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Twin Brothers parted To Opposite Corners!

Twin Brothers parted To Opposite Corners!


Yared Huluf 10-08-20


What is it you might ask

The gallinaceous bird that comes to bask;

Next to the old house’s back?

I pledge, these are not words of mountebank;

If it squawks like a duck

And waddles like a duck

It is not a rocket science to crack.

It then must be a duck.


Likewise, two gentlemen of a tribe

Headed in a different drive

Unbeknown journey, albeit contrived,

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That demanded endurance to survive.


As they were so proud to live

They were so proud to die;

To the displeasure of those who connived

Gloating over was denied.


But what was the genetic link

Of the two blokes;

Who looked alike;

Manifested a twin psychological make up,

Drunk from the same water tap?

And slept in the same bunk.


Make no spiel;

They were and still are people

From a same stable.

But after many years a drift

It is not an easy a trip

To bond with once lost tribe;

With plots and counter plots,

For centuries played out;

Gaslight implanted in their hearts;

By master crafts,

To rule them apart.


Now to overcome their predicaments,

They have a difficult map to chart.

But chart it must be done

If truth is to be born;

Endeared to shine across the horizon!

Tigray and Eritrea are one

And only one

Cruelly slated on separate plates

To satiate feudio-colonial appetite That knew no a limit

To subjugate and exploit;

With no legal or moral remits.



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