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What is Money?

What is Money?


Temesgn kebede



It is a medium of exchange in place 

And a store of wealth as in a gem, Topz or turquoise 

No less an object a strange.


Like any other gadget 

Be it in the rich manís pocket;

Or in a bankís basket, 

Is up for a sell, do not forget!

Its prices are the interest

And/or the exchange rates paid

The market laid.


Please do not glee!

Money is an Apple on a tree

If the tree produces 120 fruit

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Each sold for two Birr notes

The orchardistís income no doubt

would be double the number of the fruit he touted.


Then there comes the query -

How much would be the supply of money?

If you sell 10 apples every 30 days

The number of times the same currency

That visited the apple tree as a pay

Will be 20 Birr Per se:

How you might say?

Well, Money supply * Constant Velocity;

Making party! The Price * scarce Resource Capacity.

Take, the above example as a veracity:-

M * V = P * Y 

20 x 12  = 2 x 120


If for some reasons of rapacity

Increase money supply,

In excess duplicity

An adventure to satisfy 


 Assuming the same tree standing by

Worse still, if there is also a sly 

Monkey residing nigh

The price of an apple will soar high.

Inflation hyper flies!!

So, if the authority prints twice more

The price of an apple will double to four.

40 x 12 = 4 x 120

An apple then becomes a rare commodity;

Everyone cherished it no longer

As an esculent but for its beauty;

A quick rich bounty:

In a nation marred with improbity!


It will then be offered as a dowry

For those chosen the bride to marry,

Whilst the labourers toiling in a quarry,

Disheveled and unkempt go hungry!

Alas! That is the Story,

Albeit a gory;

The flip-side of unearned glory!!



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