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The Essentials of Woyane:

The Essentials of Woyane II

Part II


Mogos Abraham, PhD

Centre for Middle Eastern Studies

07 Mar. 2020

Happy birthday, Woyane II, you’re now 45 years old! You are a senior in all senses of the word:  an accumulated knowledge capital, heroism, and a unique strategic capacity to build an effective political governance system make you a feared-dynamic force.For those social media cavaliers - the self-serving arrogant, dismissive, chauvinist human elements, who refuse to accept this truth, we say, “You better swallow the bitter pill, believe it, Woyane is a sacrosanct, too important, invaluable, to be interfered with. It is a cherished revolutionary term of the people of Tigrai”. There are several attributes that make Woyane so unique. Every attribute will be explained and recorded in dictionaries and history books. It is impossible to do them all justice in a piece like this one.

Obviously, Woyane is feared and despised by a few vocal foes, but highly revered by millions of friends. That is exactly what a true people’s revolution needs. To be sustained for eternity, a revolution must have a vocal minority of enemies and a mass of dedicated majority of supporters. It is this type of social environment that reminds the upholders of the revolution’s ideals not to be complacent. They must keep the masses mobilized and motivated to stand on guard.Particularly, the immensely determinant force of the Tigraian youth must be kept motivated to be vigilant and ready to receive the revolutionary torch.

The purpose of this piece is very simple, just expressing personal feelings!I wrote Part I, which is a relatively comprehensive piece 15 years ago (2005). Here, I just highlight the essential characteristics of Woyane II that made it the only successful revolution in the history of Ethiopia. I am doing this in memory of the Woyenti, the heroines and heroes, who made history for the benefit and pride of us all Ethiopians. But, they were betrayed by Abiy Ahmed Ali’s team (Team Lemma). In any case, it should be clear to anyone that our Tigraian Tegadelties are unique human beings whose bravery and dedication are beyond words can express. They deserve the highest gratitude a society can offer. We commemorate Lekatit 11/67 (Feb. 18/75) with heartfelt gratitude to all of them.

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Sketching Historic Victories: A small group of selfless nationalistsconceived and launched the People’s Revolution. Many were not sure of the end results. But, they, the visionary fathers of Woyane II, did not fear uncertainty; because they had unwavering trust in themselves that their ideals would triumph. Of course, all the theoretical ideals were debated and analyzed; and hence, the best conceptions were filtered out. This process itself, in which the best minds of Tegaru were involved, took a number of years during the era of Emperor Haile Selassie. The covertand overt debates took place on university campuses and high schools, at city corners, and in secret homes of the dedicated heroes and heroines. To most of us, who were just high school students and college graduates, the far sightedness and knowledge of the visionary founders were beyond comprehension, particularly during those times of juxtaposing of a variety of idealistic visions.

In the final analysis, therefore, the visionary fathers had it their way democratically. Subsequently, they constructed inviolable-cardinal-guiding principles, which I have called the Essentials of Woyane II. These essentials can be summed up by one of the determinant mottos, “Our struggle is long and bitter, but our victory is certain”.Yes, for a number of reasons, the struggle was expected to be long and bitter. The determining factors were the social, economic, political, abject poverty, and degraded natural environment – among others. These conditions, coupled with drought and famine, characterized the Ethiopian landscape. Added to these challenges was the global sociopolitical instabilities caused by the Cold War, which persisted until 1989, when the Communist Soviet Union collapsed, surrendering to the tremendous strategic techniques of the West.

For Woyane II to be successful, a complete social transformation was a prerequisite. Particularly, it required going to the Tigraian peasantry, which accounted for nearly 90% of the total population of about six million. Thus, the moment of truth came:  everyone had to pack up little clothing, meager amount of food, sufficient water, and outdated guns for the uncertain journey to the historic site, Dedebit. Imagine the feeling of each leader; place yourself in that person’s self, the person who is walking by night to the unknown future. What a unique human prowess!It still amazes touches me to the bottom of my heart!

That was the only way to go. As many revolutionaries (e.g., Mao Zedong, father of the Chinese Revolution) put it, going to the masses, living with them, learning from them, and sharing with them whatever ideals one could impart was the best strategy. Then, after the successful mass mobilization, it became clear to many that the struggle was going to be short and bitter, not long and bitter.

That is exactly what happened. In a span of seventeen years, Derguewith its largest mechanized army in Africa, was annihilated and buried on May 20, 1991. If you call this a miracle, you are not alone. It is a miracle made by a capable leadership of Woyane II, a leadership which is still making miracles against all odds.Now, all Ethiopians have realized this fact finally (after two years of misery), and because of the tragic quagmire Ethiopia is immersed, with the exception of the Regional State of Tigrai.

Current metrics of human misery: The following are some of the metrics of human misery Ethiopians are suffering from, with the exception of Tigrai:(i) people are being slaughtered like animals frequently; (ii) the economy is in shambles; (iii) youth unemployment is soaring; (iv) abject and chronic poverty is destroying the Ethiopian socioeconomic and political fabric, Ethiopia has become a land of mistrust and hatred; (v) political squabbles among the numerous political groups are daily occurrences; (vi) with four million internally displaced citizens, Ethiopia has become number oneglobally, shame! (vii) Ethiopian sovereignty is being threatened by historical enemies, the Arabs led by Egypt due to the treasonous actions of Abiy Ahmed Ali; (viii) without knowledge and approval of the National Parliament,the Amhara, Oromia, and Southern regional states are illegally under undeclared state of emergency; (ix) Ethiopians, except Tigraians, are living under fear and uncertainty about their wellbeing and security; and (x) in Wollega, the largest province of the Oromia Regional State, with an estimated population of 15 million, a tragic civil war has beenraging for about two years and is still raging between the Ethiopian Defense Forces and the Oromo Liberation Army, resulting: (a) thousands killed; (b) thousands of families uprooted from their homes; (c) school children, girls and boys, kidnapped from high schools and universities by both sides to be part of the tragic war; (d) all social and economic infrastructures destroyed; and (e) tens of civil servants and business persons murdered. All these tragedies are results of a dysfunctional governance system. Shame on you Abiy Ahmed Ali! You must resign immediately and hand over power to a transitional government. If not, God forbid, Ethiopia will be a failed state like Somalia, S. Sudan, Eritrea, Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan very soon.

Destiny of Tigrai:  By contrast, vivaWoyane II for a job being executed successfully by destroying all the obstacles that the enemies of Tigrai, led by Abiy Ahmed and his trusted, blind, shameless, and opportunist followers, had erected. Another history of bravery, most likely to be the greatest victory of them all (socially, economically, politically, and militarily) is being recorded in the land of all miraculous histories. Now, Tigraians will be ready to negotiate with anyone out of strength, not out of weaness. This time, yes, this time; theyare determined to forge their own destiny.

The Only Way Forward for Ethiopia: First, if you are an honest human being, not a self-serving opportunist, racist, extremist, a liar Diaspora, or simply jealous, give these leaders, the Woyane II leaders, the credit they deserve. Then, fight them democratically for a better Ethiopia within the framework of the Nation’s Constitutional Order. Take advantage of the flexible rules of the political game enshrined in the Constitution.However, this will happen only, if you do possess what it takes, i.e., better ideas for a bright future for all Ethiopians.Make contributions to the process of building an effective political governance system (EPGS), which can only bebuilt on: the primacy of the rule of law,social trust and justice, accountability (demonstrating your actions), transparency (free flow of information), equity, freedom of choice, empowering the disadvantaged, professional integrity (not a corrupt, rent seeking, greedy puppet), strong nationalism, and long-term vision. These are a few of many preconditionsnecessary for an EPGS. This is the primary pathway to genuine sustainable development (GSD). The process by which human wellbeing is improved in an inclusive, just, sustainable, and environmentally safe operating spaceis called GSD. In the case of Ethiopia, it can only be realized by applying the strategic policy guidelines of the Ethiopian developmental state,which is uniquely Ethiopian, whose architect was the genius Tegadalai, PM Meles Zenawi.

Tigrai!“Our home and native land!

True patriot love in all of us command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise.

The True North strong and free!”

This small portion of the Canadian national anthem is inspiring. It depicts Tigrai’s aspirations and geopolitical, social, and economic strategic spheres of influence, foretelling the fact that Tigrai will be “the center of gravity” very soon!

Eternal Glory to Our Martyrs!

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