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Will the real prime minister of Ethiopia please stand up?

Will the real prime minister of Ethiopia please stand up?




Lately, I feel as if I am behind the two-way glass looking at a line of suspects trying to identify the perpetrator. This is an important stage of a criminal proceeding which needs to be done accurately so that the guilty party is identified and those who have not committed the crime can go free. I am looking at bunch of suspects, and I am asked to identify the one bastard responsible for inflicting so much pain upon his victims. I have a confession to make; I have lately felt that there is definitely a criminal or two in there, but again, I also have some concern that the criminal might not even be one of these poor bastards that I am looking at. I ask you, my esteemed readers to help me ID the right man.Keep in mind that there is a strong possibility that the man we are looking for might suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), which would obviously meanwe could be at a high risk of misidentifying the bastard. There are three individuals standing against the wall in front of me with a very similar futures and I can’t seem to identify which one of them isthe true Ethiopian prime minister. Here are the three personalities I am looking at:

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1.      An inspirational young visionary reformist with some of the qualities of Gandhi,  Mandela, Lech Walesa and few other dreamers that I will not mention here.

2.      A boring and naïve and foolish academic who have no idea what he is up against similar to that of Gorbachev and again few others around the world who tried but failed.

3.      A much more interesting, mischievous intelligence officer who exaggerated his academic achievements and whoseplans are devilish withan unthinkable level of cruelty that may resemble at bestthat of Putin or Ghaddafi.

In his first speech, the one I assumed was the new prime minister of Ethiopia talked about some great stuff; promising to free all political prisoners, ensuring gender equity, allowing freedom of expression, and creating a strong and sustainable democratic system. He seemed to have been a product of three politically dominant ethnic groups as he spoke all three language; Afan Oromo, Amharic and Tigrigna.He spoke to all three dominant ethnic groups in their language and praised them for what they bring to the table. He also hinted that it was time that the Oromos, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia who have been sidelined from national leadership for centuries will now have an opportunity to lead Ethiopia; reasonable, fair and pragmatic political act. He expressed his dismay to the public about corruption at all levels of Ethiopian society. He talked about mercy and forgiveness; putting people in prison is a sign of weakness and killing people is a clear sign of defeat and that the nation must be at peace with itself and its neighbors. This gentleman that I was looking at had the wisdom to praise God in public in a country where the mere mentioning God was seen as a sign of weakness by the leadership of his party whose background was more in tune with the other trinity; Marx, Angels and Lenin than the trinity of the faithful. To show he was serious about peace making, he announced peace with one of the cruelest human beings in the horn of Africa, the president of Eritrea and they stood together and told us that they will no longer fight. They admitted that the border was not the cause of their fight.This was all good and I was sure this was actually the prime minister but then some other person surfaced.

This new person I was learning aboutlikes to recite what he calls the “philosophy of Medemer” to a nation with a 25% illiteracy rate thinking that he was actually conversing with all the 110 million Ethiopians,forgetting that he was speaking to only a very few elite urbanites who incidentally, also happen to think that they equal the 110 million Ethiopians. He published his philosophy book and made a big deal and a big day out of it and invited Ethiopians to read and practice the book as a sole remedy to all the challenges the nation is facing. I am not talking about Muamar Gadhafi’s Green Bookhere. Let’s not forget that “Dear Leader Gadhafi was killed just few years ago by those very people he forced to read and practice his green book (nothing to see here… move along). Now, I thought I’d finally figured out whothe prime minister of Ethiopia is.Or had I?

In his effort to release all prisoners, he went ahead and “let the dogs out”, releasing prisoners that included killers and terrorists,a few who even attempted to overthrow the government while our prime minister was still an upcoming assistant director of the intelligence agency. He also invited and brought back from his trip to some of the most unfriendly Arab countries and the west, military commanders who deserted their platoon in the middle of the most recent war. There were also people among the returnees who openly advocated extermination of the people of Tigray through their mass media.  Remember the Rwandan RTLM radio hosts who incited the genocide of Tutsis by calling them cockroaches and snakes? Yeah.  Guys like that. Just like in Rwanda, this station had many listeners around the world. Now, this is a modern media outlet in the United States that advocated similar actions against Tigray people in Ethiopia. Now I think I’ve figured out who this new Prime minister of Ethiopia is… Or have I?

I continued looking up and down thesuspects in our line-uphoping to identify the true prime minister of Ethiopia and I was looking at the last standing individual.This last one certainly resembles him, but there’s no way this guy could really be the prime minister of Ethiopia that I saw during his first month in office. Reading his bio and looking at his face I see that this guy has actually put thousands of innocent Ethiopians intothe same prison that he let criminal out of,including his young former boss. He accused leaders from Tigrayan ethnic group being solely responsible for all the corruption in the country in spite of an over whelming evidence that few individuals within the EPRDF party that is made up of all the dominant ethnic groups are equally guilty of the crime. It is said that he imprisoned over 30 military commanders including women with children into prison from Tigray ethnic group alone. He invited a suspected Islamic terrorist who has been shown on Egyptian television with Egyptian flag in Cairo, openly advocating the overthrow of the Ethiopian government. Mind you, we are talking about Egypt here; the arch enemy of Ethiopia and a known ally of Eritrea during the war. Acting as if he is minimizing the ethnic difference, and working towards uniting the country, he created conflict within all ethnic groups causing displacement of over 800,000 people,death of thousands of innocent student in many universities only because of their ethnicity and Ethiopia now mirrors the old Yugoslavia.   I also found out that as the assistant director of INSA the guy I am looking at might have provided vital confidential military information to Ethiopian’s enemies! He is also working with the president of Eritrea to destroy not only the existing TPLF leadership but the people of Tigray as well.This would make him the only leaders who colluded with a foreign government against people in his own country. That’s huuuge. He also shut all the roads leading to Tigray region; with whom he seems to have a deep problem, for two years to starve the people in that region. Is that even possible?

Finally, and maybe you should stop me before I go further as I am having difficulty to come out and say it. This one resembled a bloody murderer. OMG, did I say it?could this guy I am looking at possibly be the guy who ordered assassination of the most beloved Ethiopian engineer who during the past few years, has galvanized Ethiopians all over the world to contribute towards the building of the Great Renaissance Dam?Is it possible that he may have ordered an investigation only to fake the results to imply that the engineer committed suicide? In public, and right in the center of Meskel square?

While claiming to be an honorable soldier willing to sacrifice his life for the motherland, he jeopardized the intelligence communityby working for the enemy during the Ethiopian/Eritrean war and caused the death of a group of intelligence officers.Is he now selling the interest of Ethiopia to the Arab world in general and to Egypt in particular? It is hard to imagine that this could be him. One more and I will stop as this is getting painful: Did this guy I am looking at, order the assassination of two brilliant military generals; general Sa’re and Gezaeas well as the president of the Amhara State and promoted one questionable person blamed for their assassination into the highest position in the Ethiopian military?Did he also order an attack with a helicopter gunship on the restive part of the Oromia region killing innocent civilians? One more question and I now must stop because too many things are coming through his bio.Is it this guy who always seems to be out of the country or away from the seen exactly during the time that all these events including the assassination of the Engineer and the two generals? We are not talking about president Isaias of Eritrea here who we know was always away on a trip when great misfortunes take place in Eritrea including the attack on Ethiopian territory by Eritrea. We are talking about the prime minister of Ethiopia here…or are we?I think you got the drift of the challenges I am facing in identifying the Ethiopian prime minister.

Can you please ask him to stand up and identify himself?

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