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Oh My, My, Cry Mother Tigrai!

Oh My, My, Cry Mother Tigrai!


Temesgn Kebed 9-1-20

There is a revolution of the poor and dispossessed   to make ends meet; there is another revolution of haves to satisfy never ending greed. 


The revolution of the poor is caricatured as mean and menacing that had to be crushed by all means. On the other hand the revolution of the haves is to be greeted with welcome news, bankrolled by governments and corporate capitalists.


The revolution of the poor is waged as a last resort when their back is pushed against the wall. It was a question of survival whatever it cost.


On the other hand, the revolution of the rich is self made as disaster capitalism to claim, possess and grab what little is left in the hand of the poor. The necessary evil the Chicago School preached.


In every corner of the world disaster capitalist and its shock therapy have outreached and flexed their muscles to destroy and destabilize governments, trade unions and publicly financed institutions. In the process it created market for its war machine corporate managers to sell arms, coordinate and managed the takeover that follow its heel. 


Once the job is done, the puppets it put in place are complied to sell off and privatized national assets at a knock down prices as conditionality to obtain funds from World Bank and IMF. Disaster capitalism, for that matter free market economy is not comparable with democracy be it in a far remote countries or at base they claim home origins. It is getting quick rich that is at core if it’s philosophy; the rest is coincidental and subservient for its iron rules. 

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And it has the media on its side to tell what Blanton are the lies as truth. It bamboozles and turns its victims as champions of its crusade to fights for its cause to dominate the world. In fact, free market and the worse end of it, disaster capitalism, do not feel the need for a government, any kind of government. It is a government itself via the ‘Revolving Door’ to use an Economics concept. The corporate managers are government and the government is a corporate capitalist. 


As in Iraq’s ‘Green Zone’ where the Americans, British and billionaire Iraqis are secluded from the rest residents of Baghdad, with ever thing they needed provided within the zone, there are now cities within cities in America that are secluded from the rest city residents that are provided everything they needed and secured and patrolled by private firms with no need of services from the USA government. 


If anything to go by, the gunsling vigilantes walking in the streets in America cities and are tolerated by the onlooker police forces nearby while at the same time shooting dead  a back man with a unseen but suspect knife in car hidden is a sign of what more is to come.


This has been going on in the open from 1950 to date; from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Singapore, China, Russia, Poland, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Africa under Mandela, Britain, seashores of Sri Lanka following the Tsunami were opened and bulldozed to make way for unhindered free market operations with no government intervention-asset striping. Eventually free market began selling sand from deep sea for United Arab Emirate fancy creation of manmade islands for disaster capitalism to thrive and control resources. Dredging the sand from the ocean would kill off marine fauna and flora for good. It look disaster capitalism knows no frontiers, next time we would be compelled to buy air we breathe in cans, Japan has already started the business.


And now on the heels of Noble Prize award for peace that did not happen and release of co- conspirators only to conduct open and daylight killings and mass arrests, the world was led to believe a reformer is born in Ethiopia to save the people; if only the advocates and sponsors could see themselves on the mirror as ask the basic question - why the lie from the day they were born till to their grave, when the supported and financed a killer on the loose??

Well one thing is a fact. 


If there are still some who feels that a python will one morning will wake up from slumber hypertension and decide to turn Phytophagous and bide fair well  to its zoophagous instinct, it is the believer not the python that such transmogrification has taken place that needs to wake up from his/her catalepsy.


It is a waste of time to think one Payton is different from another python given they are exposed to the same conditions. By the same token it is a waste of time to think one imperialist is different from another imperialist be it white or black in skinned colour. 


There is no point trying to appeal to born oppressors conscience - they have no conscience but greed all over their track records. An imperialist may be compelled to let lose his/her grips of his/her oppressed subjects and despite the semblance of freedom the subjects now enjoy. An imperialist will never ever accept his former subjects are equal in statues.  A British or an American imperialist, or his or her progenies would never come to accept that he or she would live on equal terms with a former subject or his or her proneness. So does an Amhara elite with the oppressed subjects of the empire or his/ her offspring violently ruled in the past.


A case in point, In an interview on internet Podcast called Global Dispatches  (see aigaforum posting of 28/8/20) a certain መግደላዊት መሳይ (Megdelawit Messy) gave her views on inception and construction of GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam). She is not the only one but many others as I write and in the past  and many others in the future in the future including would come openly and blatantly lie who has said and done projects useful to the public.


To start with,  the interviewer himself is a hired servant of disaster capitalism as all international media are in defending Disaster capitalism, and its Shock therapy voodoo theories, following orders from the Chicago School Economics,  led by Hungarian immigrant, Milton Friedman who was more catholic than the Pope. It was not by accident but by design to misinform the public that the podcaster chose this lady as an expert when he could have endeavored and present the original technical experts who participated and set out the terms and conditions of the dam construction when Meles was the PM. 


Disaster capitalism has many tentacles and heads. It is a not an ordinary Hydra, unlike a hydra it has also many heads. The news media, the banks,  army generals, IMF, the Miltons, the Jeffery Sachs, the Presidents if the USA, the skin heads, etc are all disaster capitalism foot-soldiers. And so, መግደላዊት መሳይ the progeny of back skinned oppressors blazoned her interview white lies that Emperor Haileselassie first initiated and drafted plan to the construction of the dam but because of a lack of financial resources he could not implement the work as planned. My foot!!


For a start the Emperor had an estimated 9 billion dollars illegally amassed stashed in Swiss Bank and he could have used the money to construct the dam. It was not due to the lack of resources that he failed to do so. But he had no plan to advance Ethiopian people interest except to dehumanized the oppressed nationalize. This was the Emperor who gave the entire Rays people and their land as a dowry for his son who married his cousin the daughter of Ras Seyom Mengesha another stooge in the service for the oppressors.


Even if we take her words as fact that there was no financial resources the Emperor could command, how did Ethiopia under Meles had managed to pull off the project, was it not from Ethiopians and its resource? Obviously, she did, she could not give the reasons why Meles was able to do and Haileselassie did not. She did not want to mention his ineptness, corruptions and misrule of her grandparents sitting at the helm of the throne.


Surprise, surprise, go no further with the same breath መግደላዊት መሳይ uttered that in 1959 at the height of Haileselassie’s power, a treaty was signed that 4.1 billion metric tons, 18.6 billion metric tone was allocated to Egypt and Sudan respectively and the remaining subject to evaporation with no iota to Ethiopia use whatsoever. 


The shameless lady, called expert, did not tell the world, why did Haileselassie, whom she boosted initiated  the plan, objected the treaty using his office rather than accept, but prefer to travel the world to be greeting as God sent messiahs by the Ras Tefferians and others!


The so called world media, the imperialists and the Amhara elites are somnambulist with a blanket edge tuck between their lips and walking to the edge of the precipice by denying facts.


It is time to wake them up and save the world. If they think now Covid 19 is another disaster they could use to their advantage, as they did with Tsunami and bulldozed what little human rights. Public institutions, land is left to market and make profits, they are gambling not only with the lives of others but their own as well. 


In their pursuit to amass resources to satisfy in-satiated   appetite for greed the westerners inadvertently cultivated mushroom of Chinese billionaires who eventually turned fierce competitors in the international market that now they have to challenge with whatever means available, they now turned against not only the Chinese billionaires but their third world clients. Ethiopia is now a victim of such confrontation for allying with the Chinese who helped in the construction of the Renascence Dam. As the result Ethiopians are punished for the steps they ventured to mitigate poverty and darkness. But where were the Western powers, World Bank and IMF for 130 years who gave deaf ears to help build a dam?


Why are the Amhara elites crying foul that they were in the dark for the last 27 years, which was not the age of darkness as they make us believe, If that was the case of darkness, which clearly was not,  was it even darker than dark for the oppressed nationalities under their rule for 130 years they ruled when the mode of transportation were donkeys? They failed to realize, this buffoons of our next door?


And for the doctors of disaster capitalism, it is time to rein in their greed before we all fall from the cliff. America could do better; we all could do better for the sake of all and the planet!


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