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An Urgent Call for Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia for Nation Wide Protest to Stop the war and to remove: Ex-PM Abiy Ahmed from power in one single day

An Urgent Call for Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia for Nation Wide Protest to Stop the war and to remove:   Ex-PM Abiy Ahmed from power in one single day.


Gebre Selema 11-08-20


To remind you all, you remember what happened in USA few months ago when  single black man was killed by police, all Americans, black, white, yellow or Green  all race or all color went out to protest against the crime.  As you all know since Abiy Ahmed assumed power until now he has been busy murdering, assassinating, killing, terrorizing, and displacing Ethiopians. He has made the country 100% lawless, and he displaced about 4 million  internal  displaced people and to add injuries on sore, now he  cut electricity, telecom, budget, safety net to Tigrai and on top of that he is bombing the people of Tigrai. The man is sick and if he gets his way, he wipes out Tigreans from the face of the earth. Take not the has blocked to Tigrai for 3 years now.  This is crime and he is adding crime upon crime every single day on the people of Tigrai. The TPLF gave him green light when it allowed him to block roads for 3 years.  No surprise now he is emboldened to do more genocide on top of genocides on Somali Oromo, Gedeo, Gumuz, and Agew, and others.


You all know the 27 years was peaceful, but not perfect.  People were never killed, murdered, assassinated, or displaced like this. Even natural disasters like EL NINO was handled by EPRDF perfectly which could have starved many people to death. I have been opposing EPRDF for 30 years. But my opposition was to make thing better, but never worse as it is now.  Abiy has invaded every state since he came to power. He invaded the Somali state burned churches, killed priests and burnt Jijiga and he removed the president of the state and destroyed the local government and he put a puppet  chosen by Abiy Amhed, not by the people and the then region leader is languishing in prison for 3 years now.  I opposed this myself on day one. I was surprised at that time TPLF did nothing about it. They pretended it did not happen.  General Saere did nothing about it. I was very offended by the silence of TPLF when it had the power to stop Abiy at the time.  The main reason I opposed Abiy invading Somali state was I believed at that time that it would clearly show Abiy would do the same thing to Tigrai and others which did. Abiy took time to prepare and he is doing what the exactly he did in Somali in Tigrai.   He did this to Amhara region, Sidama, Wolayta and other regions too.  I honestly do not understand why TPLF could not understand when Abiy invaded Somali State. Abiy must have been stopped at that time.  If Abdi Ille did something he must have been brought to court and there was no need to do military operation by violating the constitution.  Thus  the constitution  was violated by  the day he invaded Somali  state and he did a lot of damage to lives and property and he went away with it because that emboldened him to do more aggression and damage to the entire nations and nationalities because there has never been any consequences for his crime..

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I am sure everyone knows who Abiy is by now. Abiy a fraudulent, an illiterate, graduate of grade 6 who did not even complete grade 7. He never studied grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. He got fake Bsc Degree, Fake Master and fake PHD given to him by an Egyptian businessman in USA.  In short Abiy Ahmed is fraudulent, a mischievous person and lair or if Asmesay.  The reason he has been murdering, assassinating, geocoding people is because he is an illiterate and a mentally unstable neurotic person.  Neurotic people are dangerous. People with mental illness are dangerous because they can do anything. Reason mentally ill people have no capacity to reason about anything. They have no social or moral inhibition which means for such people there is not wrong and right. Everything they do is right. Therefore, Abiy Amhed said even if one million Ethiopian dies, he will still stay on power.  This is to say Abiy  mental retarded and neurotic person who must be held as dangerous personal in Psychiatric hospital,  if  we give him more time, he will destroy more lives because this is what he has been doing so far as his full time job.


I therefore call for nations and nationalities to rise one day all together stop the war immediately and overthrow Abiy Ahmed.  The only effective and fast way to stop the war he is conducting in Tigrai, Oromia, Sidama, Wolayta, Southern regions and elsewhere is to stage national wide protest by all nations and nationalities.


People are appealing to international communities. But the truth is there is no such international community that stops war anywhere.  You have seen war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somali proper, South Sudan, genocide in Rwanda and elsewhere.  In my entire life I have never seen international community stopping war anywhere.  This is to say let us do it ourselves and stop the war.  Reason, other countries use this war as an advantage to advance their own interest. For example, the Secretary of State of USA Mike Pompeo declared on twitter he supports the war? Why do you think? He does not care even if 120 million dies as long as Abiy does he is told to do. Thus, we must solve our problem ourselves without relying on anyone.  We can stop the war if we act together. We can remove Abiy in one day. He has no grass-root support except few paid republicans’ guards and few people from previous rulers’ elites.


How to remove Abiy in one single day: Steps


Nationwide nations and nationalities public disobedience for one day. If nations and nationalities rise up nationwide in one day united  by bringing all activities in the country to a complete stand-still by stopping  going to work, closing  Hotels, all kind of business, stopping  taxi, stopping bus services, stopping all kind of transport, blocking roads, closing the rail-way from Djibouti to Addis and closing all the roads that lead to Addis Ababa, closing Assab or Afar-Addis Ababa route, closing schools  and taking over PP offices replacing them  with community leaders or elders and chasing PP representatives from every region because they are killing people on daily basis. We cannot stop the war and remove Abiy in one single day killing two birds by one stone and setting ourselves Abiy Ahmed new slavery and red terror.


If there is right and freedom we wanted to achieve, we can sit down and sort out peacefully.  This must be done now before many people dies by one single sick man Abiy Ahmed.  Let us take the law into our hands and protect each other from the criminals who busy killing people based on ethnic for them to stay on power.  This is not something we have to be postpone for tomorrow. We must do this now.  If we rise all of us in one day, Abiy has no power to control the mass or he can not kill 120 million people. He will run away. This is the single way that is fast and effective to stop the war and to remove him immediately from power.  No country is going to jump to stop war in Ethiopia.  Reason, this war is good for some countries because the war is a market for weapons. There are countries who make billions of dollars by selling weapons to fighting factions.  You can see the war in Syria, Libya, Yemen, South Sudan, Somali proper because the war is still on going for decades. Reason, someone is making money or war business.  The protest must be done in one day both at home and across the world coordinated.  This bring all the crime to an end in one day.  There is a good Amharic saying, Kezelalem Barhnet Yeande ken Netsanet or roughly English translation it is better to have one day freedom than all-time slavery.


Note: Abiy Ahmed loves no one; Abiy forgives no one. He kills everybody. He kills Oromo, Amhara, Tigreans, Gumuz, Gedeo, Agew, Kemanent, Gambela, Sidama, Wolayata, Somali, Afar etc. He spares no one.  All the killing is Abiy’s main daily job. He spares no one, not Lemma Megersa. He loves only power, he promised to kill even one million Ethiopians as long as it helps to stay on power. I personal take this threat personally seriously. It is not a joke. He means it. Therefore, such statements are serious indication the mental state of the person. I know someone who lost his job because he said he will kill. The company was alarmed and removed him from the job. Reason, such things clear indicators the person enjoys entertaining those idea because he or she can do them anytime.  You must take him seriously.  It has been told many times, Abiy was telling EPRDF members he will be a PM? But many TPLF top officials never took seriously and they took as a job. The man was dead serious. He has said he will bomb Tigrai, and will make mothers cry, children cry? He was joking. He was dead serious.

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