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Nobel Misprized!

Nobel Misprized!


Yared Huluf



over and over if a lie is peddled

With a sprachgefuhl skills and spindles 

It will fly high

As mind experts claim it will then morph 

A Spurious truth will then kindled

Umpteen somnambulist fools

Lining up to buy.


The tradesman, a devil: lookalike an Engel

With ataractic heartsease pleased to settle,

Flaunting the spangles

And exploiting the bundle of spoils

He managed to wangle

The Norwegian Nobel;

With a cushion of a million dollars,

To help financial burden to settle.


But you cannot entirely blame the dissembler,

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A beadledom gospel preacher, 

A doppelganger 

Hoodwinking those who knows better!

If fortune comes to your front door

Maugre or no maugre,

That you are .

A questionable character;

You would accept  the offer.


It is those who uphold,

What is plainly void,

That needed to be accountable,

For elevating lies as a credible.


How is it possible

An engineer experienced and skilled

Who curved and drilled

Dams to build.

And top army generals,

In a broad daylight killed?


To add insult to an injury

Those implicated still,

For not carrying out their duties to the full,

 Instead  of being investigated and drilled

And ultimately punish for the crime committed to bill,

They were elevated to the vacuum they created to fill!

Leave the thousands hoi polloi 

in a hostile,

Foreign land jailed;

And on a daily bases mishandled:

How could the Norwegian Nobel Cartel,

Justify these as a prevalence of peace to marvel?


Copacetic they were with their verdict -

This money splashing addicts

How do they justify now, the country’s  looks

With Corybantic and chaotic ticks?

Scienter of the injustices committed,

Mea culpa is in order,

To say the least!



Please watch a video showing Ethiopian prisoners in Saudi Arabia


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