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An Open Letterto Lilly Hailemariam

An Open Letterto Lilly Hailemariam:

You are where your Father, His Excellency, told me

a Tigraway Must Never ever be in!


Hailemariam Abebe



ሓደራኩም  ተጋሩ ተሳኒኩም ንበሩ!”


Over the last two years, I have seen such Tegaru giving interviews to the Abiye controlled media.  This is too, the same media whose top guns could face the same predicament as those in the Rwanda genocides!  These fellow Tegaru, with the trademark of ties and suits of the morally and legally Poverty Party, are praising Abiye and his clique even though the facts clearly show the regime is committing crimes against humanity.  I wonder if these Tegaru understand that cheering and supporting one who has committed and still is committing crimes against humanity, could mean a legal jeopardy for themselves.  But that is for them to decide.  That is their right and choice!


A couple of days ago, I saw the interviews of two Tegaru on Fana television.  These are Lilay Hailemariam and Araya Tesfamariam. Both have made so many claims that I know to be factually false! I have once been a publisher (Ethiopian Commentator), a broadcaster (Dejen Radio)and a vocal critic. During that course, I have interviewed so many people including Tegadelti the likes of Gebru Asrat, Aregawee Berhe, Giday Zeratsion, Dr. Nagasu, OPDO’s Hassan Ali, Asgede Gebreselassie, the late Hagos Gebrehiwet (may he rest in peace), the mother (RIP) of Tegadalay Siye Abraha and many others of whom some whose testimony could not be released to the public so long as they are alive.  But of them all the greatest honor and privilege for me was interviewing one of Tigray’s greatest hero, and our father, His Excellency the late Blata Hailemariam Reda (may he rest in peace).


I do not know Lilay, but I believe I have talked to him over the phone once some twenty years ago or so. But I do know very well, his brother Kassa Hailemariam and his wife Birhan who I respect and honor so dearly! Although I have never met him in person, I do also know and interviewed Araya Tesfamariam when he was in India with his daughter who he told me, was undergoing medical treatment. He was at the time, in a serious financial and what he told me was equally serious “political” pressure that some of us Tegaru did help him financially and morally.  And I do know for a fact too, Tegaru that helped him not only financially but also with his travel to come to the United States, too.  But then we had the shocker.


Once he arrived in the United States, I myself, tried to counsel him to look after the welfare of his daughter who he told me was terribly ill and to go to journalism school at Columbia University in New York.  But to the total disbelief of those of us Tegaru who helped him, the next thing we saw him do was jump into the bandwagon of the very people who were setting ethnic fires against, although they said to the TPLF, but it really was against Tegaru!I remember very clearly calling him and the other Tegaru did the same too, to ask him about his transplantation.  But he never returned our calls! He really did a number on us!  A slick and sweet talking pseudo Tigraway peddling falsehoods the length of the Nile!But it did not end there.


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This time, I was so surprised to see him on Fana with another round of transplantationclaiming wild accusations some of which I know to be factually incorrect and without foundation, especially about the massive poisoning!  It never happened! At the time he claims took place, I was publishing the Ethiopian Commentator and had many highly placed eyes and ears to catch anything of that time type!  And after I launched Dejen Radio, I had even more eyes and ears at the heart of the late PM’s administration, that, should anything like what he is claiming had taken place, I would have known it! And that is not an empty hyperbole! Incidentally, I plan to review Araya’s interview and will be writing more, once I complete the review of the interview, I had with him. 


As I have indicated above I have had the honor and the privilege of interviewing one of Tigray’s greatest hero, and our father, his Excellency the late Blata Hailemariam Reda (may he rest in peace) for the Ethiopian Commentator magazine I published, in a small way, to do my part to help Ethiopia become the democratic country it so needed to had become! The opportunity was made available to me by his son, a man I have lots of respect, Kassa Hailemariam and his wife journalist Birhan who by the way, were subjected to a lot of psychological torture for wanting to publish their newspaper, I believe was either called Wegahta! I do not know why but the wing of the TPLF which ended up on top after the split, had some allergy toward Tegaru establishing media. I have had a similar experience when I launched the Ethiopian Commentator, with so many distinguished professionals as willing contributors!


When I met his Excellency, the late Balata Hailemariam Reda, a legend I had only known through history as the leader of the First Weyane, I was so delighted, honored and overwhelmed, that had I not gone prepared, I probably would not have been able to interview him for the length I did.  During the interview which I believe lasted a couple hours, I had asked him just about all that had to do with why the First Weyane failed and the second Weyane prevailed? I had also asked him if the then leadership of the TPLF had learned from the experiences of the first Weyane.  I have recorded all the interviews and transcribed it in to seventy-nine pages!  This I believe is of historical importance and make no doubt about, I plan to make sure it makes it into the history museum of Tigray!  Meanwhile though, I would like to share what I had learned from the interview and hopefully, it will help Lilay with what his father and our hero had left to the rest of us and admonished to never forget.


I am sure that those of you who used to follow Dejen Radio, have heard me recite what Blata Hailemariam had taught me about why the First Weyane started and why it ended the way it did.  The uprising was without an alternative because the Ahdaweeian had just about robbed Tigray high and dry! And I am not talking about just economically but the whole spectrum of what had made Tigray the citadel of history, civilization, and a land of the proud people with so much contribution to not only Ethiopia but also to the world.Not just that under that notorious Menelik who sold Eritrea to the Italians and broke the hearts of the one people who built one of the four great civilizations in the world but the late Emperor Haile Selassie too, who reduced Tigray into the misery index of the greater misery index that was Ethiopia!  I had aired on Dejen Radio too, what the Great man, his Excellency Blata Hailemariam, told me as to why the First Weyane failed. The crux of why the First Weyane failed, he told me,was because Tegaru did not close ranks as a single juggernaut to carry the struggle to its destination!There was something else he told me too, and that was in his answer to my question of whether the leadership of the second Weyane had learned from the First Weyane.  As early as 1993, the man who had spent all his life fighting for Tigray, told me that the leadership was in a trajectory to repeat history! And as he predicted it, the TPLF leadership repeated history when it disemboweled itself into two, giving every hatchling which had been in a suspended animation to find its way to the current tragedy not only for Tigray but the rest of Ethiopia!


In light of the advice of his Excellency, I was disturbed by the position his son Lilay Hailemariam had taken.  I know, had his Excellency was alive what position he would have taken and where his command post would be from.  I know it would never have been from the dens of those with our blood in their hands as his Lilay is doing at this very juncture when our people are not only facing existential threats but has been in play for the past two years!  If his Excellency were alive, I know he would never be in the company of those Ahdaweeian who have embarrassed not only Ethiopia but the continent of Africa and beyond!I know too, he would never be cozying up with those whose mission clearly is our neck but with his people in Tigray leading the cause to rid of those sleazy vagabonds who have not only unleashed extraordinary horrors on the Ethiopian people but more specifically threatened the mothers and children of Tigray!In other words, let alone his Excellency, but any Tigraway, when Tigray is in mortal danger, it could never be at any other place but in that fountain of one the greatest civilizations in the world- Tigray! That is why, I would like to let Lilay know that he is wrong in the position he has taken. I have no doubt should his Excellency was alive; he would have disowned him as his son, Lilay!My condolences to the family of our great hero extraordinaire, His Excellency, Blata Hailemariam Reda!  And so, if you are listening and reading Lilay, here is what your father had taught me, one I and virtually all Tegaru honor and one what you have totally missed:  you are where your father told me never a Tigraway must ever be!



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