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Three Ropes Round My Neck!

Three Ropes Round My Neck!


Condemned as a criminal crook

Three ropes round my neck hooked;

One for being a black,

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The other a member of an oppressed ethnic,

And the third a victim of a wrath from a pandemic.


Day time as I walk

At night as I lay on my back

I fear from the gallows which one would whack

And break my neck.


All these injustices

For a crime accused;

Asking for peace

To lead my life without being abused.

I am bemused but not confused

There is no excuse,

Governance is misused.

But I take cognizance,

It does no more surprise me one bit

The world is now led by most unfit pits

Who donít deserve to look after a kit

Let alone human beings with voracious appetites,

In the face of plights,

To fight and defend for their rights.


Yared Huluf



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