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A government destine to cause so many problems, but with no accountabilities!



A government destine to cause so many problems, but with no accountabilities!


 W.Yilma                                             3/1/20


The current political crises in Ethiopia are a man-made, created mainly by the government in power. This does not mean to undermine the contributions of others in aggravating the situation. When we talk about Ethiopian politics, we are directly talking about the elites which means, the “intellectuals”who are actively participating in daily political activities of the country. In most cases it is unfair to generalize certain social groups, but with regard to political participation, quite significant number of Ethiopian Intellectuals is opportunistic, unconscious, irresponsible, insensitive, deceptive, and dishonest to themselves as well as to their country. As a result of this, the involvements of some Ethiopian intellectuals in domestic politics become toxic, near to destroy the social fabrics of this old nation. For nearly six decades politically active Ethiopian elites pursue the same toxic political culture and now the country is in dire socio-political situation, hard to predict what will be the end of the game. Under all Ethiopian regimes past or present, nothing has been done without the consents and advices of intellectuals.At this time, it seems, Ethiopian intellectuals are at a race to disintegrate their country. If education is not a tool to solve social and economic problems, quest for truth and help the poor, what is the advantage of education? The current political uncertainties and the disturbances in some universities are a clear indicatorto what extents our educational systems failed to produce productive and knowledgeable human capital. Although this is a decades old problem, what is going on in today’s Ethiopia political landscape under the leadership of Dr. Abiy government is the worst in its kind in the history our country!

As we all know because of the promises given by the new prime minister to bring peace through forgiveness and reconciliation, the majority of Ethiopians supported him in the beginning. Unfortunately, thanks to the prime minster and some intellectuals who are advising him, business isgoing on in the worst form than during EPRDF. The old EPRDF (three of them) transformed themselves toProsperity Party (PP), but the overall EPRDF political intrigue and conspiracy to weaken systematically opposition political groups, and jailing oppositions remains the same. What is new under current government is that beside local advisors Dr. Abiy hired foreigners who do not have a clue to our systems. As many Ethiopians, I was happy when Dr. Abiy awarded the Nobel peace prize. But did Dr. Abiy took this award as a tool to encourage him to be more thoughtful, kind, look and take care all Ethiopians equal, be more peace maker between peoples, in particular between Eritreans and the rest of all Ethiopians? I can say boldly that he failed terribly, and unable to fulfill a quarter of what he promised. The reason is clear. After Dr. Abiy came to power he become a hostage of those infantile politicians who advocates the 60’s and 70’s old political doctrines “my way or the highway”, full of intrigues, and political conspiracies. It is my believe that Ethiopian unity will be at risk when our politicians back home become a hostage of Diaspora politics, and this is exactly what happened in today’s Ethiopia.

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 What makes things worst in Ethiopia at this time is that Isayas Afeworki, an architect and organizer of all kind of terrorism in Eastern Africa, the most brutal dictator of our time who brought total destruction to his country, became a confidential adviser to Dr. Abiy. People may wonder why Eritrea hosted and helped advocates of secessionist in the past and now turning 180 degree, change its course and opposing federalism in Ethiopia? The answer is simple. Eritrea under Shabia administration wants to watch us tear ourselves apart!  This is very dangerous in which many Ethiopians failed to understand, simply because some extremist Ethiopians including Abiy and Isayasare enemy of TPLF. The real challenge for our system is that Dr. Abiy wants to implement Isayas style of government in Ethiopia. The so- called border peace is a pretext to take time until they both eliminate their political enemy (TPLF) from Ethiopian political land scape. This is the strategy both are striving to stay in power.  At one time I wrote an article posted on AigaForum on March, 15/2019. In this article I raised many issues what the Abiy government may or will do against Tigray, and the reason why Abiy was rushed to create a friendship with Isayas in the name of solving border issue, as a pretext. Except one, everything what has been said in thatarticle regarding TPLF and Tigray has executed by Abiy government.For readers reference I hereby attached the article.

As we know after Dr. Abiy came to power our country political, social, economic and national security situationshas deteriorated to the worst level. Never in Ethiopian history had Ethiopian head of state compromised his own country interest to satisfy foreign countries interests.  Political deception and lies are the daily norms for the new administration officials. This is practicing in systemic and institutionally organized manner by the involvement and direct supports of domestic as well as foreign actors. In general, no transparency and accountabilitieswithin the new administration, and Personal cult become a domain in the executive branches of the governmental offices. Now every decision, including very sensitive issues potentially could compromise with the national security comes from one person. This person is Dr. Abiy. Therefore, whatever is happening in Ethiopia, it is Dr. Abiy and the people around him who will be accountable.Beside this many crimes were committed and some iconic known and other ordinary Ethiopians were killed without traces. The process to bring those criminals for justice is full of controversies, and many do not have trust on the government judiciary system and the way the investigation was carried out was unprofessional. To mention few out of the many:

1.      Engineer Simegnew Bekele death is not clear, and the way how the investigation was conducted is unprofessional and not by neutral body. The negative propaganda campaigns conducted against the GERD in particular by the prime minster himself right after he came to power is one reason why people don’t believe that the engineer was killed himself. We all remembered that the engineer was killed right after the prime minster left Ethiopia to visit Diaspora Ethiopians. One day before his death, the engineer interviewed by the BBC Amharic service and during his interview, he told the interviewer to get permission from the prime minister’s office so that he can give her more information about the GERD. This show how the engineer was under pressure or threats by the new administration.  

2.      High ranked military generals and civil Amhara Regional State officials were massacred but despite releasing contradicted information from the government officials, until now no tangible conclusive results were released from the government side, and no one is expecting evidence supported results in the near future.

3.      Dr. Abiy and his group deliberately prepared a conducive atmosphere to createuncertaintiesin the country. For these purposeshe createdan enemy out of nowhere. As if he and his groups were not the member of EPRDF and share equal responsibilities for any wrong doing committed for the last 27 years, they singled out TPLF as the only organization responsible for all wrong doing that have happened in Ethiopia and beyond. To materialize this, they systematically organized and financed different groups to disseminate fake news through their mass media outlets against TPLF. When these approachesfailed to bring the intended results, the government officials, and other groups crossed the line and start attacking the people of Tigray, as if they are the beneficiaries of the old administration. Since Abiy came to power he follows isolationist policy towards Tigray. Dr. Abiy is in fond of appointing government higher offices, like ministry of industry, and Meleseacademy (rejected by the appointee because he doesn’t want to work in the institution named by late Meles Zenawi) to those Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) members who are openly spreading hate, and supported a closure of road that connects Tigray with Amhara regional state, and insulted the entire people of Tigray as if they are protected what they called “criminals”. I believe this appointment is intended to fulfill one or both of the followings. The first is to aggravate or instigate conflict between brotherly people of Tigray and Amhara. The second is to cause more divisions within ADP. And the third could be to change the name of Melese Academy to something else. To make the situation worst, by Abiy order many Tigrians are dismissed from government offices because of their political affiliations with TPLF.


4.      Right after he made out of context speech to “good for nothing”parliament in relation to Sidama referendum request, theprime minster left to Eritrea without even the knowledges of Ethiopia foreign affairs staffs. As we all know, many people were lost their lives in Sidama and the entire regional state is now under military commands. The command post is the decision of the prime minster alone.    

5.      Similarly, he left to Russia after he made a similar derogatory speech to the “parliament” regarding that Diaspora Ethiopian who established their own media out lets in the country. Following the prime minster speech various groups gave their own interpretation and the following day Jawar Mohamed security personnel assigned by the government were ordered to abandon him at the middle of the night. The way this process has been executed was unprofessional and as a result of this out of control civil unrest were brake out throughout Oromia regional state and not less than 87 people died, and most of Oromia region is now under command post.

6.      As many Ethiopians and Eritreans knowsthe relationship between Isayas and Dr. Abiy are not to solve the border conflicts, but to instigate unstoppable conflicts between the people of Tigirians and Eritreans. The so-called new peace process is a pretext to consolidate their own power in their respective countries. To delay the peace process, they both created unimaginative Ghost in this case TPLF as an obstacle to the “peace process” (I will explain later this and other related issues).My other concern is that at this time thanks to Abiy government Eritrean security and intelligences personnel swarmed Ethiopian towns and cities in particular A.Abeba and Amhara regional state towns. The only place they do not have free access is Tigray. The Ambassador of Eritrea in Addis is good in espionage but layman very poor in understanding modern and civilized diplomacy.


7.      Against an international law, Abiy is intended to close unilaterally the Eritrean refugee camp stationed in Tigray. This means Eritrean asylees will not have refugee status under Abiy government, once they crossed Eritrean border. This is against the international law, and a violation of human rights. The United Nation should interfere on behalf of Eritreans who run away from their brutal and cruel government. The Eritreans living abroad should stand and expose the two dictator’s cruelty to the international communities to stand on the side of Eritreans refugee. It is obvious that Isayas ordered Abiy toclose the camp, and our prime minster does not have a moral ground to challenge his new friends demand.


8.      Dr. Abiy is pretending to be a champion of peace, and talk about forgiveness and reconciliation. But he uses these words just to disguise himself from his real intentions. An example for this is the speech he made in Bale Zone during the inauguration of one of the irrigation projects initiated by the late Meles Zenawi. In his speech Dr. Abiy openly rejected the people of Tigray as if they are not part of Ethiopia, and he is not their prime minster. Some of his hate speeches includes the following( (my interpretation): He unequivocally said that Prosperity Party (PP) is an Oromo party and the reason behind the formation of PP is to dissolve EPRDF and to evict from the palace those unwanted group, indirectly refereeing to TPLF; The Oromo people decapitated and crushed, and humiliated those who humiliated and crushed the Oromos in the past; He, the prime minister tend to choose death instead of working with TPLF; Those, who crushed by the Oromo do not have the right to come to the center (referring to Addis Abeba) without getting permissions from us (Oromo) ; Because he is their Son, he came to visitBale, while no other prime minister ever came before him to visit Bale; The TPLF exploited the resources of Oromia to build their country (referring Tigray); According to him Tigray become rich at the expenses of other Ethiopians!. All what he said is hate speech and there is no guarantee he will refrain from inciting conflicts at any time between Ethiopians.The reason why Abiy has made such speech is that he knew the works he and his groups has done to spread hate against the people of Tigray has reaches to the highest point. Therefore, whatever hate speech he has made is accepted as a norm by his audiences and will help him to win the coming election. Because many people are blind folded when it comes to Tigray. If there is a law, equally serving all people, including the prime minster and his associates he should be the first person who should stand on trial for spreading of hate speech. Unfortunately, the application of law has a big gap between the rich and poor, between those who have political power and powerless mass. I know the prime minster is a champion of speaking what his audience wants to listen from him, not what policy his government has and what his government can do.  He also knows the psych of many Ethiopians that they want hear what they want, without analyzing the facts, truthfulness, and their practicality of the subject. I am not sure who said at one time “Ethiopian has short memory”?

9.      His disclosed unclassified secrets and sensitive information to the third party’s while he works as a head of INSA. No matter what political differences he may have with the government he works, what he has done is in principle treason, and unfits to be a Prime minister. What is our guarantee now if he is doing the same to stay in power? The uncontrolled foreign interferences in our domestic affairs are an alarming.

10.  Dr. Abiy allows US America to mediate Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. This is a major shift from his predecessors stand and thanks to the prime minster dishonesty our country will certainly compromise its right in handling, managing and utilizing Nile waterequitably without causing significant harm to downstream countries. Until recently, he and his administration are work hard to cover-up the third-party’sdirect involvement in decision making of the dam negotiations. If efforts have not been done by Ethiopians through various media outlets, in opposing the involvement of US America, Abiy government is in a hurry to finish the negotiations, just to get financial assistances from his foreign supporters. We know Egypt is more important in Geo-politics for US America than Ethiopia.Most Ethiopia believe that the death of the engineer is a conspiracy to delay or to stop the construction of the dam. We all remembered the negative propaganda campaign promoted by the prime minster to discredit the construction of the dam right after he came to power, and the promises he gave to Egyptian parliament regarding the usage of the Nile water. One of the problems we have seen now regarding the Nile water negotiation is because of the personal decision made by Abiy to allow US America as mediator, and ignoring the Nile Basin Initiatives countries. It is clear that negotiations of this kind are a challenge and could have consequences. But as long as we fairly demanding fair share and equitable usage of the water, and willingness to settle our political differences with civility, there will be no geo-political risks we can’t overcome by standing together. Taking into considerations the recent unilateral decisions made by US America regarding GERD, we have to stand together to protect our rights in using of our natural resources for the benefits of our people.


11.  The government in power is week and unable to find and to rescue university students kidnapped by rebel groups, and unable to stop the killing of students in many universities. In fact, it is easy for the administration to keep closing universities rather than finding solutions to the problem.

For many years Ethiopian domestic politics has never been free from external influences, but not to the level what we have seen today. The current government is entirely working with the minds and interests of external forces. Because of this, the political situation of our country reaches to the point where it threats the unity of our country. The government is responsible for creation of this scenario, and we the people also share responsibility for not questioning (in particular the parliament) the government for working with foreign countries to the level it compromised our national interest.The recent interview of IsayasAfewerki to Eritrean TV is a case to mention here to what extents even a small and economically destitute country have free access to involve in our internal affairs. Almost most of his interview was focused on Ethiopian internal affairs. The president who is cruelly ruling his country with iron fit is telling us we do not need constitution, because it is Woyane who imposed on other Ethiopians; Ethiopian people do not need federation; The Eritrean president  crossed the line by telling us that he is more concerned for Ethiopia than for the country he is ruling without constitution; Ethiopia  should have a prime minster approved by Isayas; Ethiopians don’t need election; Woyane should go, because the “honorable”Isays don’t like them. I do not understand why Shabia is considering itself as a victim of “JandaWoyane”. Leave alone for us Ethiopians; it is not secret for Eritreans who was started the war. It is also clear that the cause of the war is not border issue, but an economic issue, in which Shabia want free access without any kind of two side agreements just to exploit Ethiopian resources, and economy.In fact, Ethiopian side were initiated to make an agreementwith Shabia and send a delegation to Asmara. This was happened after 7 years unfair economic relationship between the two countries. Instead of making an agreement, Shabia answer was to open the war against Ethiopia. Bademe was a pretext and has never been an issue between TPLF/EPRDF and Shabia. I do not think either this will be a constraint to solve the so-called border peace deal between Isayas and Abiy today.

After Isayasinterview, I was expected a reply from the Ethiopian side, but no word until now!  To me this is shame for the government and need to declare a national mourning!  Because of irresponsiveness from our side, recently the Eritrean regime repeatedly insulting Ethiopians by detaining Ethiopian Catholic Church delegations laded Eritrea by the invitation of Eritrean Catholic Church. The church delegations were detained for almost 16 hours, and sending them back home.

What is strange to hear is that some “Ethiopians” who considered themselves as a selective first class Ethiopians, are now calling the Eritrean dictator name as their champion, to convince others that everything what went wrong in Ethiopia including the constitution , and the federal arrangement is the work of Woyane, and both, including “Woyane” needs to be abolished.  These groups the admirers of Isayas are the one who are venomously opposing the Eritrean independent from the beginning, and one of the main reasons why they hate TPLF.The reasons why these groups admiring and encouraging dictator Isayas to interfere in our domestic affairs is for two reasons. The first is to cause another conflict between Tigrigna speakers with the goal to weaken both peoples. And second is they contemplate to get free access to port by unifying Eritrea with Ethiopia. Except the former, no one is opposing the later, but there is a legal process, not the way Isayas and Abiy arehandling the case if the rumor of unification of Eritrea with Ethiopia is true. Calling “Banda” is the least word I can found for those who are tirelessly working hard to instigate war between the brotherly people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. What I can conclude from the above is that there is back door conspiracy between Isayas and Abiy to allow the Eritrean dictator to interfere in Ethiopian internal affairs. I have never heard in the history of any country when the government of one country is conspiring with the most brutal foreign government to attack his own citizens. Abiy government is the first in modernhistory.

We supported the peace initiativesbecause the people of the two countries will be benefited from peace, not from war or hate of any kinds. However, as far as I am concerned Shabia as a group and Isayas as an individual will not leave us easily alone unless he gets what hewants. The ultimate objectives of Shabia are to establish Eritrean identities at the expenses of Tigrians, and make Eritrea a center of an economic activity for East Africa. Except the former no one is opposing the later but not at the expenses of others.  It is sad to elongate the suffering of our Eritrean brothers, but what the Ethiopian side should do is to stop the border negotiation if this rabid maniac man does not want the peace process.  My heart bleeds when I see the victims; the Ethiopian people host the Eritrean dictator out of the norms of diplomacy during his visit to Ethiopia. Did Abiy asked Isayas where our heroes, including colonel BezabihPetorsand where his grave is located? What was the fate of other Ethiopians who are suffering under Isayasbrutal regime? We have so many things to talk about them, even more than what the Eritrean dictator is talking about us. But it does not help us or will not compensate what we both lost because of the war. I know it is very hard to think positive, and to talk about peace forthose who raised and spend most of their age in war zone. It is the Eritrean people who can change this tradition by forcing their “freedom fighter” to think about peace, friendship, economic development, and mutual coexistence. 

As mentioned above Ethiopia is in grave danger due to man-made problems. It seems Dr. Abiy will not hesitate to drag our country to a complete chaos, to get benefits out of it. Instead of reorganizing and strengthening the nominally organized institutions established for the last 27 years, Abiy is engaged in abolishing them. This was done knowingly just to create his own personal cult and to show that he is the only Masih who can give solutions to all problems our country is facing today. As we see right after he came to power Ethiopian national interest become eroded and was compromised and as a result of this foreigners have more say in our internal affairs than Ethiopian themselves. There is no boundary between government and the new formed Prosperity Party. Hence PP is in full control of all government resources and is using with no limits for election campaigning. Money is not a problem for the new administration (one of ODP cadre claimed that he was stolentwo million birr from his car, which indicates the lawlessness of the government and to what extent the party is above the law to misuse public money).The process in which PP was established was illegal, and until now this party do not convene its congress and notify to the election board the chair person and central committee members of the party (in principle no one is against the unification of former EPRDF as one unified party or the dissolution of EPRDF. However, what we lately heard from Dr. Abiy himself is that the inception of PP is not only to evict TPLF from the new party but also to isolate TPLF from participations in Ethiopian political system). Prosperity Party officials are busy in arresting opposition groups members. Hence a danger and make a pre- and post-election scary and could create uncertainties.One group interest is magnifying and promotesusing government sponsored media outlets as if it represents everyone. On the contrary, others are condemned as a threat with the collaboration of foreign actors because of their political opinions. On the other hand, other political parties’ almost all are advocating hate politics, and many of them do not have clear and viable party programs, which give people options to choose. Beside this people do not have trust on election board, and the human right commission appointed by the government. Local civic organizations are not in a position to deal with the many faceted problems that may arise during election time. As mentioned earlier, the so-called peace process with Eritrea was hijacked by Isayas and Abiy to capitalize their own political agendas. What make things worst is that for many Ethiopians it is not clear the missions and the stands of the Ethiopian judiciary, security and defense forces.  There are clear symptoms these institutionsare under Abiy influence. In short Ethiopia is a personal property for Abiy, and the only person who should take responsibilities for all problems Ethiopia is facing at this time is Dr. Abiy and his lieutenants.

Last but not least, Tigray is at the center of political gravity in today’s Ethiopia, and beyond. This is because of TPLF. But there are also many reasons, which I will not address here at this time. At this time,it is hard to make differences between TPLF and the people of Tigray. It is a grave mistake to underestimate this reality. For any healthy minded person, free from hate, there is noother alternatives party for the people of Tigray other than TPLF at this time. This is the right choice because of the reasons I mentioned above. Toxic political rhetoric force people to make unhealthy chooses.  However, TPLF should take these opportunities as a good chance to look into themselves to scrutinize their decades old political ideology, economic and social programs to adjust it compatible to the modern world. This approach will help to get answer for the many questions coming from different social stratum, in particular from the growing vibrant generation. Failure to understand this reality will bring a danger not only to TPLF who considered itself as the vanguard party, but also for the people at large. Therefore, opening of the political space in Tigray for all political parties is not only a choice but a way out for the people of Tigray from disunity! The people of Tigray pay a huge sacrifice for Ethiopia and this need to get recognitions.  No matter what happened, Tigray do not have choice other than fighting for justice, and equality along with other fellow Ethiopians. This is because of understanding the past and present history; and the many thousands of Ethiopians remains buried in Tigray soil. People sacrifice their life for their country and respecting their remains is the least we can offer to remember them! 

Finally, no matter what mistakes the current regime has made internally and externally, we Ethiopians should stand together to get solutions for our common interests at this crucial but very dangerous time. We Ethiopian have good traditions and experience to stand together in such difficult times which will affects our common interest. My focus here is the negotiation which is held between Ethiopia, Egypt and Republic of Sudan. Remarkably the decision made by US America not to star filling the dam with water and not to generating power before agreement has reached between the three parties is not only an alarming but also a violation of our sovereignty. I personally called this unilateral decision made by US Secretary of Treasury as an amazing 21 century colonial enforcement attempt by new colonizer against the country which has never been colonized by 19 century era colonizers. In simple term, this is shame for US America, and this irresponsible decision shows the world to wat extent the current American politicians are ignorant and insensitive to matters it affect others. I do not think US America and its surrogate, Egypt don’t know Ethiopians when it comes to their country’s matter. Ethiopians are not like Iraq, Syria, Libya, or Afghanistan to see indifferently when their country is destroying by foreigners. On the contrary, Ethiopians never destroy their country, but they will not hesitate for a second to face and destroy their enemy. As far as I am concerned, I never remember a history where US America stands on the side of Ethiopia in hardship time. Starting from League of Nation time, when Emperor Haile Selase appealed for help during the Italian aggressions, it is US America who undermined his request; similarly, it is the US America who supported the Somalia aggression in the 70’s against Ethiopia. Now she stands to renew the Britain colonial era (1929, and 1959) illegal agreements in favor of Egypt. This decision is not only denying millions of Ethiopians access to electricity, but also an attempt to hider Ethiopians not to use their own resources to alleviate poverty. Therefore, we Ethiopians should stand together and ready to protect our right and to pay any necessary sacrifice coming from US America and its allies. We know and the rest of the world also knows our proud history in defeating our enemies, because we always fight for just causes in our own land where we born and die in the land we born!


Long Live Ethiopia!



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