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In your honor and thank you for your sacrifices.

In your honor and thank you for your sacrifices.

By: Gebru Boj’Boj

November 26, 2020


I am so proud of you

And to have known you

I heard that you left your fathers and mothers

Leaving behind also your sisters and brothers

And above all leaving your beloved children, husbands, or wives

Putting on hold your dreams-your lives

All over Tigray, you found yourself planted

To un plant those uninvited who, in the land of heroes and heroines, have roamed

To fight for our freedom that we have been taking for granted

Without your sacrifice, our cause would be lost

But you carried onward, no matter the cost

To you all who are now sleeping eternally

Underneath the sacred ground you have given your lives to keep us free

With a hand upon my heart, I feel the pride and respect, my reverence is revealed

In the tears that now stream down my unturned face

As our young flag waves above you, in her glory and grace

I thank you for your gift that you unselfishly gave

The price, the pain and death, you ultimately paid

Everyday, I will give my utmost admiration

To you who had fought to defend our Tigray nation.

My heart and mind are filled with pride

Thanks to your ultimate price being paid.

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