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Yared Hulf



Aksum the Empire

Devoured itself into the thin air

Without a single shot fired

By an enemy power.

Why? One would wonder!


Aksum one of the powerhouses

Flanked by Persia in the East

Roman Empire in the North

Commerce, technology in abundance.

Rule of law in adherence,

Isopolity in fairness.

A case in point: unlike

In Menelik who broke Tigrais' endurance

But during Yohannes

There were confederates:

Yeah, Metera, Moroe, Yemen and Damot.


Aksum, antiquity

Grace and beauty;

Standing straight

Like the obelisks erect

With no moral or design defect

Nor decadence, sexual derelict


Aksum lived on in tranquility,

Until, hold your breathe!

The bastard emerged in the vicinity.


Aksum deeply mysterious

Like its palaces below ground, imperious

Aksum was in charge of the waves,

Notwithstanding the outcrops and caves,

The pirates and thieves

Her ships did brave.

Carrying the goods so much craved.

But why did Aksum finally cave in and gave?

A maritime supremacy

It fell to the bottom of the sea,

Oblivious thereafter for anyone to see.

While the other three still maintain their legacy?


Aksum did in fact suffered Hamartia,

She gave birth to dubious Habesshia

An atavistic trait flaw, a marplot;

An aginner who set out

in cahoots with enemy lot

To destroy the family’s plot.

To these days he is at it,

Feeling comfort,

Deracinating what little is left,

Without relent.

Fate had it,

He has been and evermore so

A domineering dictator,

So much so nations under his feet

keeled over,

Buckled under

With no level playing field

To manifest their identities whatsoever; compelled

With no right to break free;

As in the age of slavery.


Not only their labour,

Their services of sexual pleasure,

But also, their person has been given as dowry,

whigmaleerie for the nation unitary.


Alas! Comminute the Amhara elite culprits

To manumit nations that are muted.


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