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Covid-19 is No More Force Majeure

Covid-19 is No More Force Majeure


Temesgn Kebede



It is an incontrovertible fact that the country was assembled by bringing together different nations and nationalities to exploit and dominate. This was done by the use of force the local imperial power managed to garner from white colonial powers in return for strategic and material gains they would have for the services they provided. 


The Italians were given Pointo Forto, what they renamed Eritrea later, taken from the Tigrain and Begare Negash people beginning May 2 1889 at the treaty of Wuchale. The treaty provided Menelik with mazuma and weapons to subjugate the Tigrians in the north, the Oromo, Sidama, welayta and other southern nations.


The Djibouti was auctions to the French, initially in 1894  for 99 years but eventual became a French colony in 1896 after the sellout.


Following this then came: 

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  1. Anglo-Italian Protocol (15 April 1891)
  2. Anglo-Ethiopian Treaty (15 May 1902)
  3. The Britain, France and Italy Tripartite Treaty (1906)
  4. The Anglo-Italian Secret Agreement (1925)
  5. The 1929 Anglo-Egyptian Nile Water Agreement
  6. The 1959 Nile Waters Agreement


In 1902 Menelik sign a treaty with the English, Turkey and Egypt not to utilized the Nile water from the sourced Lake Tana to the dead end not to benefit Ethiopia at the expense of Egypt.


This was an Emperor who signed and sold off not only sovereign asset but many, not only to one but to five colonial powers piecemeal. The interesting thing is Amhara pseudo intellectual tell us that these abdication of sovereign of power and wholesale of land and people  to foreign powers happened because of erroneous and mistranslated languages; Italian, in the case of Eritrea, and English in the case of Nile treaties. Are we told that the Emperor signed on the dotted lines of treaties  time and time again without fully understanding the contents of the treaties? 


This will not wash. No one let alone an emperor who had language experts at his side would make such a mistake that affects the country for indefinite time as we witness today. This cannot and will never ever be an exercise to sell to the public anymore as they did for the last 131 years in the hope of perpetuating the myths that he was an astute and perceptive leader Ethiopia had. 


Signing treaties with or without understanding the contents does not elevate a person to greatness as Menelik has been portrayed as a cognitive power worth of a leader.

Why an emperor would sign treaties to sell land and people to foreign powers. Being unable to defend and relinquish land is one thing but to sell out of person in a lead is treason pure and simple. የደረቅ ዓይን ኣውጣ his followers turn around and want us believe he had the interest of the people at heart. 


It is like a victim of a rape expected  to write a love later to the perpetrator who abused and misused her body.


Against all odds the Millennium Dam was built starting April 2011. To cut long story short Amhara intellectuals, no need to mention name, it is a waste of ink putting on paper, everyone knows them; they are like an ostrich trying to hide its neck not in a sand but on a rick. They initially opposed the construction of the Renascence Dam   as a gimmick designed for a political gain into fool and wrong footing Ethiopians to  remain loyal to the then government of the day.


They ran east and west to mobilize support against the government because that government brought an end to domination and inhumane treatments of ruled nations who brought an end to the Amharanization without the benefits  and privileged the Amhara got from the system. 


Egypt then managed to rally this group to undermine the dam. Together with the financial resources from the Arabs to cover expenses Egypt struck the fault lines of ethnic and national tensions Ethiopia potentially suffers from and brought the country on its knees.


As the group of people brought to power with external support promised that they would do anything and everything to do away with the use dam. It was a welcome gift for Egypt. This culminated in an agreement to meet in the USA and revise the treaty of 2015. 


But as time went this was not well received by the people and the new government began losing the supporting it once got from the Ethiopians accusing the previous government was corrupt and inept. 


As many undesirable events began to unfold, not the Writing  On The Wall but chyrons began to emerge under the sub screen of the TV, just describing the opposite the leaders were trying to convince the people as they speak. 


From there on, not only the people but the sponsors who brought this group to power began losing hope and got worried the money they spent on was gone to waste unless some more dramas are not displayed. 


Having lost the people on one hand the sponsors on the other, became too much and fear this would bring their stay in power in question.


Thus they wanted to satisfy both camps by more promises and at the same time dither and fell short to show concrete actions. 


Now Egypt realised that the money and resource spent has not brought much of what was wanted. And Egypt is running out of time. It wants the signing of the treaty before September when this government is no more legitimate and any signature after September may not hold water. Covid 19 is beginning to be no more forcemajeure.


It therefore appears this government badly needs this chaos and killings as a distraction to say the least. We could infer many thing: who is doing this and that, but we will be no better than the government who accuses and point fingered at would be perpetrators before investigation is carried out brought to justice. Turning the judicial process a mockery.


No nation would allow another nationís security forces to covertly and overtly operate on its land. It is a created fear among the Eritrean refugees that it is no safe to walk or sleep in peace known there are killing squads freely moving in and out. It also would be in Ethiopia where its own people/ Tigrians are exposed to their arch enemy -Esayas  wanting to destroy with the blessings and help of the Ethiopian government



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