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Ethiopia's Mortal Enemy

Ethiopia’s Mortal Enemy:

Not Just Abay But Worst, Its Tributaries too!


Hailemariam Abebe 06-30-20


Sometime a half century ago, when Ethiopia was on death row courtesy one of the most ignorant and corrupt government on the African continent, someone had captured Ethiopia’s predicament, with the famous maxim to the effect “what was hurting Ethiopia was not only Abay but its tributaries too!”  Of course, Abay meant the monarch at the helm of power at the time and the tributaries those chauvinists who served as the backbone which rendered Ethiopia as the “misery index” of the world!

I am not sure if it was General Mengistu Neway or someone else who visited Japan in the late 1955s. But the story was that he was so astounded by Japan’s economic transformation but saddened by Ethiopia’s fall into the abyss!  The late Professor Donald N. Levin has traced the many parallels between Ethiopia and Japan back to 7 B.C.E., and when the Axumaweeian built one of the four great a civilization in the world, the Japanese were nowhere anywhere near Ethiopia.  From the tenth century to until about the late 19th century, in many ways, the two countries very much dealt on similar issues: the scourge nation building and underdevelopment.  But we know who became, despite totally devoid of any natural resources, the economic superpower, and we know too, thanks to those whose Calling is their bellies, which became the beggar nation of the world.

But it was not just the comparison with Japan which Ethiopia was in the pits.  But in comparison with many African countries, Ethiopia was in the pits too!  In a century, the chauvinist clique only managed to build one university!  But if we were to go by make belief or pretension or façade, the Emperor with his five-mile-long title and worldwide trotting, why, Ethiopia was a superpower.  Even when the Wollo famine devoured our people, and the biblical disaster was on global screens, the late Emperor and his tentacles went ahead with their world class birthday celebration, complete with the best steak for the lions in the palace zoo!   This Abay, although it was full of hot air, it neither had the knowledge, vision, mission and the will to do much but to devour what little Ethiopia had, for the sham and shame which eventually put Ethiopia on a death row!   

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Then, when that Abay dried up, there came the other.  And with the newcomer, Ethiopia’s fate went from bad to worse when one of the most sadistic creatures befell on the Ethiopian people! Headed by that ultimate personification of evil, Mengistu, along, once again, with the chauvinist backbone, heralded their coming by slaughtering some sixty former officials without any due process of law! Incidentally, according to Rara Media, Professor Mesfin Woldemariam and Dr. Bereket Habte Selassie were assigned with investigating the former officials for possible wrong doing and when they were asked by the Derg on what needed to be done, Professor Mesfin Woldemariam had reportedly told the Derg the “the guns are on your hands!” This was followed with the Red Terror which resulted in the murder of some 400, 0000 Ethiopians! Accompanied to this holocaust was the man-made famine of 1985, followed by the Sefera which uprooted hundreds of thousands of Tegaru and disposed them in a malaria infested no man’s land, resulting in incalculable loss of lives! Then there was the war on so many fronts. This too, resulted in incalculable loss of lives. But at one time, because the ruling thugs had so mismanaged the country, Ethiopia’s very survival was rescued by the Cubans!

Finally, came hope.  There came the third Abay and it was different. Following are the facts:

  1. This Abay was a product of thousands of years of history and incredible legacy.  It had a mind, a heart, a mission, self-confidence, discipline, conviction, belief, dedication, and determination.  So much so, it became the premier liberation front without common denominator on a global scale! It started after everyone and got the job done before everyone!
  2. It had vision too. A vision of “from many one!”  Unity by consensus.  Diversity as a blessing and not liability.  For 17 years, the people of the new Abay, fought one of the most brutal wars in the history of Ethiopia.  It faced a dictatorship of chauvinists backed by Africa’s largest army armed with advanced instruments of war of all types, and with full military and diplomatic support not only from the USSR but also the entire Eastern Block, China and Cuba.  Nevertheless, this new Abay knew who the real player was and never did this Abay ever thought of ethnic cleansing, hate against their brethren that are the Amhara, Oromos or any other ethnic group, burn down cities and towns or economic infrastructures! In fact, let alone ethnic cleansing or destruction of the public good, this Abay fought the war with a policy to do everything not to kill but capture the Derg soldiers taught to believe they were fighting foreigners! Despite the chauvinist total madness and despite relegating the people of Tigray into nocturnal living, this Abay, just as they did to the Egyptians and Italians, brought the Derg and its chauvinist back bone to its knees without losing its nerve and with its humanity intact! 
  3. The third Abay was a responsible one too. It had leaders who were revolutionary and experienced in how to run an organization, an economy and a state on war footing.  They cared for the welfare of the ordinary people, and they believed in the people too. Hence, although its detractors prophesized an apocalypse in Addis Ababa and elsewhere away from Tigray, none took place.  This was not by chance, but the leaders had thought about the worst-case scenario and planned accordingly; they had action plans for everything and possibilities.  But more than anything, they had a message which resonated with the core aspirations of the peoples of the Nations and Nationalities which make up Ethiopia!
  4. Although it was within its right to annihilate the hard and soft power of its enemies, it chose forgiveness over revenge. No Red Terror or mass slaughter like the Derg did but through the legal process;
  5. The third Abay oversaw the formation of a legal framework for governance. Invited friends and enemies to the negotiating table and together wrote a Constitution which was not perfect, but which bore the will and aspirations of each Nation and Nationalities of Ethiopia. The Constitution guaranteed rights based on a democratic principle the likes never seen in the history of Ethiopia. Thanks to the Constitution, and the democratic infrastructure so enshrined in it, opposition parties could say anything and when they were done, they could go back to their family for a good dinner and sleep!  They could even travel abroad, say all they wanted to say and return home to their family! 
  6. The third Abay, had done its homework way before it made it to the Ethiopian capital. It was knowledgeable and had understood the Ethiopian reality, and accordingly, developed an economic policy in the best interest of the great majority of the Ethiopian people!  It had a plan to get us out of the “misery index” label.  It was honest. Data driven.  No façade, pretension or make belief but admit and own that we were dirt poor “misery index” that we had no other enemy greater than poverty!
  7. It was extraordinarily confident. It knew who it was, where it came from and what it could do! It was confident on its capability and what it could achieve. Its disdained hand outs, and it was not anybody’s “shitholes” and “House Negro!
  8. It had confidence and belief on the Ethiopian/African people. It was determined to prove we could stand on own feet by our won sweat and hard work, and it counted on the Ethiopian patriots to propel their country into its rightful place.  And the people responded. Ethiopian engineers and managers rerouted the tributaries and dammed Abay but showed to the world that those Arab tyrants were nothing, but “shitholes” born in the colonial brothels;
  9. This new Abay transformed Ethiopia into the economic tiger of the world!  In short years about some twenty, it transformed Ethiopian education, health, power, agriculture, transportation, armed forces, cities and villages etc. the likes never in the history of Ethiopia. 
  10. Brought peace, security and stability.  No terrorism! Ethiopians could move throughout their country freely and in peace!  Its defense forces were respected the world over as an army of peace not only for Ethiopia but for the world. And feared by Ethiopia’s enemies as the army not to mess around with! This in turn made Ethiopia not only as a country of honor and respect but also made her a country led by a civilized people with civilized vision and mission, so safe place to invest and do business;
  11. But not just for Ethiopia but for the African continent, the new Abay became the bulwark for Africa’s best interests, and the African people responded with solidarity and support which made the developed nations listen!
  12. The third Abay trusted its colleagues in the other “sister organizations.”  It made the fetal mistake not realizing that these organizations were baked in that very same oven which gave birth to those thugs which reduced Ethiopia into the biblical leper of the world. The lepers gradually infected the third Abay and eventually the third Abay developed political Alzheimer and begun to forget its revolutionary mission, vision and zeal.  A few of the worst afflicted even manifested symptoms of an autocracy, and slowed down the building of democracy, to a snail pace! A few also were corrupt.  Because of the disease too, the afflicted began to decide against their best interest and refused to treatment offered by millions of their supporters!  In fact, some ended up in love with the ultimate pathogen called ANDM!
  13. The pathogen then became an epidemic and ended up infecting the OPDO too. OPDO, like the Third Abay, came from a trusting heritage and culture, too.  No sooner was it infected, OPDO became gravely ill and started mobilizing our Oromo people to march against their very interests. And so, as ANDM killed and ethnic cleansed Tegaru from Gondar, OPDO was calling for the removal of its natural ally (Third Abay) and the destruction of the public good.  But the epidemic was not confined to OPDO and the Third Abay, it had mutated and jumped from human cannibalism into feasting on the inanimate- the democratic infrastructure so built at extraordinary sacrifice and effort!  Born out of this epidemic, came the fourth Abay.
  14. The fourth Abay was led by the very progenies of the chauvinists and Dergists, and by some unsuspecting OPDO naivetés.  And so, we are back to worse than the square one. In a span of two short years, Ethiopia, led by mindless child which never grew up, has sunk below the “misery index” and into “shitholes” honors
  15. This Abay hates itself and had sold itself before its birth into the limelight. Has no clue on what it is doing except that if it can get some money for its belly from whoever it is, it had shown no hesitation to put Ethiopia on the market not even for the highest bidder!  As in the times of the feudal lords and the Dergists, we are led by one of the most corrupt, ignorant and soulless people on the African continent.  Not only have it brought the economy down to the abyss, but it has put millions in refugee camps, ethnic strife to its highest, no peace and no safety, no investment but worst, they have sold the national interest of the country to the very historical enemies of the Ethiopian people in exchange for their bellies!
  16. They have humiliated and slaughtered Ethiopia’s standing on the global stage!  As it left for its masters, it has not only left the Ethiopian people on the ropes, but also the interests of fellow Africans as well!  Thanks to these gigolos, our enemies have got us, and we are all on the brink!
  17. Our once formidable armed forces have been shamed. Once the envy of our friends and respected by our enemies, thanks to a couple of Generals, it is now neither respected at home as the guardian of the Constitution nor seen by the international community as an institution of peace. It did not even do anything as its Chief of Staff, General Seare Mekonen along with his colleague, General Gezai Abera, Engineer Shimengnew and the compatriots at Bar Dar, were murdered in cold blood. And worse, it is not doing anything as Ethiopia’s vital interest is being ravaged by the enemies from within! The Ethiopian Defense Forces are standing idle as the fourth Abay dries up not only Abay but also as our county has become the playground for Isayas and the Arab rogue leaders! 
  18. The list is too long!

Yes, indeed! We have fallen way below the “Misery Index!” But make no mistake about it, it is not only the current Abay which has sunk Ethiopia into the joke of the world but its current tributaries too! That Abiye is a foreign spy who sold his country even before he came to power, is a national and international fact. Not only he told us himself but confirmed by his handlers as well!  We should not be surprised when he acts the way he does.  After all, this is a man the enemies of Ethiopia knew he was a man without a conscience and prone for a fall.  And he did!  He has done a great job doing the unthinkable against our country!  And anyone who thinks this man can redeem himself is kidding him/herself!  This man has committed so much crime in the last two years, that there can never be anything he can do going forward to redeem himself; this is a man born for the ultimate tragedy there is! Moreover, even if he wanted to, he cannot, for the pathogen had him engulfed full to the top of his head, that he is trying to breath for his life is obvious!

So, let us not take off our eyes from the real captains of the sinking ship! Abiye is not in fact the captain. He is just the kid kept silent with as many toys as he wishes to keep him sinking into the abyss! The real one steering the ship are the chauvinist Ahdaweeian in the background! 

We know, at this very hour, Ethiopian national interest is being sold to the Egyptians for some billions whose destiny no one knows.  And no one knows about the tango between the Ethiopian manikin and the Eritrean personification of Mussolini. And yet, there is this life and death national emergency we must address urgently! Ethiopia is dying in darkness! And we must not be surprised by the fact why Abiye is not tell us anything, for he has publicly told us he sold his oath long ago and had left us for his handlers!  

Similarly, we must know that he is not the only one who knows what is going on behind the curtain! Demeke Mekonen Hassen, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, and Gedu Andargachew, Ethiopian Foreign Minister sure know.  But these two not only face treason charges but they are too, the criminals who oversaw not only the killing of Tegaru in Gondar but the ethnic cleansing of about one hundred thousand Tegaru from Gondar.  These two are the two the Tigray Nation will go after at any cost!  They must face justice. Hence, it is clear why we can never expect anything redeeming from these two, for no matter what say and do, they can never escape with the blood of Tegaru in their hands! It is in their best interest to fight to stay in power.  We in fact must expect these criminals will even commit more crimes on the Ethiopia in order to hang around! 

But there are others who know and must put country over all else, and Ethiopians must demand that those who know (see below) must come clean on their country!  Some are Ambassadors. If they wanted to do the right thing, they could tell the Ethiopian people the crime of all crime being committed against Ethiopia! These Ambassadors live over seas and they could ask political asylum and tell the Ethiopian people what is being done to Ethiopia!  Others are inside Ethiopia and if they had not sold their soul, they too, can come forth or leak the truth! 

Following are, at the very least, a few of the key ones who can tell the Ethiopian people what is being done behind the curtain. Ethiopians all over the world must demand that these individuals do the right thing and never put their belly at the expense of Mother Ethiopia! Following are but a few who know and must never take part in the murder of Ethiopia:

  1. Dr. Seleshi Bekele: Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy: Dr. Seleshi and his team have firsthand information on what is taking place. It is on their clock Ethiopia’s sovereignty being sacrificed.  These people do travel overseas, and should they want to stand for their country, they can seek political asylum and tell the whole story as did Ato Dawit Woldegiorgis when he exposed the Derg for the crimes of Mengistu in his book “Red Tears!”  The fact that this team has kept silent thus far, qualified them for the “Shame of Hall of Shame” monument in the history of Ethiopia!


  1. General Adem Mohammed: Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian armed forces: The General not only knows about what is taking place vis-à-vis Abay but also on who killed Engineer Shimengnew, General Seare, General Gezai and our compatriots killed dead in Bahr Dar.  He knew too, what is taking place between Isayas and Abiye.  


  1. Zeynu Gemal, Former Federal Police Commissioner: Along with General Adem and former Attorney general Berhanu Tsegaye, these three not only know what is going on at the GERD but they know for sure who killed Engineer, Shimengnew, Generals Seare, Gezai and our compatriots murdered in Bahr Dar.  They also know about Isayas’s security penetration of our country and the relationship between Abiye and Isayas.  These are the closest to Abiye and company on the security establishment of Ethiopia.


  1. Former Attorney general Berhanu Tsegaye, newly minted ambassador to Australia: Ato Berhanu knows exactly what General Adem knows.  It was on his clock the Generals Seare, Gezai and our compatriots murdered in Bahr Dar.  He also knows about Isayas’s security penetration of our country and the relationship between Abiye and Isayas.


  1. Abadula Gemeda (Minase Woldegiorgis): Former speaker of Ethiopia's lower house of parliament: Knows the whole thing!!


  1. Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu: Former Ethiopian Foreign Minister: Knows the whole thing!


  1. Ambassador to the U.S., Ambassador Fitsum Arega: He is Abiye’ single most confidant for the plantation way away from home. He knows everything about the GERD crucifixion. He could easily seek political asylum in the U.S. and do the right thing, but he has kept his mouth shut as Egypt catabolizes Ethiopia.


  1. Ambassador Dr. Markos Tekele, Ambassador to Egypt, Cairo: This guy a debt to pay to Abiye for his handling the Chinese delegation wanting to visit Tigray.  He knows what his assignment to Egypt is.


  1. President Sahle-work Zewde:  President of Ethiopia:  She knows but she has opted for her belly than mother Ethiopia. She knows about the entire crisis Ethiopia is in but by her being a president, she is not only telling the Ethiopian people but also giving the Abiye mayhem a semblance of legitimacy.


The people listed from #1 to #9, do know the whole show behind the curtain.  They have decided to keep silent as Ethiopia is being crucified at the alter of Egypt!  They know about the whole Isayas and Abiye love affairs at Ethiopia’s expense!  They know too, who murdered Engineer Shimengnew, General Seare Mekonen, General Gezai Abera, Ambachew Mekonen and his adviser, Ezez Wassie, General Asaminew Tsige and others. Their silence at this hour of life and death for Ethiopia, can only be because these too, like Abiye, Gedu and Demeke have chosen their belly over their country!  No excuse whatsoever why these people, especially those who travel abroad, could not do what Ato Dawit Woldegiorgis once did when he chose to speak on behalf of the Ethiopian people instead of his belly!  History will never forgive them. Meanwhile, clear it must be to all Ethiopians that who is killing Ethiopia is not only Abiye (the latest Abay) but much more so, the tributaries whose names listed above and ones no doubt who will be immortalized in the Shame of Hall of Shame of Ethiopia!   



In Memoriam

May you rest in Peace dearest Hachalu Hundessa! Although you have left us at physically, you have left us a legacy which no doubt will be immortalized in the hearts and minds of the Ethiopian people!!





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