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The Tegaru Mindset


The Tegaru Mindset

Lebelo Hailesilassie October 15, 2020


It is probably or maybe even possibly easy to brag about your identity, your upbringing, your heritage or whatever you call it yours, but it is very hard not to be proud as being “Tigraway” specially the Mindset of Tegaru to be specific. 

At this point in time, it might be irrelevant to echo the challenges Tegaru as a society went through since the falling of our greatest king of the kings Emperor Yohannes  IV in the late 19th century up to the biggest locust plague swarming in history most recently. It is irrelevant not because the magnitude is small but because it is self-intuitive.  What is not self-intuitive to many is the Mindset of Tegaru.  There should not be ambiguity whether I am talking about negative or positive mindset. It can only be the latter to overcome challenging times in such magnitude and it will not fit the basket of Tegaru that is full of heroic timeless events if it was negative mindset.

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What is mindset?  What makes Tegaru so unique in that regard? How they can overcome challenges and not break apart?  Those are probably hard questions to answer in my capacity and will require a prober human behavior psychic to go to Tigray and conduct a study but either way here I am at 3:24 Am October 15, 2020 trying to flex about my proud identity mindset traits.  

Though many jokingly would say Tegaru are born with a great mindset and there will be few who would believe it, I would like to foolishly emphasis no one is born with such traits. It is important to give the credit to the mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and to everyone who touched our lives in the past. Those people made sure we know and understand our past histories and put the promise ring in every Tegaru heart to keep that so that the “Marathon Continues”.  Sorry Nipsey Hussle, I must use your slogan here. 

It might be clear by now the main source of our mindset growth is our beautiful history.  The question still begs for how our mindset gets influenced. There could be countless characteristics or traits that influences our mindset. In my opinion, Tegaru mindset is influenced by:



1.      Role Models 

It is very natural that everyone needs someone to look up to and try to be like one. As human beings or society, we all tend to mimic people that we look to as heroes.  They make us who we are. Tegaru are lucky to pick a role model in the blink of an eye from past and present whether models from leadership, military, education, art, sport etc. I don’t want to go into making lists of role models as they are too many and I like to allow people to go about their way of picking their own role models based of their interest and criteria. The point though, Tegaru have great role models to look up to and that contributes tremendously into influencing our mindset.

2.      Optimism

In Tegaru point of view, we value the Axumawit civilization extremely high and rightly so. This civilization was the plateau of any civilization on earth ever and the fact that the leaders were Tegaru made us believe we can go back to the place we belong. There is a huge optimism, willingness, and ability from each Tegaru to make every effort to reach the milestone our Axumawian parents reached again.      

3.      Acceptance

Acceptance is a common behavior in every household you go into in Tigray. Let alone loved ones, we are known to accepting once who were our enemies. However, acceptance in this context is our acknowledgment that things will not always turn out how we want them to be and our ability to learn from past mistakes. Understanding somethings would potentially turn out outside the scope of the plan had allowed us to path an alternative.  Article 39 in the Ethiopian constitution is a manifesto that our leaders at that point in time have accepted federalism could fail apart at some point and therefore an alternative path was necessary.    

4.      Resilience

When I think of Tigray, resilience always occupies the good part of my brain. If it were not for our strong and continuous resilience, with all the political, economic and social challenges we faced in the past, we are facing now, our fate would have been that of the dinosaurs. We could have been eradicated from the face of the earth. However, we always bounce back from adversity, disappointment, and failure instead of giving up. Our resilience is a reflective of our role models, our acceptance, our consciousness, and our righteous integrity.  

5.      Integrity 

Tegaru have the traits of being honorable, righteous, and straightforward, instead of deceitful and self-serving. We are honorable because our past great histories, we are righteous because the people of Tigray have scarified their lives for equality, justice freedom and self-governance, we are straightforward because we mean it.

6.      Gratitude

Finally, Tegaru in general are grateful for every scarified that was made to sustain the political, social, and economical aspiration of Tigray thus far. We are grateful for our parents, great leader’s past and present despite their weaknesses, the youth and most importantly our huge gratitude goes to our martyrs. 



ክብርን ሞጎስን ንስውኣትና!

Love and Respect to our Martyrs!





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