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Stuck in the Past! My Foot!

ተሽኸል- Stuck in the Past! My Foot!


Yared Huluf  06-12-20


Do not knock,

Or worse still, break the door 

I have done nothing wrong

The law forbids so strong.

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Do not tap my back

On the road as I walk 


And tell me I am under arrest

For causing public unrest

Inflicting damages and waste.

I did not!

Do not pinion my hands 

And force me frog march

I have done nothing wrong

Except you hate the tribe I belong.


Do not keep me in prison 

For crime of treason 

Which is antinome to the norm 

I as a person always adhere to perform 


You can be armed to the teeth

For fear of your strength 

Against my person to be used

But I shall not stop to breath

And tell the truth.


Whatever your call,

Do not shoot to kill!

The blood you spill

Will reproduce many souls

You will be unable to deal!


You may have umpteen resources

And deploy myriad of false voices 

To disorientate genuine forces,

Imperial doctrines to endorse.


You may impose you language

And sweep others under the carpet;

You may drain and lay bare 

Rare ethnic cultures not spared

Vacuity glares

As there is no we call ours to share.


For what it takes

You may infused your genetic traits for what it takes, 

cloning amongst us to proliferate,

In the hope to assimilate

To serve and your design to perpetuate!


You may want to rule and suppress

Against our wishes, vividly expressed,

You may have your statues all over the place.

Eye sores, causing offence

To our conscience.

In that you are not alone

do not feel embarrassed;

You have white racism friends.


Your self-serving ideology has no limits:

No doubt its ultimate defeat;

But when it come to survival it fights

To the last drops of its blood and sweat

It will not pave way because it has to, but it will and must.


It uses brute force and gaslight

To keep people in the dark plights 

With their hands and mind tied.


Someone - you know who?

Some time back was heard blast:

“It is no good to reminiscence the past;

Such as on the day 20 Genbot;

We need to move forward fast,

If we are not to be stuck and rust”!


I could not agree more;

But the same person who swore;

Against adversaries a point to score;

Was heard encore,

Reminiscing the past to the core!


And to nurture his heartsore,

He replenished the imperial statues and swords;

Gravid with stains of blood 

People forced to offer when they could no longer afford, 

Is this person a genuine or a bezonian fraud?

ወዲ ድሙ አይገድፍ ግብረ እሙ::

A progeny if a feline

Will never feign 

His mother’s prowling line!

So the descendants of imperial power,

Will always hanker

 Their forefathers’ rule of terror

For damn they know

The head start and material advantage it offer!!


Pull the statues upside down

To the ground

They are self made crowns!

Those of clowns 

Performing shows downtown. 

Come there are audience or none. 


Listen to the murmuring sounds,

List of names people are fond, 

Search wounded hearts abound,

These effigies are nowhere to be found. Bring them down!!




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