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How Did We End Up in This Mess?

How Did We End Up in This Mess?

†Mahetot (1-18-2020)

I am Ethiopian, but not affiliated to any of the political organizations or parties and I am highly concerned about the way things are happening and managed in the country. I have number of questions, fear and anxiety (I really donít want the system of Derg to come back).†

Considering the current political issues of Ethiopia, I wish independent bodies give the Ethiopian people different view and perception based on scientific judgment than one sided. I guess panel discussions from university, debates from people of every corner, and discussion in a civic manner can still make a remarkable contribution.†† I am sure that is not going to happen as in every universities there are politicians abide by how to get power than how to support the society, which is so complex except the few once.

†How did we end up in this mess?

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The old politicians who are still on power (who were member of EPRDF and/or serving as Cadre) are the main reason for the current chaos. Seeking more power (both, in terms of scope and level) they might do worse than what they are doing at present. Their plan is not serving people or changing the country but is more of survival. To attain that they must be yes man still, echoing the same words following the current political fashion but wonít take them far. These are people in every corner and have the character of:

Ł  Maximize their benefit (gain) at the expense of others,

Ł  Presume they are educated and loyal but are layers with a lot of political scandal and dishonesty,

Ł  Are often yes man with no confidence, and self-esteem, and†

Ł  They are the all know type; sometimes act as a philosopher (Colonel Abye), as a writer and author (Teshome Adugna) as a boss (Demeke Mokonen). These and others who act similar are actually the responsible group for the current social, economic and political crisis of Ethiopia.

To attain their objective, they sold every information (country affairs) to a third party who were not happy of the progresses made (creating strong Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa).† They have worked day and night to defame what has been evolved and finally they made it. This all is because of Abye political disloyalty when he was at the position he was.

The aid that has been given to Ethiopia says much about the role of the donors (international order) to destabilize Ethiopia and return the country into the level of economic stagnation by enhancing ethnic conflict in the way that creates tension, anxiety, and other political disruptions.†

All blame goes to the old EPRDF who recruit politicians of yes man (like Abye) and chase all capable people who could possibly protect the current chaos. The then yes man are now ending up Ethiopia in another mess. Not only by copying the procedure of how to retain and chase members who disobey the idea come from the top, but they are really bad learners, have learned the evil but failed to grasp how things worked and not at least to maintain the need and interest of the country.

This mess needs to end up before number of irreversible decisions made. The latest agreements heard about the right of Ethiopia on the use of Blue Nile is the best evidence. Agreement by the US Embassy in Egypt on 15 January 2020 and the Press Briefing given at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC on 17† January 2020 by Gedu Andargachew, Foreign Minister, and† Seleshi Bekele (PhD), Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy is the same as taking the meal from the poor Ethiopian and giving it to Egypt and Sudan. If this is the case constructing the dam was not worth as the agreement made canít help even to cover the costs in years to come.

Imagine of having ministries who decided without comparing cost and benefit of the country and to the people. The center is only their power.†

Letís not wait until two or more than two people sell the country to maintain their interest at the expense of millions of Ethiopians.† They are leaders without scientific objectivity but telling the Ethiopian people progress party is going to bring miracle change.

†How can party that established unconstitutionally, disregarding the knowledge and the intelligence of Ethiopian people will bring economic bubble?† Instead Ethiopia might go from system of hope (as it was indicated by many) to system of misery, which is full of conflict, irreversible economic and political shocks. This will cost the country a lot and the people of Ethiopia have to say no to current leader who doesnít have clear identity in politics, religion, or any of the areas that needs idea and scientific thinking.††

To address this all Ethiopians need to work together and particularly the intervention of universities and civic societies is needed more than any time ever.†† At the same time people in the rural areas (in everywhere) should be given a chance to tell what they feel.††

Letís not discuss politics alienating economic gains as both are intertwined.†

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