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Not federalism but subjugation!


Not federalism but subjugation!

By Aesop


Alas!! We finally got a guy in Ethiopia who says: “it’s their culture to maim and torture, but not our culture to follow suit!” We had a guy who said we “never paid taxes!!” Tigreans won’t react because someone said “it broke them!” Tigreans react when someone tries to break them, not because that dude says it did!! Unlike others who rose when some dude said he broke “neftegnas!”; Tigreans don’t react when some dude claims he broke them.  Tigreans respond to action, not rhetoric! Mengistu said Tigrai never contributed to the government (as if it would!). Tigrai never reacted. But when Mengistu went Hawzein, we all know what followed! Humiliation for Derg! All I want to say to the PM is this: listen to Migos’ “walk like u talk!”; i.e., if you wish to hear Tigrai- for your rhetoric will never surmount Derg!

This may seem crazy, but I don’t agree with the mainstream delineation. Most people and sane parties think the ‘competition’ is between federalist and assimilationist forces. I respectfully disagree! I respect the value and inherent need to portray that picture! However, it must be clear that this guy is not like Tewodros or Menelik! He is beneath Ethiopia. Well, I know he is persecuting anybody who dares writes against him will go to jail! Only he doesn’t realize that he’s talking about his little jail situated in a 3rd world. In case he’s wondering: Tigreans are no longer subject to Maekelawi- we’re international! Worldwide! His 3rd world gigs will never curtail us!! So, all I can say to the Bollywood poser PM is this: deal with it!! You said its better to “die” than respect Tigrai! So, face your fate! We shall see how your laws work in the real world!

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The Bollywood PM said Tigreans have low culture that cuts legs and commits human rights. But his people are way more civilized. Well, Tigreans don’t mind if people call them uncivilized because it’s already too late! The world knew about Ethiopian civilization (whose seat is in Tigrai) centuries before Woyane rose; i.e., long before Mr. Alfred Nobel was born. I’m not trying to say Tigrai is civilized & others are not. I’m simply calling a spade: a spade!! Whoever thinks Tigreans expect Oromia or Mars will serve as levers to uplift Tigrai is deluded. Did the Axumite civilization rest on Oromia land? Has Woyane ever relied on Oromia’s land to beat up Derg & bring about OPDO? Well, those who think natural resources supersede human capital in the 21st Century better think again! Your fabricated resource isn’t beyond DRC! It isn’t beyond Saudi Arabia! It isn’t beyond U.S.A! So, as Kendrick Lamar would put it: “Be Humble, seat down!!” If there’s any Ethiopian who fantasize they have the best resource in the world; they are deluded! There are plenty of places in the world that are more endowed than your poor regions!

Let me revert to my point: I don’t think the confrontation is between federalists and assimilationists (I don’t call them unitarists for a valid reason!). I think the confrontation is between real and fake politicians. There are politicians who live and die for a cause. And, there are opportunists who exploit situations. These are fake politicians! Fake politicians don’t have consistency. One witnesses them advocating opposing programs in different platforms. These people are not committed to anyone but themselves. If something won’t help them retain money, power, and fame; it is their target. If it is promising; it is their priority.

Fake politicians can become ardent federalists at dawn and turn extremist assimilationist at dusk. If Weyane is strong, they’ll call its people ‘gold’ without hesitation; if they deem its getting weak, they sure will call it ‘hyena’! That’s what’s happening in Ethiopia today. The very same guy who called Tigrai an “engine” is calling it an enemy! There are plenty of videos that will show everyone of the PM’s deputies praising Tigrai and the TPLF few months/years ago! These shall be retained for Ethiopians to learn from history when this drama ends soon. But one thing that’s sure is this: these people don’t have principle (be it federalist or assimilationist; be it developmental state or neoliberal!) They’re out here for the kill! They’re here for the money, for the power, and for the fame!!

So, my question is this: are we dealing with politicians or the mafia? I think we must be clear about this: these people are not politicians! They don’t have the slightest idea about political principles (leave alone philosophical and economic intricacies). In other words, they don’t have any idea about the ‘civilized rules of the game!’ These people have the mind state that is in a state of nature- where life is ‘nasty, brute and short!’ They don’t think in terms of ‘social contract!’ All that matters, for them is the renovated palace, the little money, the fleeting accolade. These people, especially their leader, never invested ample time to transform themselves before taking responsibility. They’ve never conquered their Id and their ego! So, everything they do; they do to satisfy their personal pleasure and status!! This is why I think the “federalist vs. assimilationist” is unfitting! How can one expect a former “federalist” to stand for “assimilationist” philosophy- unless, this crew was a “fake federalist” in the first place??

I am writing this for a reason, not to vent! I’m writing this because it matters how one sees an adversary before one takes action. Dealing with a genuine politician could be nasty. But, at least, the adversary has the decency to play by the rules. One can expect that adversary to submit if they lose in a fair competition (be it via peace or war). EPRP, EDU, OLF, and many others submitted after they lost in competition. Let’s say they escaped honorably. They retained their honor because they didn’t want to sacrifice their country over political defeat. But this is a new breed. This crew is not about principles.

This incumbent crew running Ethiopia will do anything to retain its political power. It kow towed beneath TPLF 2 years ago. It is kow towing beneath EPLF today. It has already kow-towed beneath the Arabs. It will kow-tow beneath everyone! But, make no mistake: it kow-tows until it gains strength! This crew is here to serve itself. It has no friends! It will exploit anyone as long as it is able to betray it. But it will never gain sufficient strength to dominate everyone for most are stronger. So, it will stand still at some stage in the ladder. In other words, it will remain a servant of some bloc.

This impotence might give it an image that it really isn’t. Some might see it as anti-Ormoia, some might see it as anti-federalism, some might see it as anti-Ethiopia, some might see it as pro-Arab, and some might see it as pro-neoliberalism. But all this portrayal is false. This crew is neither for this or for that; it is for itself! There are two reasons: if this crew stands for something, why does it change constantly? Why does it keep on disappointing its friends and saw doubt all over? Second, if this crew has principle, why does it fail to articulate it? Why doesn’t it stand for something, i.e., against something? If it supports the Dam, why invite 3rd party? If it is against the Dam, why is it resisting Egypt? If it is for Oromia, why is it fighting in Wellega? If it’s with Amhara chauvinists, why is it claiming it destroyed “neftegnas”?If it’s working with Tigrai, why is persecuting Tigrean officials? If it is with Addis, why is it suppressing “Balderas”? If it’s with Eritrea, why is it soliciting aid to build a navy? If it is for the poor, why is it a pro-prosperous party? If it is for the Arabs, why is it putting Evangelist logo?

The above contradictions give one answer: this crew doesn’t have a political cause. It is after political byproduct; i.e.: the power, the money and the fame!! Everyone that has the will and ability to outmaneuver its tentacles becomes its friend. Everyone that’s misfortunate to fall trap becomes its enemy. This crew will call anyone above it either a friend or a competitor. But anybody that lacks the power to resist it will become its wretched victim! The actors that are above this crew are rivals. They understand this crew is not their friend. Rather, it is the enemy of their enemy. Hence, they strive to support it so long as it focuses on their enemy. They treat it like a venomous snake whose head is best turned against their enemy. The only thing they overlook (especially its Ethiopian counterparts) is its unpredictability. They don’t know when the snake will turn back its head and bit them. That is why it’s the relationship with the Eritean dictator cooled off for a while.

In sum, I think the “federalist vs. assimilationist” dichotomy is a naive perspective when it comes to the incumbent crew running Ethiopia today. This force is a bunch of amateurs that don’t care where Ethiopia ends up so long as they stay in the helm. For the PM, the helm is the palace. For the regional Presidents, the helm is their regional HQs. For the ministers, the helm is their respective offices. Same goes for the head of the armed forces, the intelligence, the federal police, the Supreme Court, the electoral board, the press secretariat, etc. etc. To break it down: these individuals want to retain voice (their power), their prestige, their handouts, their salary, their periderm, their guards, their international trips, and their press monopoly. Anyone deemed (not just proved) to threaten their power, income, and prestige is their enemy; anyone deemed to preserve or promote it is their friend. So, the dichotomy, I think, boils down to this: “for subjugation vs. against subjugation!” I think the immediate question is: dealing with dictatorship; not assimilationism!

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