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The Iranian Serpent and Politics in Operation!

The Iranian Serpent and Politics in Operation!


Yared Huluf 09-16-20




Is Darwinian theory a scientific 

An antinome twist that is ironic 

The protagonist had turned own critic

He trothplighted to his blood-link!

This may not be a surprise

When it comes to self interest

Great nations, great minds

Conflict of interest often arises

When the going, difficult they find

They become ambivalent,

The truth to tell they hesitate,

They turn a blind eye 

And bury the truth under the carpet


Here is a case of an Iranian


That turned upside down Darwinian.

Could a juxtaposition 

Of serpent: look-alike a spider 

Hold water;

In as much as a support to a dictator

In the name of democratic order,

In pursuit of a free market, unfettered

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To gain excess profits from the poor?



Body: Politics Revel


Charles Darwin

is bitten by Iranian Devil!


A viper one of a kind,

Search however hard

Hypogenous is the shard clad,

It is difficult to find.


Rarely seen over ground 

Foraging around;

Food is abound;

An unsuspecting prey

Comes on a malleable scaly tray;

Two hundred eleven years to the day,

Darwinian still holding fast

Reassured it is here to last.


A viper bore into the grave’s chest

Where Darwin laid to rest

Up through the nostril canal,

It slithered in to the central skull,

Looking for the mummified mind to pull ,

Aside and confront upfront,

With no minced statistical data comfort;

And/or escort with cleverly concocted words of  support; 

To explain the reality as it exists,

Without a human mind gest or a twist:


Why a tailor made trailer the serpent drives,

Is purported as evolutionarily derived;

When it was designed by the ophidian mind?


That said, Equipped in a special way

Devastating is this species' foray!


 Darwinian fame; 

Over centuries at the helm;

A crack now appears to disclaim: 

That evolution comes,

As an outcome

Of an external upheaval that has become; 

Not by a plan or a design,

As in line with the work of a divine.


Agreed: there is no  need to glee griped;

We know, a  man turned biped.

Striding upright:

To survive he needed,

Free hands to produce and feed.


Likewise, at the speed it flies

An eagle needs to soar so high,

To scan a large area in search of a prey;

Hence, it developed laser sharp eyes.


A Shoebill stock

With harden copious beaks;

To tumble up and down

The prey to kill wreaking havoc.


A tortoise with a long neck

On the Galapagos rocks,

Its snacks to pick;

Rather than waiting in vain

For a lizard into the cavity to jump in. 


Thus, the organs in question or body parts

From their origins that they departed,

Had a direct contact 

With the external agent;

That has now changed.


Evolution is an involuntary process,

Its modus operandi if glanced;

It is Influenced by external forces

But with no preplanned outcomes,

Envisaged in advance.

What might, what might not

Is not for anyone, albeit scientists

To tout.


But a creature that nests

Its head and tail side by side to rest

But with a tail end deliberately designed 

As a puffed up Arachnid -

Look-alike, call it, if you like,

That is  purposely made to walk,

Up and down as on a spider network,

As if to wrap up a prey 

Caught aground;

Is a raptor itself turned a bait,

Laying in wait.

Only an unsuspecting bird to trick:

That swoop down with opened hooks;

To land on the coiled body of the snake!!


But how is it apparent

A tail that had little or no part 

With a prey in contact;

Now takes a centre stage,

To detract and attack:-

A part that has become

Not because of a change that has come,

But by a stratagem

At odds with the Darwinian theorem? 


This sleight,

Doesn’t appear a “survival of fit”;

But a cleverly designed outfit 

For nature’s balance to tilt

So as to grossly and unfairly benefit The culprit.

 Or are we to believe the preacher, That In nature,

Endowed are some creatures 

With magic bullet features?

Here, Darwinian appears rattled;

This gap how to settle,

Should people wave their mettle

To lean on the Science;

The Devil’s Spell 

Or the gospel??


 The story to tell;

 Armed from teeth to tail,

 Its prey at beck and call

 Why is not thriving to the full,

 This devil has failed 

 As it’s number is so small




Watch the video of the serpent in operation.


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