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Knowing when to move on

Knowing when to move on


Kiros Araya 09-21-20


By all accounts, Tigray has accomplished its primary goal in the recent election by ensuring the most valued right of self determination.This will live for history no matter what!


During the time leading up to the Election Day, one of the most repeated messages by all contesting political parties was - as long as Tigray conducts peaceful and orderly election, it matters less as to which party wins.


The question that needs to be asked in this respect is then, were there major enough irregularities to affect the main outcome of the election? I donít believe so. Does this mean everything was perfectly done? Even most developed nations that conduct elections with enough time and experience have their own shortcomings.Yet, we have to record and learn from the shortcomings and do better next time.

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Part of the reason why many people were not bothered to inquire about the 80/20 rule was - perhaps they cared more about carrying out the election itself - that being the main goal, and rightly so.


Therefore, debates about this election will have to take the two necessary contexts in into consideration: 1).The time constraint imposed on Tigray due to external factors 2).Heavy concentration put on accomplishing the main goal of self determination and not paying enough attention to details by all stakeholders. Obviously, it does not mean some did not try more than others to get to the bottom of things.


ምስሓለፈ ኩሉ ቐሊል!  Here we have to caution ourselves - just because the election was conducted peacefully, orderly, and made look easy, thanks to the respected people of Tigray, things should not be taken for granted!


So now what? We have to develop a culture of knowing when to move on. Moving on does not mean ignoring things. It means acknowledging challenges and offer ways forward.


True, rules and regulations are important, but no less important ingredient is having the necessary political will and good faith.


My humble suggestion for ways to move forward:-


1. All stakeholders need to go back to the same spirit leading up to the Election Day. If they do that, they will realize Tigray Voted and Tigray Won. That is the big picture. The rest can be accomplished through genuine political negotiations.


2. Having the right mind set and priority in place, all stakeholders (contesting parties and Election Commission) should come to one room and sort out any discrepancies, accordingly.


3.  Soon, once a new government is put in place according to plan, a cordial discussions should immediately resume among stakeholders, on how to work on all common interests. 


That is my humble suggestion on how to move forward!




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