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Economy is father of politics


Berhe Tekle 08-31-20


Like business startups, we do have more than enough political parties.In the jungle of bureaucracy, forming party has been treating as means for economically prosperity. This is because forming political party is less capital and operating cost intensive than business startups. Such business strategy drives our politician to immerse in lake of overpromising. Most common mess of our politician is promising to change the people without changing themselves. Neglecting their over promise for self-actualization, I request our politicians to logically and rationally answer my biggest question. The driving force behind asking this question is to reminding you the fact that economy is the father of politics.

In the modern world, economic inequality is diverging like never before. Few have a lot and a lot have few. The price of such inequality is total collapse and failed state. To proactively solve such upcoming risk, I want to know the economic strategy of our politicians. My question starts from the very basic concept of household or family. Family is the smallest building block of a nation that helps in determining the GDP and GNP of a nation. Taking the household model to systematically predict the economic growth of our people. This is because, the economic and social status of a family is the average of the two extremes. Taking Tigrayan family as an example, the regional economic and social status will be determined. The family includes all the classes of a people and can have diversities and other features of a people. Based on this the Tigray region family and economy status will be discussed in detail.

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According the current population estimation, Tigray region hosts about 6.1 million people. The average size of each Tigrayan household is about 5 members (2 parents with 3 children). Then, the total nuclear family in Tigray region is roughly about 1386,364.The per capital income of Tigrayan people is about 500 ETB.More than 58% (3.54 million) of the total population are living in absolute poverty (earning less than a dollar a day). Based on this research the Tigrayan household living under absolute poverty 35X5 = 175 ETB a day. Middle income people per capital income is about 300X5 = 1500 ETB a day. Every family wants to transform from absolute poverty to middle income. Since you are campaigning to transform the economy of every Tigrayan household, how the heck are you going to transform those 1386,364 families from absolute poverty into middle income people in your five-year term?



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