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Tribute to George Floyd killed by the barbaric US Police on 25th May 2020

Tribute to George Floyd killed by the barbaric US Police on 25th May 2020


Jerusalem Barnabas 06-03-20


‘Unable to breathe’


He was under the knock of his knee flat on the ground beneath

Derick Chauvin chocked his air way poor George couldn’t breathe


He wasn’t even standing he wasn’t trying to run

He wasn’t armed with knife neither did he have gun


What was the logic to hold to suffocate him beneath?

While pleading you in panic unable to move or breathe


Badly restrained Black man videoed in a broad day light

Witnessing he didn’t resist we can see he didn’tfight


Derek Chauvin knelt with force on a poor Black man’s neck

With no due care for his victim to give him a second break


he begged him twelve times saying I can’t breathe

the evil Police man sadly caused George Floyd’s heart to freeze


Why Derek Chauvin please tell us why?

to show your hate for a Black mandid George Floyd have to die?


We saw your depraved cruelty what you caused and the calamity

black is never innocent for you ‘trying to prove he is guilty’

who approved your power to kill who gave you that authority?


he was begging you for mercy he was gasping for air

You Devil Dereck Chauvin George Floyd was in despair

your colleagues were watching you even more shocking and most unfair


by hurting a black man who couldn’t fight unable to move

What did you gain what did you prove?


We don’t want this America we are raging with anger

Until everyone believes Black lives also matter!


We are sorry George Floyd we failed you we are annoyed

Countless Black lives have gone too many families destroyed


like many before youwho were killed by the Police

you became an embodiment of US racism and all the other injustice

we promise to challenge inequality we pray you Rest in Peace.


It has caused us so much pain we cannot be just at ease

You were killed just like that unable to get up and unable to breathe!


A Luta Continua!


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