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Little Did I Know!

Little Did I Know!

(In memory of those fallen)


Aficionado, nearly an infatuated lover;

That I were and hope to bear;

A ragged but resolute heroic lead soldier,

A fighter like no other

His presence in a war theatre 

That sends shivers, opponents cower.

As an admirer I wished him to live forever;

Carrying the flame

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That wipes the ሽዋ ሃፄያውያን dark game

To restore the moral of injured and lamed!

But little did I know, I am to blame.

The flame soon turned to ashes 

Leaving in their faces,

Yet more dark slashes!

This shame claimed, 

That I am not anymore but tamed.


I walked years on end,

In a real terms and in mind,

Put it simple, as long as I have lived.

I even borrowed wings

From the sky king

To scour heavenly beings;

That too, fines of a dolphin

To help me effortlessly swing

Searching the ocean’s abdomen.


I even traded my daily meals for an aardvark’s claws

Chthonian dwellings to barrow;

Looking for the brave fellows.

Kidnapped and their heads crack to blow

By an oppressor monster 

That lives on blood of others.


Up and down as I did travel

But all my efforts to locate

The whereabouts, 

Came to no avail.


Still, as I trudged in circles,

In an unexpected bubble,

What you call a brothel,

I then came across the devil,

Surrounded by naked souls to fondle;

And magic bottles their contents to gurgle!

Eye to eye as we met,

And in anger I retorted!

“What satisfies;

Innocent lives to sacrifice

Only to end up in a place such as this -

Full of sluts indulged in vice?”


He replied with a smirk:

“we are now done and dusted

Enemy mission is bust!

You might wonder

 But the is Game Over!

I have nothing to fear;

No more haunting nightmares!

The contender,

I could not ignore,

Is now gone forever;


I could walkover with absolute power!”


It is time to indulge,

In carnal-knowledge 

And other sensual desires

Keep running the old tire on fire

Burning hired steatopygic derrières. 


And I said, caught by surprises;

“But there was no game in play 

By those who you consigned under the clay;

Nor those who escaped the slay

Have no intention to initiate.

Your murderous appetite to satiate.

Dipsomania, you bet,

you are an inebriate,

 All these phantasies only exist in your head,

That has now gone dead.'


'It is a lame excuse to claim

That it was a game

Played for a fame.

Unlike what you named

The critics were in a struggle 

all but the same;

Trodden destiny to disclaim!'


'However, it was a shame;

In the midst of the raging flame;

Unbeknown to the lambs and rams,

There were wolfs in arms

Curving to grab power and fame.

At a moment it came.

And among those jogging and vying,

You were at the helm.

Right and left causing mayhem!

When will All Mighty God 

Deal with you; the scum!!'


ሪእኹሞዶ ዝሕማም መንሽሮ

ኹጢጢ ዕሉ ኣብ ኽሳድ ጉሮሮ

ሕንንቅ ገጢሙ ኸም ኹኹናይ  ዶርሖ

አብ ርእሲ  ፀገም ንሮ

ኻልኣይ ቃንዛ ወዲሰብ ዘዕበሮ::

እህህ በሉ ዓዲ : እህህ በላ ናህና 

ኣዶ ኢሳያስ ኣዶና አይትኹና

ወደን ስብ ይቀዝፍ ንስን ኣዲ ጏና ይሕቖና::


Yared Huluf 10-20-20


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