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“Tigrai elected, Tigrai won and Tigrai triumphed” Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael

“Tigrai elected, Tigrai won and Tigrai triumphed” Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael


By Gemechu Tussa 09-16-20


It is so incredible and extraordinary that the people in Tigray once again rallied confirming the conclusion of the 6th regional election held on the 9th of September 2020.   The people colorfully celebrated the effectively accomplished election which has faced a lot of sabotages and jeopardizing activities by the Federal Government and the House of Federation.  The people of Tigray once again vowed their readiness to defend any kind of intimidation in the internal affairs.


The President of Tigrai National Regional State Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD) while addressing the crowd gathered in the Martyrs’ compound in Mekelle said, “Had it not been for the full participation of the entire people residing both in urban and rural tolerating all the internal and external impositions with no difference, it would have been impossible to conduct such successful, peaceful and democratic election even within twenty months preparation, forget within two months. We have a grate respect to our people who successfully conducted free, fair and self-ruled election overcoming all the internal and external challenges and obstacles beset at jeopardizing its realization. This remarkable election witnessed and this prolific ballot vote is a historic triumph that deserves lots of narrations.”


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Indeed, the people of Tigrai never gave back their faces for what they believed in, never gave in and never stoopped down for such impositions. In this voting, the people inked another history and showed their strong love and respect to the leadership of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).  Truly speaking, this mass celebration is a new phenomenon in its context because the House of Federation has passed various restrictions against the National State of Tigrai, ordered the people to abandon the regional election.


This colorful momentous celebration took place throughout Tigray, graced with the presence of millions of people conveying message to the Federal Government that no power could force them not to hold democratic election under any circumstances.  


They also argued that it is the Federal Government and the House of Federation that has been violating the constitution and at this particular essence the two have extended their own power without the consent of the people of Ethiopian.


In his remarks to the participants of the demonstration, President Debretsion Gebremichael reiterated to what the people expressed.  He said the unreserved efforts made by the enemies of the people of Tigray to disrupt their unity, let them engage in self-conflict and add benzene to the fire so as to overwhelmingly wipe out Tigrians will only remain in black and white being a daytime dream. The people of Tigray never surrender to their sabotages and barricades that the fruitful voting they held could convey a strong message to the foes.


According to Debretsion, the best way could be handling the people of Tigrai with respect instead of blackmailing them and exerting different impairs upon them with the intention of petrifying  the people due to their identify.  “Those who don’t know about the history of the people of Tigrai had better take time and study, he said, adding  “Those who thought the people would be taken apart by blocking roads and shouting through media, they rather need to start learning the ABC’s  about the history of the people of Tigrai.”


Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD) forwarded his gratitude to the youth once again for the marvelous feat they contributed for the success of the election and   urged them to emulate loyalty of their heroic fathers through strong participation in the development of the region and concerted on the struggle against poverty and backwardness.


According to the President the ballot vote has an immeasurable value for the people of Tigrai in particular and other Ethiopians in general. The people demeanored the voting with high care of Corona Virus at a juncture the Federal Government unconstitutionally elongated its power.  Indeed, the people of Tigrai have been tolerating a great deal of burdens from the Federal Government for the sake of peace. “The people preferred to remain silent in spite of all the sabotages hoping things might be improved from time to time.” Debretsion said, at this point in time,   “the campaign against the people of Tigray should end up swiftly,  imprisoned Tigrians and other Ethiopians should be released and the country should be administer having conducting political dialogue with all concerned bodies”.  


As he laid emphasis in his remarks,  it is crucial to have political discussion to restore peace and security in the country. At this moment,  the entire people of Ethiopia except those residing in Tigray are under tribulation, chaos and the country is just under disintegration. Besides, nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia are currently deprived of their democratic rights to exercise their political power in electing their leaders.   


Poverty and natural disaster like flood, on one hand, and violation of the human and democratic rights of the people by the government and the so called Prosperity Party on the other hand have aggravated the sufferings of the Ethiopian people.  “All Nations, Nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia have their own culture and language but they are highly intertwined and bonded together so that the people of Tigrai will continue to strengthen its coexistence with those who need peace and mutual development. We are also desirous to let those who don’t want to coexist in peace with us know that we are ready for everything. We believe that our relation with other people should rely on aim and mutual benefits,”   Debretsion reiterated.


In his remark, the president also forwarded his appreciation and respect to the competing political parties who participated in the 6th regional election in a bid to ensure the people’s self determination. “The meaning of this election is beyond what is literally known. The pith is not who won the voting? Or who defeated in the ballot vote? As we mentioned before, everyone should be acquainted with that Tigrai elected, Tigrai won and Tigrai triumphed,” he accentuated.



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