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Self-Contradicting and Hippocratic Statement of Board of Vision Ethiopia

Self-Contradicting and Hippocratic Statement of

 Board of Vision Ethiopia


Faato, 24 May 2020


I read a statement by a group called ‘The Board of Vision Ethiopia’(called a group hereafter) on 23 May 2020, titled “Ethiopia’s Transition Challenges and Policy Options” with a great interest in search of a non-partisan, informed and well examined position. To my disappointment, the statement did not go much without making unfounded allegation merely taking the group’s long time biased propaganda and taken-for-granted opinions. The Statement boldly claimed that the “accession to power of the TPLF in 1991 [. . . ]are all examples of traumatic events that exemplify Egypt’s relentless efforts to control the sources of the Blue Nile.” The group cannot present any evidence about TPLF’s role in supporting or serving the interest of Egypt to control the Nile nor in any way working with enemies of Ethiopia for that matter. TPLF was perhaps the foremost disciplined armed rebel groups in Africa those enjoyed independence from meddling foreign powers. The accusation by the group is only part and parcel of the chauvinistic attack by the group and the elites they represent against the people of Tigray.

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Reading down the statement, the group exposed itself that is non-partisan and above all politically biased and induced with the old political thought that practically proven to be a failed option. The group abhorrently concluded that the “1991 [transition] had turned out to [. . .] an ethnocentric regime” in a form of insult to the nations and nationality of Ethiopia. This conclusion only uncovers the identity of the group further. Ethiopia is a country of nations and nationalities who struggle for self-rule, respect and dignity. The constitution has enshrined the rights of the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia, although governments failed to fully implement constitutionally rights. Nations and nationalities of Ethiopia have been rules under subjugation and repression under the absolute various monarchs of the same elite rulers.

The more the statement continues the more it makes the interest of the group clear. The group’s statement claimed that the constitution had excluded many. It is obvious which elites (including passed on or active political parties) and which section of society claim that the constitution had excluded a certain ethnic group. The constitution might have issues that need to be addressed reflecting to contemporary and future social, economic and political context, but to say, it excluded many is just a mere political manipulation. 

The group, in its statement, expressed its resentment and despair about the handling of the so called ‘change’ or ‘transition’ that declared it as failed. The statement also expressed its concern on the handling of the GERD but without describing what went wrong and who is accountable, rather simply complaining Egypt. There cannot be a policy option to be provided without clearly articulating the hitches and who is to be accountable. The group is concerned about the coming influence Egypt but keeps silent on what already has taken place. Reducing the power to be generated by more than 1300MWs, which is more than four times of Tekeze Hydropower Dam or about three times that of Gilgel Gibe II Hydropower plant. The, if really concerned with the continuity and realization of the GERD, would have raised such a massive defeat scored by Egypt.

The group looks to know that the election will not take place (perhaps tipped by insiders that is a common practice for some members of the ruling faction at 4 killo). The statement proclaimed that “postponement of the election was predictable long before the [sic] the COVID19 outbreak.” In much certainty. The statement listed very few weaknesses of the government that “eroded public trust in the government’s ability to prepare the country for the promised free and fair election.” However, to my surprise, the group takes position that “the elections must be postponed under the stewardship of the current administration” that the statement antagonistically declared the transition is failed and the government has no public trust. The group seems to rely on “making a renewed and unwavering commitment” by the incumbent to ensure conducive environment for fair and free election. This nothing except a deep self-contradiction that is inherent characteristics of interest-driven groups because such groups can easily be trapped between the real toxic motive (seeking power or inducing its political interest through other groups) and the camouflaged surfaced positions against the group’s claim that it is Independent Team of Ethiopian Scholars in the US. It is only an irony to believe in the untrusted government or group be reliable to be a stewardship of change unless it is a blunt support for an elected government to take the country to a cliff of deep gorge. Sadly, the group was not interested to explore and synthesize more options to come up with a more merited and justified option. It is only self-contradicting Hippocratic statement.

Stay safe and well, all!


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