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Dictator Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia should be brought to justice for committing treason, genocide and war crimes.

Dictator Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia should be brought to justice for committing treason, genocide and war crimes.


Tadele Girmay ( 03-03-2020

Since 1991, following the fall of the fascist military junta that ruled for 17 bloody years and with the advent of the victorious Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in power, Ethiopia has adopted a new federal constitution and developmental-state economic policies that led the country to be on a progressive path. The country has held four consecutive elections of five-year term, albeit contested for being not a full-pledged free and fair, as nearly all seats have been won by the ruling party EPRDF, leaving no space for the opposition. Nevertheless, these imputes, complemented by relative peace of nearly three decades, excellent diplomatic relations with the international community and its economic alliance with China, Ethiopia saw a two-digit annual economic growth for about 15 years and fair social development across all regions. The government had deficits on human rights and freedom of expression, but in general, Ethiopia under EPRDF,was on triumphing era up until 2018, leaving its connotation to a land of “famine and poverty” behind. Many mega projects have been completed, and many important ones such as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) that have been started years ago are work in progress; tens of universities have been established; health and other social services have been expanded; and life expectancy has increased from 47 years in 1990 to 66 in 2015, a significant indicator of development.


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But today, under the incumbent Abiy Ahmed, these progresses have stalled, and the country is at high risk of social and economic downfall. Since Abiy Ahmed came to power two years ago through havoc, conspiracy and mischiefs within the party, all the above gains have been lost quickly. Ethiopia has seen untold atrocities, destabilization, ethnic conflicts, hate speeches, displacement, economic downfall and historic failure of foreign policy and loss of national sovereignty. The country saw avalanches of breaking news and miseries (not seen in hundreds of years), with burning of churches and mosques, mass killing of innocent citizens, assassination of imminent and prominent personalities such as the Chief of the Army, Chief Engineer of the GERD, President and other senior members of Amhara Region; and police commanders and authorities in many regions. Under Abiy’s watch, a new war (hardly reported by the Western media) is currently underway in Western Ethiopia with no internet or telephone connection; the constitution has been disregarded, law and order have been lost, more than 3 million people have been internally displaced by ethnically motivated authorities, many have lost their properties, thousands have been arrested due their ethnicity and genocidal crimes committed against Kimante in the Amahara Region and other ethnicities in other regions. Nearly 60% of the country is unconstitutionally under command post (not approved by the Parliament). The main federal road to Tigray has been closed by radicals with the support of Abiy Ahmed for nearly two years in a bid to create ethnic tension between Tigray and Amhara Regions. Abiy Ahmed never attempted to resolve such tensions, rather he has been noted in many occasions instigating sarcastic statements that would put the various ethnicities into a complete civil war.Mischiefs, divide and rule are his daily practice, to the extent, that the average Ethiopians have given him local derogatory names such as “afukibe, lebuchube” to mean “a honeyed-tongue, a heart of gall” or “sweet-mouthed, venomous heart.”


With those deceptive and pretentious skills, Abiy Ahmed won the Noble Peace Prize of 2019, with the awarders caught by hesitation and lack of alternatives but had to face-save by relating the award to his attempt to ‘reconcile and make peace with Eritrea’. Afterwards, Trump’s inadvertent public contest or claim that he deserved the Noble Peace Prize and not Abiy, for his heavyweight mediation efforts between Ethiopia and Egypt, was a fortunate and timely attestation of the conspiracy Abiy has entered with Trump and Egypt against Ethiopia’s sovereign right to own and run the GERD. That is treason in action by Abiy Ahmed and the Ethiopian people should bring him to legal trial in line with the constitution.This obstinacy was further aggravated by the latest press release of the United States (US) Treasury on 28 Feb 2020 that unilaterally condemns Ethiopia not to conduct “final testing and filling of its own-funded dam”.This is ridiculous and a gross violation of Ethiopia’s sovereignty by the US. The people and legislators in both countries and international community should condemn it in the strongest terms and call upon the US and the World Bank to withdraw their hands and leave the matter to the three countries.


Furthermore, the stunning economic progress attained in the past two decades is being lost in matter of months. Many companies are closing and fleeing to other countries; Direct Investment Fund (DIF) has fallen off a cliff; inflation and unemployment are skyrocketing; and pro-poor developmental projects are hardly in the making currently. All these factors compelled Ethiopia relinquish its subregional economic power, which it had acquired nearly three years ago, back to Kenya. 


Abiy made secretive deals with dictator Isayas Afeweki, president of Eritrea and the Arabs, and with Trump Administration in a bid to get unsolicited support to stay in power.Abiy has manoeuvred the rules and hijacked the mandate of the ruling party and created a new Prosperity Party (PP), which according to the electoral board of Ethiopia, should have registered afresh for a new mandate in the upcoming election, but not for the current one. So, constitutionally, Abiy’s government is illegitimate and is holding power by military force.With Abiy’ssubtle consent, Eritrea’s president Isayas Afewerki, in his recent interview on a national TV, has threatened to meddle on Ethiopia’s internal political and constitutional affairs.Abiy did not condemn such arrogant announcement by Isayas Afwerki. Abiy compromised the success of the GERD which was nearly complete by the time he took power and derailed the diplomatic success Ethiopia had achieved under the “Declaration of Principles” with Sudan and Egypt in 2015 which had ensured strategic interest of the country. Now, Abiy’s political immaturity and unabated greed for power Ethiopia’s sovereignty on the dam has been lost, with the US and Egypt pressuring Ethiopia to sign unpopular agreement that benefits Egypt only. Lately, Abiy has been caught redhanded interfering in the internal affairs of Somaliland, Juba land and Somalia. Fortunately, there are reports that the regional authorities and the United Nations are monitoring the situation. All these deals are happening without involving the parliament and consultation of the Ethiopian people at large.Such political havoc and the increasing internal conflicts have exacerbated the situation putting the country at high risk of complete disintegration and economic downturn. In summary, Abiy Ahmed is dangerous element for Ethiopia and horn Africa, if not beyond. Therefore:


1.      Ethiopians and the international community should hold Abiy Ahmed responsible and make him face the International Criminal Court (ICC) for all the crimes committed against humanity, war crimes and genocide in Kimante.

2.      Ethiopians should bring him to justice for committing treason against the country’s strategic interest and sovereignty and security.

3.      AbiyAhmed should unconditionally and immediately resign to respect Ethiopia sovereignty, national integrity, federal constitution and restore law and order.

4.      The African Union, The United Nations, European Union and other Regional and International bodies should investigate all war crimes against humanity, genocides on some ethnicities, condemn the interference of Eritrea on internal political affairs and undue pressure of the United States on the GERD and sovereignty affairs of Ethiopia.

5.      The international media should stop its silence for the sake of keeping Abiy in power (in the interest of the West) and closely monitor and report on all the atrocities occurring in different countries.

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