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Free Tigrai: Must Vote for Tigrai Independent Party

Free Tigrai: Must Vote for Tigrai Independent Party


Gebre Selama 08-30-20


More or less I dare say I have a good idea of all the parties that are participating in the panel discussion and their respective campaigns to win the coming soon election in Tigrai.  First, I have lauded their civility while competing to sell their ideas to the public at large.  I am not going to waste time reiterating each party’s mission.  I have picked for myself the Tigrai Independent Party.  In this piece I am going to highlight the need for voting for Tigrai Independent Party.


Those who do not learn lessons from the past history and from the present situation are destined to repeat the past and the present.  We have to admit that we have a chronic problem in Ethiopia.  The problem in Ethiopia is not transient problem of the kind you see in every country.  The problem in Ethiopia is chronic problem that has not only burdened all Ethiopians, but also the whole world.  Ethiopia as it is now is a burden not only to its stake holders but also to the entire world.  Reason, Ethiopia is the only country in the entire world that can not feed itself.  It is the poorest of the poor countries in the world.  I have seen myself many countries, I have never seen a country that lives in stone and copper age like Ethiopia even by African standards Ethiopia is not equal to other Africans countries even.  I am not talking about the glamour of Addis Ababa the new sex tourism capitals city of the world in the making which is a sign of a decaying society. I am referring to the living conditions of the rural majority regardless ethnic.  All the people in Ethiopia live in misery and darkness.  There is a saying that goes: for the dead the tomb is warm.  Ethiopians are accustomed to live in misery and darkness now.  This chronic problem is not due to lack of natural resources.  It is due to lack of a system of governance that helps the people at grass root level.  Due to lack of a system of governance, or due to the legacy of bad governance, nothing changes in the country.  Mistakes done 150 years and even before or recent mistakes are never fixed or corrected.  Ethiopians only are good making more mistakes and creating more problems and piling them up. I wanted to give one example that shows Ethiopia is blacked out from technology.


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Emperor Haileslassie, he had a British adviser in his palace.  His British adviser convinced him that Ethiopian language can not be used for science and technology and convinced him to adopt English instead if he wishes to civilize Ethiopians.  That idea was a colonial idea promoted by colonizers.  Colonizers including Christian missionaries believed all African languages must be eradicated because these languages were language of savages.  All British colonies have to adopt English so that they can civilize.  This was not even an ill intention.  It was actually a good wish to civilize Africans so that they can be like Europeans. To realize that the British forced their language to be adopted in all their colonies called common wealth countries. The French did the same. The other colonizers did the same.  For this reason you now see there are English speaking Africans, French speaking Africans.  Most of those countries have lost their culture, language and tradition.  This is why in Mozambique Portuguese is their language.  In Congo French is their language. In Kenya English is their official language. In many other countries English or French is their official language.  They have lost their roots irreversibly.  That is not a trivial matter, and this has now blacked out Africans from Technology of the day. All or most of the countries that use their language have access to Technology. For example, Russia, French, Iran, Saudi, China, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, all Nordic countries such as Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and other countries which use their language have access to Technology. For example, most of these countries use their language to do computer programming in  their own language such as  C, C++, Java, PERL, Python (from Netherlands ), Ruby (from Japan ), Lua from Brazil  programming languages.  Their children can study computer programming from kindergarten, elementary school, junior school, high school and university.  But this is impossible in Africa because African do not use their language or have not developed their language.  Colonizers might have left physically, but the language and mental colonization still continue to these days because African does not even think about it. They do not see it.  Ethiopia is hit by this language colonization which was induced by a colonialist adviser.  No Ethiopian sees this problem.  People in Ethiopia use their local language every day. No Ethiopian knows English. But the education medium is in English which is like putting a fish outside water. The country is 100% blacked out from technology because children have no access to education and Technology in their own mother tongue.  They study science and Technology in universities in English medium but they hardly understand it because it is too late in their life and it is not their mother tongue.  We humans think. We think in our mother tongue only.  We never think in second language.  All humans think in their mother tongue. This is one of the core problems of Ethiopia today and this has made us to have a toothless education system. The people live in darkness or total black out of science and technology.  To make matters worse, Ethiopians think now English is a language of civilization. In order to civilize they have to wait to learn English language. We spend most of our lives studying English vocabulary.  Our language is thrown down the drain which is like renting a car while you have own car do a job which does not make any sense.


The education system that has screwed the country and kept us it in darkness is because wrong things were done by one single leader and no one has ever tried to correct the wrong things.  In Ethiopia, wrong things are never corrected. People know only how to plot to kill people and practice voodoo.  This is just a tip of iceberg.  The country has more century old piled up problems and with its huge population, the problem becomes even clumsier to solve.  Many African countries which have no natural resources like Ethiopia do not live on hand outs or donations. For example, Botswana, a tiny country sitting in the Kalhari desert is the most prosperous country in Africa.  The population of Botswana is 2.3 million.  Namibia sitting in the Namib Desert which has no rivers like Ethiopia is a prosperous country in Africa with a population of 2.5 million people. These countries live western standard life style. But Ethiopia washed by 44 rivers can not feed itself almost for one century.  This is the fruit of the old apartheid system.


The people of Tigrai are the direct victim of these and others apartheid induced famine that shocked all humanity on our planet which everyone knows.  This is big and chronic problems which need to be solved durably and sustainably.  One can not solve this problem under the current Ethiopia.  But it is mandatory and a must to solve this chronic darkness or blacking out problem. To realize this, the people of Tigrai has to be free from Ethiopia because there is no chance to solve this problem from within Ethiopia due to the fact that the people from the past legacy are  still happy to go back to live in darkness in the  19th and 20th and  previous centuries.  It is totally a regressive mind set that can not changed from with in Ethiopia.  If one is stuck in a cage, one has to go out from the cage to be free.  Ethiopia is a cage for all Ethiopians.  It is more than a cage for Tigreans because they have perished in the cage countless times.  Thus freeing Tegarus from Ethiopia get them out of the cage so that they think freely and solve problems and progress and live better way of life.


Getting Tigrai independent per se is not the only solution, but it is the first step to the get to the solution. If you want to do the best jumping to enjoy a diving, you must jump from a jumping board to experience the best diving exercise.


To solve Tigrean problems radically, there is a need for radical paradigm change and a brand new start.  We need a new beginning and a new chapter and a new book of life. We need complete restoration now.  Moses liberated the Israelite from the 400 years slavery in Egypt.  Ezra and Nehemiah restored the Israelite from Babylonian slavery of 70 years and rebuilt Israel and Jerusalem from complete destruction and desolation of Babylonian king NebuchadNezzar.  Schymera, one legged Jew who survived Jews Cossack pogrom in Russia walked from Russia by his one leg to Finland and found his way to Palestine and he restored the now mighty prosperous Israel.  When he started   walking on foot from Russia to Finland by one leg, he had one mission and that mission was to restore Israel and rebuilt it.  He found his way to Palestine and he put up a tent beside an oasis or a spring in Palestine and he started irrigation on the bank of the spring and other Jews followed him and joined him and he built a community from scratch and a nation from a scratch and today’s Israel is his model set up by one legged spiritually irrigation engineer Schymera.  Today Hebrew language is 100% restored and is a global language studied across the world as subject.  The education medium in Israel is now in Hebrew.


We do not have to do what the Israelite did because we have not lost everything like them.  All that we need to do is restore our country Axum and rebuild modern and prosperous and mighty Axum.  There is no other choice.  Tegarus you have no other option except complete freedom.  This is also good for all Ethiopians because war and misery will come to an end.  We can not keep on blaming and cursing   Amhara rulers or Amhara rulers’ children.  We must lift our fingers to free ourselves from the darkness and hostage.


To realize this vision of   bright future, the first step is to vote Tigrai Independent Party because  doing so is  the first step to  solve the chronic  and big problem that kept us hostage and in darkness.  All Tigreans must vote for TIP.




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