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Abiy Ahmed and Esayas Afewerki Planned and Started a Joint War against the Innocent People of Tigrai

Abiy Ahmed and Esayas Afewerki Planned and Started a Joint War against the Innocent People of Tigrai


November 04, 2020


The unelected federal government of Ethiopia declared war on Tigrai on 4th November 2020. SJTE denounces this illegal and unjust war in the strongest possible terms. This declaration of war against Tigrai is an extension of the genocidal acts that Abiy Ahmed has been committing on the people of Tigrai. It will only deepen the political and humanitarian crises in Ethiopia and further destabilize the greater Horn of Africa and the Red Sea region. SJTE calls for an immediate cessation of all forms of aggressions and urgently come to an all-inclusive national dialogue.


As disclosed by several human rights and media reports, Ethiopia is now best known for extensive internal displacements, killings of civilians, widespread social unrest, high-profile assassinations, and sharp economic decline. While the national election has been postponed indefinitely with the pretext of COVID-19, political leaders of critical opposition parties have been put in jail. It is to be recalled that the federal government decided to withhold Tigrai regional state’s share of the federal budget and social protection resources funded by global donors that support the needy in the region. The regional state of Tigrai has denounced and declared these moves as acts of genocide.


Now, a dark storm of war is once again sparked in the Horn of Africa. Abiy Ahmed is openly committing treason. He has forged alliance with the dictator Esayas Afewerki to assault Tigrai militarily. If not abated immediately through concerted efforts by the international community, this crisis may lead to greater risk of disintegration of the country; with far-reaching consequences to the greater Horn of Africa. With the existing mutually reinforcing problems of food insecurity, recent locust infestation, and the COVID-19 pandemic, the country and the region at large, may face a devastating humanitarian crisis.


Thus, SJTE calls:

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1.   For immediate ceasefire and cessation of all forms of hostilities

2.   For an all-inclusive national dialogue for a peaceful resolution

3.   On the international community to urgently:

         i.  demand all parties to desist from all militarily and other forms of aggression;

        ii.  facilitate a national dialogue that brings all stakeholders to participate and agree on a roadmap towards a peaceful resolution of the crisis;

       iii.  expedite the release of all political prisoners at all levels in order to ensure a meaningful participation of all political forces in the dialogue;

      iv.  demand the removal of all foreign security forces and prevent any involvement of external actors in the internal affairs of Ethiopia;

4.   On all stakeholders including religious leaders, traditional elders, professionals, civic associations, and the people of Ethiopia at large to condemn the war and positively contribute to the realization of a national dialogue.


SJTE once again strongly condemns the declaration of this unjust war against the innocent people of Tigrai and affirms that the only viable solution to the crisis in Ethiopia is to arrange for all-inclusive national dialogue.


Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia (SJTE)

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