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Political Ad hominem

Political Ad hominem


Temesgn Kebede



I am not going to waste your time what Brian Washing means and the psychological means of achieving it. But one thing is clear. This science is extensively applied and definitely has been observed that it works in manipulating people in to doing things the protagonists wanted to achieve both in selling products and inculcating beliefs.


Further, the victims of such subliminal manipulations are convinced that they are following their intrinsic instinct desires rooted in their heart of hearts rather than indulging in ideas and products that are foisted on them by external forces that use them as Trojan Horses to promote their own selfish interests who had little or no benefits to the foot soldiers.


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The PM is not only one of expert in this field but also a fanatic in applying withershins infliction-points... He has been heard and seen deploying such manipulations.


For many years now out of interest I kept approaching and following members of a Christian sect, Mormons, sent on a mission to preach and spread their creed across the world.


For the most part the sect intentionally fosters abandoned infants and toddlers from less developed counties and indoctrinates them at an earlier age with the creed and when they reached the age of 18 years for two years they are send back to their origin of birth to spread and recruit new members. 


They are deliberately deployed at an age before they developed independent and critical minds of their own to assess and analysis the religion and practices thus far they pursued.


The exposure to the public as puppets and messengers of the creed at a younger age will then reinforce and retrench their positions visa-vis their beliefs (as it is the case that once you are a criminal for most you remain criminal for the rest of your life) and there after they feel defeated/losers to question and abandon the creed, even though now they began to believe everything they used to preach on behalf of the creed as erroneous and misguided. 


There you have it! For the rest of their lives most will continue to advocate the creed come hell or high water so as to bury their mental injuries they suffered and/or maintain the material benefits they could extract from it.


The MP in his speech ወቅታዊ ሁኔታ በኢትዮጵያ on 6/7/20 for 25 minutes used over 20 times the words ብልፅግና እና መደመር (Prosperity and Addition) with clear rather than using እድገት እና አብሮ መኖር (Progress and synergy/living together)  with clear intensions to subliminally prompt his own party and ideology and recruiting new members to his party.


In his address about the tragedies of people killed in the aftermath of the civil disturbances following the death of an a popular artist, he deliberately mentioned the ethnic origins of the victims (Oromos, Amharas, Gamos, Seltes) leaving others as implied perpetrates of the crime so as to wedge yet again ethnic conflicts the country could ill afford. Accusing adversaries as culprits causing ethnic conflicts and yet again falling in to the same trap and using a speech loaded with ethnic tones, does not show the MP is clean. 


When the simple solution to the problems the country is facing is immediately setting up a stage where all ethnic groups and parties representing conflicting interests come together in a round table to resolve their differences by setting up a time table where a fair election could be conducted.


Instead of masquerading and threatening the nations that I know it all, I do it all by myself and the rest simply follow my orders. 


The PM does not know or does not care that he and his supporters are the root causes of the problems the country now faces.


Instead of making a peace with the Eritrean people, where he received a handsome money for and the shenanigans of Nobel Prize, he connived with a demented leader, Isayas by allowing his murder squads freely operating in the country (Ethiopia) against his own subjects; the Tigrians, Oromos and Eritreans refugees and began killing high officials and opposition groups in broad light and under the cover of nights. Ethiopia has become the most unsecured place for Tigrian and Oromos in their own county, not to mention Eritrean reggaes.


Astonishingly, the world is now quite when such atrocities are carried out. 


We do not expect much from the Arab World, in fact their hands are washed with innocent blood by financing Isayas and the PM but the western world  need to learn and repent for their involvements in these tragedies.


How many broken and failed nation do they want to see before it affects their own long term interests at their own door steps? 


An old dog never learns a new trick, so they say themselves but they are they have become the old dog that never learns a new trick. 

They gate crashed in the 80s to set up businesses in China with one billion customers to make quick money, do they believed! They were driven by their competitive and yet short sighted visions to foul cry 40 years down the line.


The French argued that if they did not get in quickly in to China and curve out where profit would be quickly grabbed, the English would do it, and they would be left out. 


The English on their own part, argued the same logic, that if they did not move in to China, the American would do it and they would be left out from the exploits. The German.... there you go, all went in at the same time and China took off and industrialized, and began laughing at the fools!


You have Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Syria, etc and nor Ethiopia.  When will they start thinking beyond their noses?



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