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On Al Mariam:

On Al Mariam:                                                                       January 25, 2020


Zeru, I read your ‘appeal’ to Al Mariam.  I espouse a liberal view that some people characterize as naïve when they describe me. This is the first time for me to get into a negative mood to criticize a person’s view and I don’t like it.


But not on the ideas and views of Al Mariam.  They describe the character as vicious, un-Ethiopian and extremely and venomously vengeful.  They are incorrigible and dangerous.  He must be described as such so that reasonable Ethiopians, even those who are sickly anti-Tigrayan know who is for Ethiopia.


He is a man who called for the destruction of the new dam that is being built.  He called it a trojan horse.  I can’t forget this man as long as I live.  Thanks to his ilk the Renaissance dam is now compromised.  Ethiopia has never been in such a state of possible dis-integration in its known history; even when under the threat of fascist invasion, it remained united.  Home grown fascists under the veil of Ethiopian nationalism aided and validated by ’intellectuals’ such as Al Mariam are destroying our country.


The man has honed his writing skills, skills that have evaded his true intention.  Such skills do not change the true nature of the writer.  It is all there to see for any inquisitive mind.  Mussolini, Hitler and his followers were top notch orators and propagandists with an evil mind.  There are a few of them in our country too.


Al Mariam, although unknown in the history of the great Ethiopian student movement, has been sniffing in the political circles and tried to befriend EPRDF in the early stages.  Meles and his group, being astute and persons of political integrity were not impressed by him which forced him to come back to the States and start his hate for Ethiopia. Let him come out to contradict this truth if he has the temerity.


Ethiopia shall rise again!




Bekele Berhanu

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