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Case studies presented in Articles from world experience to the case of for Tigray




My intention is to dessiminate those high value articles published from international mega engineering projects (Kuwait, Mongolia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, etc) to our brothers/sisters (professionals, scholars, academician, students). This way, we can make a difference for better future. 








Article on super iconic real life case studie (Gulf war- American-Iraq- Sadaam Hussien- human war distaster) related tro contamination/pollution, enginineering remediation (assuming there has no or little experience or experise in Tigray). I was the key expertise for the Kuwait project together with high calibre international scientist and engineers (nominated from Australia, Canada, USA, France, UK etc)



ብካለ ሲሚንቶ ክዳውንቲ ቖርበት ፋብሪካ ኸኣ ካልኦት ኢንዱስትሪ: ፍታሕ ካብ ዝበለጸ ልምዲ ዓለም Kuwait


I have seen recent post relating to factory contaminant pollution at Messobo cement factory, Mekelle. 

See link below about the story.


I know this is the tip of the ice berg (has occured in other Tigray towns as well at alarming rate).The magnitude of the pollution & its impact is beyond one can compherend.


Embracing the fact that - due to lack of hands- on experienced professionals back home,

Perhaps worthy to share those international niche (scientific & engineering) articles, extracted from a multi billion worth successful & cutting edge project (US 5 billion) could assist to bring & apply  the knowledge, skills, experience gained at international level, in waste/pollution/contaminant  characterization, remediation design & management.




Here are list of relvant articles to the avove topic



Multi-criteria decision approach for evaluation, ranking, and selection of remediation options: case of polluted groundwater, Kuwait




Hydrocarbon Assessment and Prediction due to the Gulf War Oil Disaster, North Kuwait



Treatment of world's largest and extensively hydrocarbon polluted environment: experimental approach and feasibility analysis



Engineering and environmental remediation scenarios due to leakage from the Gulf War oil spill using 3-D numerical contaminant modellings



Flow modelling of strategically vital freshwater aquifers in Kuwait




Gulf war contamination assessment for optimal monitoring and remediation costbenefit analysis, Kuwait



Assessment and Prediction of Saline Sea Water Transport in Groundwater Using 3-D Numerical Modelling




Apparently you can imagine, the contribution of those published articles, above (From United Nations funded mega project with $ 5 billion dollar) -   to the case of Tigray.


Extremely useful!!



Best wishes


Yohannes Yihdego (Dr)



Jan 2020


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