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Human Cabrito Prehistoric Chinese Style!

Human Cabrito Prehistoric Chinese Style!


Yared Huluf



You do not have to be anybody or anything but yourself to understand this basic fact, it comes with life as a child would not need any schooling to understand that s/he needs milk to survive at the initial stage of his or her life. 


Most if not all Tigrains understand the shortfalls of TPLF but all also know that at this point in time the TPLF is not a threat they have to be worried let alone rise against it, far from it. The people understand and know well who poses existential threat. 


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It feels like teaching Newton the theory of gravity preaching Tigrians what is good and bad for them now sitting with enemies in Arat Kilo, bent to destroy them.


It is not surprising if hired media outlets desperately running all over looking for manqué critiques against TPLF in the hope of discrediting the Organization, that fed and nurtured and brought them to the level they are in now after the fall of a dictatorial political body (Derg) where they served hook like remoras to satisfy their visceral needs in return for the services they purveyed. 


Everyone has the right to criticize, condemn and even fight against the TPLF for whatever a cause they harbored is right. TPLF is not foolproof, far from it. Let alone TPLF a political Organization with intended and unintended and sometimes misguided policies even Jesus was hanged even though he was right. 


But when one fights for a cause, true, you may not have all the resources you need but you need to have and must have one thing: honesty and chariness and integrity doused with civility.


One may face difficulties been seen heard recruit followers but better a failure than stumbled and sellout a cause under any excuses.


What is diabolical and irritating to hear are those who were part of the Organization and for legitimate or illegitimate reasons dropped out now coming out and being used as cat’s paw not to promote the welfare of the Tigrians as a whole but to score a point from a comfort zone?


They may be blinded to see but they are inviting Tigrians to their own destructions by siding with an enemy not only of TPLF but the Very Tigreans themselves. 


They have every right to express their objections against the Organization but not at the expense of the people they claim they stand for/by when clearly Tigray is facing existential threat. No one with a sensible mind would want to be identified with what the Tigrians see as an enemy and join hands to facilitate its demise. 


They may believe if they are naives and they are naive, that the people are wrong the government is not against the people itself but the TPLF and once it is removed all will be fine. We have heard this before more times than one but it a veil! 


If the group in power who went to bed with the TPLF for over 40 years and were treated as a spoiled child and turn against the Organization and blamed it for money they themselves stole and many more! They resented TPLF not because it was companion in arms that did them many favour and good things but for one thing and one thing alone - it is because TPLF is a Tigrian political Organization that guided them out of darkness and you know it but you are advancing you personal interest in joining with them. You have sunk so low ingratiating them you won’t be able to lift yourselves out from the mess embroiling around. 


You know you have no audience in Tigray, but you keep appearing on the screens to please your masters and their followers.


Tigray would not hear and follow you. It is a cowardice and self driven move and would earn no respect let alone create a solid base. 


The last you could do at this point is staying quiet if you cannot stand by the side of the people. Or create an independent ground and oppose the TPLF and perhaps then you get many followers. At least by standing on your own legs you would be free from the mental conflict that you are not serving any ones interest but your own cause for better or worse. People would then respect your stance for being independent. I would then if I do not follow your concern or because I will salute your commitments.


There is a biblical python in the loose, it demands human sacrifices and ex-votos at the altar, it does not even differentiate the lambs sacrificed, and be it family members or aliens. 


Do not forget once the cleaning is completed enemies of the ultracrepidarian  ኣሀዳውያን  are routed and binned the group you are serving would then turn around, as they did with the TPLF,  and target you with the rest you are now against in the same basket you will be dealt with like strayed dogs. ባንድ ሙቀጫ ..... 




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