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On Psychopaths


On Psychopaths

By Aesop


We all wonder why is it others donít care about our plight. We all wonder why empathy is missing. The answer is this: psychopaths do not care about us! Psycopaths are worse when they combine multiple personality disorders like narcissism, emotionalinstability, and paranoia. In this case, they become what the former FBI profiler Joe Navarro called Dangerous Personalities. These are the so-called leaders, politicians, businessmen and activists we are dealing with these days.†

What is a psychopath? A psychopath is someone who lacks empathy. It is a psychological personality disorder. A psychopath is unable to put himself/herself on others' shoes. A psychopath is unable to feel sympathy (forget empathy) for this reason. His lack of empathy arsises biologically (brain injury or abnormal brain) it is psychopathy; if itís deprivation of social support (e.g. abusive parents/family/friends), its sociopathy. In any case, psychologists registered psychopaths into their logbooks (read ďWithout ConscienceĒ by Robert D. Hare).

How does one handle a psychopath? By staying away from them? Bipolar disorder has medication. Narcissism can be treated. But psychopaths are incurable. They are like wild tigers. They can never be tamed. The more one tries to appease/treat a psychopath, the more eager the psychopath becomes to exploit vulnerability. The only solution is to convince them they can never achieve their goal. If the psychopath is certain he canít harm his victim, he will move on to his next victim because there are billions of soft-hearted (normal people) he can exploit. It only takes an awakened soul tounderstand the psychopath lacks a conscience.

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In other words, the psychopath is a predator. A Tiger, for example, is a predator. An elephant is not because itís a herbivore. A Tiger is the strongest cat alive. So, it can lure, ambush, and devour most prey. It will not spare a vulnerable elephant. However, if the elephant is fit; it has no chance. A healthy elephant can destroy a Tiger in a heartbeat because it is cognizant of its match. The same thing applies to human beings.

The psychopath is a predator. He feels no empathy towards his fellow beings. When a person is born lacking the brain function which triggers empathy, that person is a psychopath. When a person is raised in a hostile environment that traumatizes him to lose his empathic function, that person becomes a sociopath. Both the psycho/sociopaths are incapable of empathy. They are born/made to not care about others. The former lacks it when he is born; the later loses it while growing. Yet, both lose this critical trait at the end. This disability (ability to empathize) gives both an advantage and a disadvantage

The psychopath has no empathy. He is dictated by personal interest. A personal interest that leads to mutual benefit is not in his equation. He prefers a personal interest that leads to egotistic fulfillment even if it is a zero-sum game. The psychopath is aware of his oddity at an early stage. To survive, he learns how normal people behave to fit in. Gradually, he becomes a master of charm, deception, manipulation, exploitation, and cold-hearted kill (read Cold hearted kindness by Oakley). The psychopath will cry while laughing inside. The psychopath will beg for mercy while having no remorse at all. The psychopath will patiently ambush his predator until she gives in. Once the prey falls and the psychopath is fulfilled, the psychopath abandons his victim like garbage. This is the trait of the psycho/sociopath psychologists have cataloged.

The disadvantage of being a psychopath is too obvious to illustrate. They are incapable of love. So, they canít feel marriage, family, friendship, community, or patriotism. It is the advantage that most overlook. Some financial companies administered personality tests looking for psychopaths. They wish to recruit people without conscience. Once these candidates get identified, they will engage in fraudulent practices. Some lure people with bad credits to apply for mortgages. Others give the bad credit mortgages a triple-A rating. Some encourage pension funds to invest in fraudulently rated assets. Others call on insurance companies to chip in those rogue investments. When everything blows there will be psychopaths that will urge the government to rescue other psychopaths and permit responsible CEOs to outrageous bonuses. This is, in a nutshell, the 2008 financial crisis (read Stiglitzís Free Fall).

There are also psychopaths in other realms. Some invest in non-renewable energy which destroys the ozone layer. Others invest in companies that make sophisticated but needless weapons. Some divert their billions to topple progressive states. Others put their billions to make chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons (weapon of mass destruction). Still, other psychopaths make fake schemes like false or hyper-expensive drugs which allegedly treatsa pandemic disease like the HIV (Mr. Shreli). Meanwhile, other psychopaths engage in schemes that will allegedly eradicate poverty, preserve the environment, eliminate social injustice, or promote democracy.

In reality, however, all psychopaths have one thing in common: self-interest. They can charm millions (even billions), deceive, manipulate, and exploit. Many will fall into their traps. All the while, they have their egotistic interest in mind. A psychopath will steal from his father, deceive his mother, betray his friend, cheat on his wife, and abandon his children without hesitation. And, he will succeed in doing this because most people can never fathom such a level of cold-heartedness.

I encountered someone (you know who you are)who recently wrote to me:COVID-19 is a pandemic, so what? People live and die but politics goes on! It is a normal course of nature. He said: Dr. Tedros warned people to quarantine politics but his word is not divine. Yet, this person continues to advocate for Tigrean independence. How can a person who isnít worried about the impact of COVID-19 on Tigrai care about Tigraiís independence? The same person wrote to me he hopes I will find water in Mekelle to wash my hands with because thereís water scarcity in the capital. Does this person (you know who you are) care about anyone let alone Tigreans living in Mekelle, or Tigrai-for that matter?I do not think everyone that stands for Tigrean independence has a personality disorder because I empathize (understand their predicament). Looking at Tigrean PP puppets these days, one also realizes psychopathy is a pandemic that inflicts all regardless of ethnic background.

In any event, I think its high time to realize some people are devoid of empathy. We wonder why some feel no remorse. A leader who praised Tigraiís fighters in broad daylight declared heíd rather die than be associated with them. So-called activists who express love for Ethiopia donít hesitate to insult Tigreans (also Ethiopians) without remorse. We all feel wonder why these people have no shame. We all ask why some people donít care about ordinary folks. The answer is simple: they are incapable!! Some people only care about themselves. Psychologists call psychopaths or sociopaths depending on how they acquired the disorder. These people often succeed in cut-throat sectors like business and politics. But they will fall from grace. As Shakespeare put it: ďthe truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long; a manís son may, but at length truth will notĒ.

NB: there are also female psychopaths, by the way!


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