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Now, a Time to restore Axumite Kingdom using the Magic Article 39

Now, a Time to restore Axumite Kingdom using the Magic Article 39


Gebre Selema 07-14-20


  I have to admit that I have always despised TPLF as myopic that squandered the blood of the poor, humble and selfless Tigreans youth who have given away their own precious lives so that their people will live with their heads up and free.  I do not want to delve into the arduous bloody civil war Tigreans went through since everyone of us know and lived it till  the end.  In my pieces here, when I say Tigrean, it means both Tegarus in Tigrai and Eritrea. The family that was divided by Emperor Menelick into two, half family sold to Italy for about 1 million Italian Lira and half sold for free to Nephetegnea, black Nazi of Africa.  One of the reasons I despised TPLF and Shabia was their agenda of recycling Menelick agenda and divided the family into two for the second time.  I still do not understand why liberators decided to recycle Menelick divided, conquer, decimate, kill, and exterminate agenda. One man’s greed for power has almost exterminated Tigreans from the face of the earth by perpetrating a continuous and relentless decimation, assimilation and annihilation agenda.  I know most people do not know Ethiopia under Nephetegnea was worse than South African apartheid because the world at large had no an awareness of the Black Apartheid in Africa, Nephetegnea apartheid.  The Black Apartheid created many liberation fronts such as  TPLF, ONLF, OLF, EPLF, EDU, EPRP, … countless fronts, most of them with a quest to liberate their respective ethnics who were segregated, discriminated,  marginalized, assimilated, deprived all their human rights, democratic rights, cultural rights,  social rights,  their human dignity and integrity  infringed broadly.  Of all these fronts, TPLF succeeded to defeat the apartheid and TPLF anointed the sacred article called article 39 in 1991. Article 39 is the capstone of TPLF’s 17 years bloody struggle. I used to despise this article too. But now I have to admit it that article 39 is an embodiment of the blood of Tigreans youth.  It is an article which must be cherished to eternity so that it will serve our grand children as symbol for them to live free.  In this article I wanted to explain my personal perspective on the need of implementing article 39 now and also amend that article to include the restoration of Axumite kingdom. I will explain why it is necessary to implement article 39 now and why it is important to amend it to include article of restoration and rebuilding of Axumite kingdom.


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By now, we all know what Ethiopia was before and what was done in the past 27 years. We know the Ethiopia that did not make even toilet paper. We knew only the Ethiopia that starved to death and lived on hand outs and which still continues to depends hand out. We know what is going now. We know the never ending murder, assassination drama on going by the new red terrorists aka DERG two red terrors or red terror 2.  You remember what the DERG 1 did. DERG one did go house to house and  killed young people from high schools, universities and shoot them in front of their families and sold back the dead bodies to the family by charging money  to take their dead sons and daughters. This never happened in our world in modern time except in Ethiopia.  To make it worse, we got now another DERG 2 and the only thing they do is repeat what DERG 1 did. The tactic has only changed a little bit. But the same murderous game of terrorism. You take a flash back of what DERG 2 did in the past 2 years.  DERG 2 made fake rally and bombed his fans to death on June 16 2018 which killed three unsuspecting young Addis Ababeans and injured 175.  The bomber who was caught red handed asked to be taken to Abiy’s office and eventually  she was picked by foreign agents and now she lives over seas as reward for her  terrorism and she is rewarded terrorism scholarship.  After that followed the broad-day light assassination of the finest Eng.S.Bekele which is still covered up and this was followed by invasion of Somali state illegally and dismantling the Somali state government by putting up a fake PP leader Mustafa.  The drama continued with fake coup in Amhara states as crime cover to assassinate General Saere, General Gezaee, General Tsigie, Dr.Ambachew, Mr. Migbaru which is still covered up to date.  The drama never stopped but continued to be implemented in a 21 century red terror 2 style by invading Sidama, Woyta and Oromia and Amahra and putting them under illegal indefinite command post.  This was also followed by the attempt to assassinated Jawar Mohammed which Jawar aborted.  Do not forget the red terror 2 killing of University students based on ethnic with  a scheme to discredit ethnic federalism and including abducting students based on ethnic just to discredit ethnic freedom. The drama has no end yet. The drama has evolved to theatrical now. The dramatist actors or murder or assassination stardom shot a poor freedom fighter Hachalu Hundesa and they bury him in a rush and swooped Jawar, Bekele Geriba and others using theatrical murder of Hachalu. Assassination theatrical drama is their tactic of DERG 2 terrorism. Using their own tailored murder theatrical drama, they have been killing, and rounding Oromos right and left. Now they are doing the same to Tigreans. Oromos and Tigreans and other ethnics who wanted self determination to govern themselves, to use their language, culture, and history have become an endangered species in Ethiopia right now.


Ethiopia is back to square one, DERG 2 red terror. The things done in Sheshamene, Arusi and somewhere else are part of the drama. They do the red terror 2 and they blame the victims as perpetrators and kill them or throw them to jail.  DERG 2 is now a little bit modernized.  You kill and you blame the victims. You kill Eng.Bekele, and you blame the victim. You kill General Asamnew, you blame Asmanew. You tried to kill jawar, and you blame Jawar. You kill Hachalu, you kill his uncle and you arrest Jawar, Bekele and the red terror 2 has just started. To hide red terror 2 crimes internet is shutdown?  Take note, this is Corona time.  But Abiy is worse than Corona. Corona can give you more chance to live than Abiy.  Abiy is worse than Corona. 


Having said all the above and taking history lesson as background, what must be done?   I have give aways for our people.  We can not keep on in this shit hole mindset of people.  We have been created in this world to live free.  As you know countries names are human given names. There is no country that is that divine. No single country is divine. But people use name of a country to abuse and humiliate others by telling their country is x, y and z stories. They can kill everybody because the name is like God for them. They also use religion to do the same game.  Thus we need a lasting solution now. We have had enough red terror, endless deep poverty, starvation, famine, diseases, backwardness, war, conflict. Since I have known myself nothing is working normal in Ethiopia. I know we were got used to live in the abnormal as normal.  But having traveled across the world and lived among all races, even by Africa standard Ethiopia’s conflict is deep and very scary. You can go to any African countries and you will not see people denied their language to speak and use. Only Ethiopia practice apartheid in Africa right now. Only Ethiopia use Apartheid language in Africa right now where movies and dramas are only allowed in Amharic language and the rest is marginal. They impose their language on others, but they call others racist, ethnicist when they wanted and try to use their language. This backwardness is insolvable and we have to get out of this now. We need a durable and lasting solution for these never ending problems.  Durable and lasting solution is freedom, free, Geez or Agazi which means freedom or free.  We have to be free 100% and we need to use our language, our culture, our history, our ancient land mark, our ancient seas mark, our ancient civilization and Technology. This freedom is given by God, the creator. We have no obligation to speak somebody’s language. We are not obliged to be Ethiopian by force and by assassination, subjugation, oppression, repression, suppression, discrimination, humiliation, and marginalization.  This is not acceptable in any shape or form. Freedom is not given by one group of people or elites.  To realize this freedom we must invoke article 39 and  rebuild  and restore our Axumite kingdom. We have the foundation. Restoration and rebuilding of Axumite must be our vision.


By restoring and rebuilding Axumite kingdom we restore our family unity or we do family reunion, language, culture, history, ancient landmark, ancient sea mark and our ancient Technology.   Any vision without this will not set us free. This must be the creed of our lasting freedom of using article 39.  Restoring our family unity is important because our divided family is liable to endless attack. We need to restore our language because our language is a tool box of development. There is no development without developing your language. History shows that abandoning your language is abandoning yourself.  The Jews used to consider Greek or Hellenic language as language of civilization and they abandoned Hebrew for Greek language and they became slaves of Greek.  If you use somebody’s language by abandoning your own language, you become the slaves of the owner of your second language.  This happened for the second time. The British taught that English was an inferior language to Latin and they used to look down on English language.  But they were not faring by using Latin in preference of English.  It is Sir Shakespeare who taught British their language is English is as good as Latin and after that English has flourished. Now English is considered as language of civilization which is still wrong.  All languages are equal and English is not better than French, Arabic, Chinese, other European languages.  Geez is one of the most advanced languages in the world. Geez is now offered across the world as master and PHD level.  Geez is Tigrignea and is more global language than Amharic because Geez means Tigtignea because there is no difference and Geez alphabet is complemented by additional Tigtignea alphabet.  On top of that Geez Alphabet is computer friendly than any language because Geez is represented in computer by single glyph while other languages use multiple glyph.  This means Geez uses less memory in computer than English and other alphabets. This means programming in Geez is easier and faster.  


Restoring ones culture is important because culture is embodied with cultural wisdom. Restoring history is restoring and keeping the good things and avoiding the wrong things of history. Restoring family is like family reunion. When families are divided and scattered, there is no family. But family is family if there is the union of the family members.  Restoring our ancient land mark: Land is an inheritance and very important asset.  We need to restore our ancient land-mark of Axumite as inheritance.  Restoring our ancient sea mark is restoring our ancient trade routes across the sea with Asia, Europe and the rest of Africa.  Restoring our civilization is restoring our ancient Technologies.  The Technology you see today in Europe and North America existed in Axumite Kingdom and pre Axumit e time.  Money minting is now a highly respected, secret government permanent capital asset.  European countries have their own minting foundries and these foundries existed in Axum 3000 years ago.  We talk about Technology transfer, but we never look what he had and we what we have. We never talk about restoring technology.   We must restore our Technology instead of transferring.


We must not be hold hostage of the name Ethiopia after now. Ethiopia is a man made name. We must not   allow anyone after now to abused, murdered, assassinated, terrorized, bombed, humiliated, slandered, blasphemed and molested in the name of Ethiopia.  Now we begin the second phase of Axumite civilization.  We must not waste time after now. After now our vision must be restoration and rebuilding Axumite kingdom and to realize this dream and vision is only one and that is hard-work day and night.  No need to waste time on utube and talking about ethnic x, y and z.   To do this we must not hate anybody. The only thing we must hate is wasting time on utube.  Technology is created to solve problems.  Internet was created when people were wanted to communicate and work together to solve difficult of problems only.   Hate is not part of it.


About Amhara elites talking about Tigrai and Tigreans, well, Tigreans have no rights to decide for Amhara region or fate.  Only Tigreans decided about Tigrai and its fate. No Amhara elites have any right to have a say about Tigrai.  If you see Scotland in England, only Scottish decided about of the fate of Scotland. If you see Quebec in Canada, only Quebec citizens decide about the fate of Quebec.  Amhara elite hands off from Tigrai please. You have no right to have a say about the fate of Tigrai.  TPLF is loved by 99% Tigreans. This is a fact. Even if TPLF is bad, only the people of Tigrai have rights to deal with it.  Whether you hate or you like TPLF, it will not change the fact TPLF is supported by the vast majority of Tigreans. My advice to Amhara elites, stay away from Tigrai and Tigreans and mind your own business and if you can, help the farmers in Amhara region and no one will buy your Ahadawi vision in Tigrai. Listen Amhara elites, you have no right to have a say on Tigtai.  Tigreans are free from your backward Ahadawi apartheid system and never again until Jesus comes again.  Tigreans will accept Amhara Ahadawi apartheid agenda after now is a pipe dream that will never happen.

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