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In Ethiopia, except political crises, there are no Constitutional crises


In Ethiopia, except political crises, there are no

 Constitutional crises


By: W. Yilma                                                               5/7/20

Since Abiy came to power his aspiration is to establish a one-man dictatorial regime, a replica of the Asmara regime. To fulfill this, he created his own party called Prosperity Party (PP) by dissolving illegally EPRDF.The second is to create man-made constitutional crises, with the aim to get a loop-hole either to amend or totally to abolish it. He is almost near to achieve this under the tutorship of Isayas Afewrk and his lieutenants, Shabia, the cruelest and one of the ardent enemies of the Ethiopian people. In fact,the ugly love affairs between Abiy and Isayas shows me the deep hate Abiy has against his country, in particular Tigrians. I said this because I have never read a history, where the entire government apparatus of one country conspires with the known enemy to harm his own people. The Ethiopian government leads by Abiy is the first in the history of mankind to commit this crime. 


Understanding Abiy’s futile attempt to consolidate and extend his power by manipulating the constitutions, one should not be a lawyer to understand what the Ethiopian constitution says about constitutional revisions, amendment, or interpretation. It is clear that there is nothing in this world that cannot be changed, including constitution. But this should be done under the legal frameworks and process. Other than this, any attempt to manipulate the constitution to serve one person or any interested group should be condemned and need resistance from the public. Constitution is not a corporate contract documents; one crazy executive can change it when ever he/she want to get an advantage at the expenses of shareholders. In simple term, constitution is the legal and political document, which is the supreme power of the land, empowered the people to preserve their individual or, collective rights; not the other way to satisfy the power mongers of the government officials.At one occasion the prime minster has said that no constitutional amendment is possible, until an elected government came to power. However, what we are witnessing now is just the opposite. In particular at this time where all branches of the government offices are occupied by members or supporters of his illegally established Prosperity Party (PP), unlawful attempt to manipulate the constitution without the consents of the public at large is a declaration of civil war in Ethiopia.  At one time Alexander Hamilton said “If the federal government should overpass to just  bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify”.Abiy or his groups are not above the existing Ethiopian constitution. Abiy government is illegal and any attempts to manipulate the constitution by his government offices in partisan fashion should be condemned and rejected.

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Last week, there was a meeting between few opposition party members and the prime minster himself and his experts. The opposition party members do not have any information about the discussion topics.  They simply called to listen like a KG kids what was lectured from the prime minster himself and his experts. Although the meeting was a ludicrous, and disorganized, few opposition party representatives expressed their concerns the way the meeting was called, how it was organized.Unfortunately, the answers (in fact, it is better to say very exhausted unwisely prepared lecture by unfit professor) they got from the prime minster is shameful, full of vulgar words throwing here and there to undermine the participants. In his speech the prime minster uses the word “Banda”without referring to anyone. This was deliberate, to insult them that they are good for nothing, outdated and unless and otherwise they obey his unlawful orders their existence will be in question. What I conclude from that meeting was that the prime minster is preparing to declare waron the oppositions and their supporters in the name of unity. The prime minster does not have any evidences against those whom he accused of are working with hostile country to cause harm to Ethiopia. What should be clear here is that, Abiy in the name of unity is working hard (with foreign countries, in particular with Eritrea) to disintegrate Ethiopia by pushing over the edge selected opposition’s parties and the people they representing. In particular the policy he follows toward Tigray is alarming which need the attention of all Ethiopians. The other thing what I observed during the meeting held in the prime minster office is how as a nation our country is in bankruptcy and in grave danger due to lack of dedicated, energetic, challenging, honest and knowledgeable politicians, and most importantly a crisis of leadership.

Many of his blind folded, hate mongers’ and narrow-minded followers of Abiy fanning, that the reason why hesaid “Banda” was to attack TPLF or OLF. No matter who Abiy want to attack by using vulgar street boy words, we have to question ourselves, does this name calling help to heal our political wound? Where do we go from here, and what do we expect in the future from Prosperity Party who are working hard to aggravating the political situation of our country, and endangering the country’s unity? The other issue which the prime minster has raised during the recent meeting was a national threat he claimed Ethiopia is facing today from outside force. Except himself, no one knows which country he is referring to. I am not denying the existence of national threat to Ethiopia. But I am certain, this threat will come from Shabia, Isayas in which the prime minster is in fond of having love with him and his groups. If it is true at this time Isayas, one of the known brutal dictators, destroying his country’s social and economic capital, ruling his destitute country without constitution for three decades, is in our capital, conspiring with the prime minster what measure should Abiy take to quell the possible social and political challenge he is facing in Ethiopia, or they both may conspiring how to weaken Tigray in the name of eliminating TPLF from Ethiopian political landscape. 

Actions speak louder than words. I do not know for how long Abiy pins blame on TPLF by considering himself as a Saint, and a champion of democracy, free from any wrong doing during his services for the last 29 years. It is not secret for Ethiopians what INSA is doing and how many innocent Ethiopian suffers by accusing wrongly under his watch. Who is leading this organization before and what is this organization is doing now?  As he is in control of the top office of the land, I prefer if he restrain from using such swear word such as “Banda” meaning (traitor). However, he deliberately uses this word to intimidate those who are challenging his style of governance. For readers’ consideration, I will be mentioned below few incidences I know during Abiy’s rule, and let the readers decide who the real Banda is and who is not.

1.      Who is leaking government top secrets documents including our military secrets to hostile countries, while he is the head of INSA? How many Ethiopian defense forces members lost their life as a result of this betrayal action? How do we make sure now this kind betrayal trends are not practicing inside INSA at this time where Eritrean intelligence personnel are working hand in glove style with Abiy security apparatus?  Are not these,Eritrean security personnel working with Abiy supporters in many cities of Ethiopia to disseminate fake news to cause unrest in Ethiopia, and in particular against the people of Tigray in the name of eliminating TPLF from Ethiopian political landscape?


2.      Who is secretly working hard to harm Ethiopian people, in particular thepeople of Tigray, conspiring with the most dictatorial regime our world has ever known, a sworn enemy of Ethiopians, a person who trained, equipped the former Islamic Court, then transformed to Al-Shabab? How many AMISOM, including Ethiopian solders died and will die in the future as a result of persistentproblems created by the man who is now the closest friend of our prime minster? What is the purpose of this marriage of convenience between Abiy and Isayas? Is this unholy marriage between the two men more important that the interest of the two countries’ people?



3.      What is the reason behind the silence of Abiy government, for not responding to Isayas interview, when he openly said that he will interfere in the internal affairs of Ethiopian, if his chosen person, in this case Abiy Ahmad Ali will not be elected as a prime minster? Is this the reason why was invited recently to come to Addis at this critical time where movement is restricted due to COVID-19 pandemic?


4.      By whom advice Prosperity Party is trying to change illegally the constitution and the Ethiopian federal arrangements?

5.      Who is using the Nobel Peace Prize as a tool to create more conflicts and trouble than bringing peace and stability inside the country and beyond?


6.      Why IGAD was deliberately weakened, and lessen Ethiopia’srole in Eastern Africa? Is it not to satisfy the appetite of Isayas?



7.      Who is violated the international law of Refugee protection right by denying Eritrean refugees to get protectionright after they arrived into Ethiopian territory? Is it not as a result of conspiracy between Abiy and Isayas to play dirty game in the life of hundreds of thousands of Eritrean refugees?


8.      Who condemned and degraded right after he came to power the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and indirectly supported Egyptian false claim that the dam is not save and will reduce the water share ofEgypt? Who said the construction of the dame will take more than ten years, deliberately to hurt the moral of the Ethiopian people or the workers participates in the construction of the dam?



9.      Who sworn in front of an Egyptian parliament by saying “wolahi, wolah, wolahii”, undiplomatic manner and renewed Egyptian’s false claims narratives that Egypt is “a gift of the Nile”?


10.  Who is by his own personal decisions allowed a third-party negotiation with Egypt, and Sudan regarding the construction of the GERD, and weaken Ethiopian position in the face of the international communities?



11.  Just to satisfy the Eritreans dictator, who pushed Sudan aside, and where is the position of Sudan now regarding the GERD? The same is true with Djibouti, Kenya, Ruanda and Uganda, a major cause for geo-political shift of power in Eastern Africa.


12.  Who hired with the hard currency as his advisors those groups and individuals who are previously opposing the construction of the GERD and insists Egypt to star war with Ethiopia?  Aren’t these people supported and financed by Egypt to advance her geo-political and hydrology interest before joining the Abiy government? 



13.  Who made offensive and divisive speeches to divide the Ethiopian people by saying the reason why Prosperity Party was formed was to chase-out one group from the palace and isolate and denied them not to decide in the internal matters of Ethiopia? We (?) crushed those who crushed us etc.


14.  Who killed engineer Seminew Bekele, the Amhara regional state officials and the higher military officers?  Why the investigation and the court process mismanaged?



15.  Who is working hard to divide Ethiopians, in organized manners conspiring toinstigates unstoppable conflicts between Tigran’s, and Amhara’s, and between the former and Eritreans?


The prime minster has still time to think critically and solve the multifaceted problems of our country together with all stake holders. It should be clear here that due to the prime minster and his party grave mistakes and miscalculations of the Ethiopian complex socio-political situation, the country is tilting towards conflicts. If these problems not defusedon time, our problems willspill-over to neighboring countries, and can bring adevastating consequence for the international communities.Trying to manipulate the constitution unilaterally in partisan manner is dangerous, and unhelpful to anyone. Foreign interference in particular Isayas is a recipe for possible disintegration of Ethiopia. Cooperation with this kind of man to solve our domestic problem is not a sign of mental healthiness. Patient have limit, and do not push certain groups of people to take matters on their own hands to decide their own destinies due to lack of confidence from their own country. This is natural and to think this will not happen is a foolishness. Whether we like it or not Ethiopia destiny is decided by all Ethiopians. Not the other way from one ethnic group or one illegally established political party which is under the dictatorship of one man.


For the last 29 years Ethiopia practiced ethnic based federalism. Whether we like it or not radical change to reverse this system is a disaster and will not easy as some foolish and ignorant Diaspora politicians are advocating. Hence working in cooperative manner with opposition groups either to form a care taker or transitional government or any other forms of alternatives are the best solutions to get out of this unhealthy but dangerous political situation. Looking for other alternatives to satisfy one group interest with the help of outside actors is a recipe for disaster.


Last words. I do not think this is the time for Ethiopians to argue about the time line, when the election should be conducted. In the first place, if election needs to be extended, agreement must reach through consensus between different interested groups. Second, once agreement reaches, the COVID-19 epidemiological situation will be determined when the election should take place. This means nature will determine when election should take place. What is clear now is that it is Abiy government who is politicizing COVID- 19 pandemic for his personal gain, whereas every effort should be concentrate on how to control COVID-19 at national level. In any case no chance should be given to Abiy to manipulate and make a unilateral decision to move the election date by Politicizing COVID-19 pandemic. If the federal government failed to conduct election without convincing reasons, but the regional state can do, there is no justification to stop them from doing so. The Ethiopian Electoral Commission has the responsibilities and duties to help the regional states. If failed, that is an indication that the electoral commission is a servant of the prime minster, and should be dissolved.Certainly, there will be constitutional crises in Ethiopia within this week. This is deliberate, consciously created by Prosperity Partyto prepare a precondition to declare one-man dictatorship in Ethiopia. I am not sure how the military will handle this illegal action, which leads the country into deep political and social crises. What is important to note here is that during COVID-19 pandemic taking this kind of irresponsible action should be looked from public health point of view, and a crime against humanity if the disease causes mass death in our people. Therefore, If constitutional crises happen due to mismanagement and mishandling of the government offices by Abiy and his cliques, the Ethiopian security and military apparatus should not obey order from Abiy to quell any kind of peaceful disobedience coming from the public. Abiy should be removed from the office, and should be accountable for the crime he committed against the constitutional orders of the country. It is also the responsibilities of the political groups at federal and regional level to organize themselves to close the power vacuum in case of government failure. The Ethiopian military should be vigilant to avert the possible threat coming from Eritrea. All Eritrean security personnel stationed in Ethiopia by Abiy permission should be evicted as soon as possible.


Long Live Ethiopia!



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