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Mirror at the Top of Menhir!

Mirror at the  Top of  Menhir!


Yared Hiluf



I am the oldest human alive

A century and a quarter add five

I claim not being a saint

I had my own faults to recount,

That said,

I have been shot thrice - 

You know who the culprit -

But I survived.


Should I be grateful 

Or curse my life?

I am not so sure which to choose!


Still a fire raged in me

Bringing to my knees,

Despair my soul wishing to flee.


I sought help

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But no one could come to my aid

As they got no means to provide.


Then I turned to the old flint

I knelt under its feet

And stretched my hands to submit.


I blazoned as loud as I could

So my plight understood!


“Mirror at the top of Menhir,

can hear?

You are old enough to remember

A distance from you  a few meters

Below the steeple;

Who forged the bell and install

At the sanctuary of the belle

Who was carried across 

The Strait of Bab al Mendel

Heartbroken at the lo the loss she couldn’t handle;

Her son walked through hell

For teaching the Gospel?


Mirror at the top of Stele

Tell the tale

No time to quell

Before the tide  swell!


Your voice remained silent, 

That you have failed

Those who hewed the sprawl;

That was, and shaped you as a stalwart model;

At the foothill looking tall.


They minted the currency,

Built the ships long as eyes can see,

That carried your fame across the sea.


When they were frog marched and expelled

As demons that cast an evil eye spell

Deprecated as ቡዳ Buda

At a cover of a night turn hyenas,

Scavenging the arena.


Now their work is in rubbles

No one has the skills to reassemble.


Harbinger I wouldn’t wish to be at all

But your own fate does foretell

You look groggy about to fall.


Oh! Mirror at the top of the cenotaph 

Still you have vision good enough 

You can observe the ylem

Let alone the humans, the lame

Ring the clarion call

Wake the slumbering Christians,

The followers of Koran

Privy next door with Tsion

Who rode to Bethlehem 

To announce the saviour was born

Only to walk to hell

Surrounded by evils

For preaching the bible.


Summon your courage

Fire your rays  barrage

vaporized the Northern Cancer

An old badger

That barged under the cover of night 

That has come to last

 Before  it is too late!


Those who did not 

How to smelt

The desire to build

For lack of knowhow of the trade

Those who pretended 

Who they were not;

For example the Emperor,

Who sat last;

Masqueraded in public places

Decorated in a military outfit;

To be one when he was not trained

Nor did he fire a single bullet

Out of courage, 

When the country was occupied.


Those who encircle Tigray

With umpteen  military bases

When there was enemy threat

Not only  to dominate

But hoping to reproduce

Their own traits

Identity to mitigate;

Instead of  schools and hospitals

But none of which adequately purveyed.

The norm of rule,

Not a good governance on ground  to put,

But conspiracy and plot.

They were and still are  colonialists 

With insatiable lust

We needed to fight

Their plots to bust!


And fight we must

Before we are reduced to dust.


Mirror at the top of Stele

Tell the tale

No time to quell

Before the tide  swell!''.










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