navy to invade Massawa and Adulis. 



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