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Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed: The Man Who Sold Ethiopia, and Betrayed Africa

Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed:

The Man Who

Sold Ethiopia, and Betrayed Africa

By Hailemariam Abebe 06-09-20

First the facts.  By his own admission in the public square and since then, corroborated by the testimony of Ato Andargatche Tsege, it is, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that Prime Minister Abiye, had served as a foreign agent while in key position in the National Intelligence & Security Service (NISS) of Ethiopia! But don’t just be shocked but reflect! Every Ethiopian with a conscience, with love for Ethiopia and its people, reverence for its history, and honor and gratitude to the martyrs who kept us as a beacon of freedom too, must know what the Prime Minister’s role must mean!  I hope each Ethiopian, irrespective of ethnicity and political persuasion, will set his/her ethnicity, religious and political beliefs aside, and for once, take a solemn moment, reflect and stand witness, in accordance with his/her God and the Calling of his/her faith, on what it is that the Prime Minister has done! 

I know and our history is clear about it too, that, despite our ethnic, religious and political divisions, there have been three things that had made us one and impregnable. These are the finest of ourselves and what gives me hope that together, we will conquer our challenges and make our country what it must be. 

One is when we see one of our own, competing in international sports. In the marathon or any other competition where our young carries the symbol and substance of who we are. There is a moment, at the very least, for the duration of the competition, where we shed the shackles which chain us slaves to our short comings, become free from our ethnic, religious and political cocoons, become wholesome, free and at our best, without even knowing it, we stand together, no matter where we are, anywhere in the globe holding hands and cheer one of our own, representing us, our country, its history and all.  For that duration of time, none of us see ethnic, religious or political labels but the dream or idealism that we yearn to become!  That is why, we cheer so wildly and why the thrill of victory becomes immortal.  That Abebe Bakila, Mamo Wolde, Muritse Yifter “the shifter,” and many others who have physically left us, are still alive in our memories!  And why when we see Haile Gebreselassie in the streets, we go crazy with joy!  

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The second one is our love for our river Abay.  Not only the songs which take us on a tour of culinary wonders, the metaphors which unveil the invisible for us, the scenery which delights our senses but also the majestic down pour which cleanse us well.  And there is the ultimate of them all:  Let alone to sit down on the negotiating table, but the very thought of it, let alone from those historic enemies of ours but even from one of our own, suggesting anything remotely tangential to anything that has the potential to interfere with our sovereignty, we know what seismic patriotic response it ignites!

The third, no question about it, is our unanimity and singlemindedness when it comes to the defense of the Motherland.  I am certain when I say that there is no ethnic group in Ethiopia that did not heed the call to the supreme duty and defended his/her country with the ultimate price.  And paid with his/her life, despite what the despots from within do to him or her or to the ethnic group he or she belonged.  When it came to the national defense, Ethiopian history shows us clearly, we may come from Tigray (Tigray-Tigrigni), Oromia, Amhara, Somali, Sidama, etc., we have stood together as Ethiopians, and collectively, we have kept ourselves free from foreign domination, and we have too, earned the respect and admiration not only from our friends but also from our enemies too!

I believe with all my moral, ethical, and spiritual convictions that Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed had only failed to live up to his Ethiopian fundamental obligations, but worse, he, in this 21st century, sold out his country to foreign interests!  And I am not talking about the things he is doing right now, although these are equally criminal but I am talking about how he sold himself to a foreign country, even though he had sworn to serve his country’s fundamental interests, its security, wellbeing and survival, he betrayed not only all that, the Ethiopian people and their country but also he put his colleagues at the National Intelligence & Security Service (NISS) and in fact the Ethiopian armed forces, in mortal harm’s way!  How many of his colleagues and members of the Ethiopian armed forces, died during his fifteen years of betrayal, I will leave it to those who have the books! The over aching cost to Ethiopia then and now, is, no doubt, being assessed, suffice to say that it has been and continues to grow to incalculable heights and bottomless depth!  Following are just but a few:

Ø  There is more ethnic divisions and the possibility of Ethiopia’s break up now than anytime in Ethiopian history;

Ø  Incapable of formulating economic policy with Ethiopia’s fundamental interest, Ethiopia is no longer making things but selling off what it built at incredible cost and effort, at bargain prices and behind the door!  Yes, Ethiopia’s national interest is being sold off behind closed doors! The Ethiopian people have no clue what Prime Minister Abiye is selling to Isayas, Egypt, the IMF, the World Bank and our historic enemies in the middle East;

Ø  He has threatened to declare war on the mothers and children of Tigray with war! He absolutely has no regard for the bereaved mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, families and extended families who buried tens of thousands of their children in tombs without marks, for liberty for all including enabling him to become a Prime Minister!  I have not even added the school children of Ayder and the tens of thousands who perished in the war with Isayas!

Ø  He has authorized government press and financed social media outlets for hate campaign, which could result in ethnic cleansing and genocide both of which could result in the destruction of Ethiopia;

Ø  He has embroiled the Ethiopian armed forces and the security services in fratricidal missions; Our people are dying, being displaced and becoming refugees by the millions; Our soldiers are losing family life trying to suppress the people who wanted to self-rule;

Ø  Destroyed our foreign policy interests by abandoning IGAD, the riparian countries, the African Union and the African people. Those who stood with Ethiopia and brought Egypt to its knees have been left high and dry!  And some of them are now willing to allow Egypt to build bases while others are trying to mend their relations with Egypt, leaving Ethiopia surrounded by enemies of every kind! Ethiopia has lost the high regard it earned from Africa, and now we have earned shame from our brothers and sisters on the African continent;

Ø  Ethiopia has become not only Isayas’s playground but also that of Egypt and its masters in the Arab world. Ethiopia is being crucified by the most hated monster in the African continent: Isayas Afeworki;

Ø  Domestically, just look where Ethiopia is today: except for Tigray, all Kilils are in military administration, genocide in Quimat and Benishangul-Gumuz, complete anarchy in the Amhara Kilil, assassinations and extrajudicial killings in Addis Ababa, Bahr Dar, Amhara, Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, Dire Dawa, Gambela, Harari, somali, and war in Oromia. In fact, the security situation is so dire that even in Addis Ababa, there is no peace and security!

Ø  There is no rule of law.  The murder of Generals Seare Mekonen, Gezai Abera, Engineer Shimengnew, Amhara Region Chief Administrator Ato Ambachew Mekonen, Amhara’s security head, Asaminew Tsige, and others who were murdered, remains in the dark;

Ø  The wish of the Ethiopian people is trampled: with all its short comings, in the last election, the EPRDF won on a platform. PM Abiye did not honor that platform. He was supposed to honor that until what would have been this year’s election. And should he wanted to change the Constitution or the direction of the economy or the foreign policy etc., he should have campaigned on a platform and earn the consent of the Ethiopian people, but he did not! He has in fact done a lot of things in violation of the law;

Ø  He had no mandate to destroy EPRDF and replace with “Prosperity Party.” The EPRDF and Ethiopian people, did not give him the mandate to do so.

Ø  He is intimidating political parties who oppose him or who spoke forcefully. The recent complaint by the likes of his Excellency Bekele Gerba, Ato Lidetu Ayalew, Ato Jawar Mohammed, members of the Federalist party etc. are but a few;

Ø  Election postponed even though he had two years to prepare, and the list is long!

But the crimes listed above are not the worst ones.  Mengistu had committed horrific crimes too but he never sold out his country!  What Ethiopians must think about, is, the fact, that, at this very hour, our country is headed by an individual who served as a foreign agent, at the service of our mortal enemies, historically well-known and have caused incalculable damage to Ethiopia, currently savaging our country, and posed to do even more! 

Let’s just set Isayas aside and just take Egypt for example. At least for the last one hundred years, it has trained, encouraged and financed numerous groups resulting in an incalculable loss of life at the battlefield. Caused us multiple full-blown Wars with Somalia and to some degree low intensity warfare with the Sudan.  But that is not the worst, think about all those people, our people who perished from the famines, droughts and the scourge of underdevelopment courtesy of Egypt’s chokehold on global financial institutions denying Ethiopia the money to make good use of its Abay water!  Accordingly, It is not only for the benefit of Isayas Afeworki the Prime Minister sold out his people and country, but by extension (Isayas is bank-rolled by Egypt), it was for the very Egypt and for the country which has harmed our country with at least a hundred years’ worth of death and destruction, and continues to do so to this day and no doubt, unless we step in, and bring an end to this national shame, forever!  

We stand at a crucial time. There is a pivotal moral, ethical, and a spiritual call tolling for each Ethiopian who loves his/her country and his/her people.  It has nothing to do with likes and dislikes, and nothing to do with his political beliefs. It must never be because of his ethnic affiliation. And it must never be for any political stunt or gain.  He can be neoliberal, communist, anarchist or whatever he chooses. It is his right to believe in any form of political thought.  But, I do believe we all have it in our heart, and I have no doubt that we, irrespective of his ethnic, religious, and political orientation, converge and merge into one on the following:  The Prime Minster Abiye had no right to sell our country to foreign country! And I have no doubt that Ethiopians concur without any reservation that his willingness to sell himself as a foreign agent and at that to sell himself to the mortal and terminally hostile forces to our country, is TREASON of the highest order! And as such, he must be removed from the Prime Minister ship and face legal proceedings!

We must rise to our responsibilities.  I am from Tigray, but believe me, my belief in the cause of what is right, or justice has no boundary and it is global in scope.  And how blessed I am to have been raised by a family and culture which puts premium on justice, freedom, humility and humanity!  In the past, I have called the Ethiopian armed forces to arrest the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi (RIP) for his abuse of power when he saved Isayas from the reign of justice, split the TPLF and threw out honorable men and women without due process, and when he promulgated a “shithole” law to go after Siye and others. I have also called on the late Patriarch, Abune Paulos (RIP) to resign for his “peace” trip to Isayas following the slaughter of the Ayder school children and Meles’s abrupt end of the war! I did so, because they clearly failed to do the right thing which was to seek justice for the victims and apprehend Isayas and his henchmen who emulated the very crimes the Italians committed on Mekelle!  I am doing the same with Prime Minister Abiye; I am calling on the Ethiopian to hold Prime Minister Abiye to account for his crime of all crime- treason!  Nothing personal but for the sake of justice based on the facts!

I have heard Ato Lidetu Ayalew of the Ethiopian Democratic Party, Jawar Mohammed recently talking about having negotiations with the PM about when to hold the next election.  And there are other political parties with the same sentiments too.  These leaders and organizations must stop and think! It is one thing if the Prime Minster was a man of honor, faithful to the national interest of our people and the country we love, and we defended for so long at a cost too herculean to imagine. But the facts say and do so in his own words too, that he had served as foreign agent selling our people and the country they preserved at a horrendous cost!  And so, when Ato Lidetu and Jawar and others talk about negotiating with this man, they must answer the ultimate question which says “Is it right for me to negotiate with the man who sold my country to foreign interests? They must decide whether to condone treason or to pulverize it!

But not just the political leaders and organizations.  I have no regard for the “shithole” parliament!  But I do to the defense establishment.  And so, I call on the defense and security apparatus of Ethiopia to do the ultimate soul-searching and do the right thing and honor the Ethiopian people and everything they stand for!  Failure to do the right thing, make no mistake about it, would render them not only accomplices, dishonorable, criminally liable but also players in the looming destruction of Ethiopia!

The Fano, Kero, and the university students have a critical role to play.  Here is a situation that has nothing to do with ethnic, religious or political cause; it is about justice and whether we stand for our country!  Imagine, the very person who sold and betrayed your country not only calling you criminal and even sending the security services to force you to live by his gun while at the same time, he is putting everything in your country on the chopping block?  And imagine too, this man calling anyone in our country banda? And finally, imagine someone of this caliber preaching to you about peace, love and love country? Well, no need to imagine these horrible scenarios, for the Prime Minister of Ethiopia is living all there and more, at this very hour in our country!  We are headed right now by a man morally, ethically, politically, and patriotically unfit for the highest office in our land! If we in fact, over look and gloss over this crime, then we deserve not only what we get but we would be accomplices in our destruction!  Think about it!

There is no, if or buts on the matter. The facts are overwhelmingly crystal clear! No need for investigations! The Prime Minister told us so! His handlers told us so!  And the outcome is devouring Ethiopia to shame! The question is what do the Ethiopian people do and what do you do about Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed: the man who sold Ethiopia, betrayed Africa and shamed black people the world over? That is the defining question!


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