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Is Ethiopia a new Congo in the making?

Is Ethiopia a new Congo in the making?


Yemane G Feb 10, 2020



Some 4 years back, I was in one of the clinics in Addis. One of my clients was a hapless black woman in her forties with her two developmentally retarded girls. She had inconsolable tears of sorrow once she entered my room, deep in her heart was an agonizing pain, and her emotions have took her. I emphatically soothed her, but can't hide the painful night after it, and learned that she is a Congolese migrant woman who lost all her family bar these hapless two kids to ethnic clashes. She was a woman who saw her husband being beheaded like a sheep in the butchery and other family members changed into ashes burning in her sight.


Painful. Pity. Whatever you call it. Like any other Ethiopian, I repeatedly beamed "መሃረነ ክርስቶስ" to mean save us Christ. I wouldn't go and sleep at ease after that and the emergence of herd groups in Ethiopia was a telltale sign.


Go back in ages, the Congolese crisis was made in America. The US wanted to mark unprecedented power in sub-Saharan Africa and started to see the Soviet control of Congo in jealousy. Who won't get jealousy over a nation rich in tin, cobalt, diamond or whatever mineral you like? US always wanted Americanization of Africans and Eisenhower was not different. The Congolese crisis may seem far from a short story like this but it's all made in the west.


One of the recent books in city reads "The hijacked Revolution”, I found it as a good read but was there a revolution or change in fortune in Ethiopia after all? For the ordinary people like me, one can simply observe the ever growing interest of China and America in the horn. But, the Chinese are wise and don't mix up things in offices which suited the developmental state followers in EPRDF and others in the horn. The economy was booming, and freedom of movement across the nation enabled ordinary citizens to invest and work wherever they get a suit.

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This was a brutal loss to the west; they lost a major share in the horn with its immense implications. For a long time Americans have brandished themselves as leaders of a 'liberal world’, and by same token Trump came to confess publicly that we have a US_ chosen premier that went on long to win the Nobel prize. He was even confident that he saved Ethiopia from disintegration, a term Abiy himself repeatedly say in public, and indicating the Nobel Prize belonged to him in the process. Eisenhower was playing using the UN in Congo but Trump made an honest admission that Abiy is a US elect. He is here to create a nation under the tutelage of the west in the name of liberalization.


To this end, Abiy is getting the penny he needs but will he win over the people? His two years in palace have indicated, otherwise.

👉The great renaissance dam

👉Liberalization of major national stake holds

👉Murder of Ethiopia generals

👉Many US chosen citizens in palace

👉Killing of engineer Simegnew are all a western mission. And there's a play card using the federal government as if it's ethnic based and hence shall be squashed.


Reminiscent of this, the premiere recently highlighted as if we can't have a nation in common while being multilingual. This is a sheer madness, however, and shall be halted before it's too late. Ethiopia today can be crafted the Meles way, with only loosening of this tight federalism and enabling creation of strong regional forces.


Anything less is a catastrophe!


Yes, Ethiopia is currently on another form of colonization. We have a US chosen premiere for first time in our history and we have ideologies that suit them. Those who single handedly void US intervention on internal affairs, TPLF and allies, are cornered albeit wrongly. No one should doubt the political wisdom TPLF has accumulated for years bar its power aggregation behavior in its own people and beyond.


Trump calling over the dam

Gedu making Whitehouse his home are never a coincidence.


They are to create a 'liberal Ethiopia' in the name of America. Go and sign the "second Wuchale", the GERD was dead and busted the time engineer Simegnew was found dead in Meskel square.


But what now for us the ordinary people? Yes, with prayers of our elderly we have seen people opening their mind, writing about "The Hijacked Revolution" albeit it was nonexistent, in disdain over shapeless western intervention, and many other saying "eat your liberalism" we are a nationalist ትግራዋይ, ኦሮሞ ,አማራ etc highlighting modern Ethiopia won't be crafted in the image of Unitarians.


With election fast approaching, security and freedom of movement are becoming a rarity, the first time in my age. We have a western electoral board and there's a growing public mistrust over ብልፅግና party and the government led by it.


Are we a new Congo in the make? Ask the victims of internal displacement, remains of ethnic clashes and concerned Ethiopians. It’s evident Abiy is facing a mounting domestic pressure with his army in disjoint to execute his power, will he succeed calling a western army come a testing time? Or will Trump make up his mind and make the Eisenhower decision? Time will tell.


The US created mess in Congo for alleged fear of another communist Cuba under the tutelage of Lumumba and now they have elected a leader for us to abate the upper hand taken over them by the growing influence of China. Now, we are in the most of unstable scenarios; our girls end up kidnapped; ethnic tensions are peaking and Abiy who came in the name of "liberal Ethiopia" is turning to be a dictator of his own. This has been an Achilles for me, I am living shuddering the painfully slow, frustrating and erroneously costing job that lies ahead.


God save us from becoming the new Congo

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