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Call a Spade a Spade: MP Abiy a Dictator!

Call a Spade a Spade:  MP Abiy a Dictator! 


Temsgn Kebede 07-09-20


We came a long way. It was not easy; we did not expect it to be. We paid dearly every inch of the way. No family was left unscathed, some suffered beyond one could imagine but at last we were free; free at last. 


We broke the chains and stormed the Cimmerian Dark Age dungeons of autocratic one ethnic domination bondage the rest of Ethiopia was shackled with and kept under.


That being the case, after the last emperor succumbed, the people who brought his downfall were promised the installment of transitional peoples government but it took 17 years of bloodshed, costing of lives of hundreds of thousands and destructions if assets to get rid and establish peace. Anyone who was not born and witnessed the violence except the gonzo gainsayers would know what terror means at the hand of brutal military dictatorship.


For the last 30 years take away two we the people then set up a constitutional framework where they would live and exercise their natural rights of setting up national and regional governments with a mandate up to and including self determination and succession from the federal government. 


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It is simple, inalienable and intrinsic rights people the world over cherish, aspire and the lucky ones uphold unless they suffer from a double standard, as is the case we see in the western world. They want to beholders of this basic and universal human rights but would detract others from achieving it. They want to have their cakes and eat it!


But we know for sure that there is no Ifs and Buts, we will defend the federal constitution we paid blood and bones to achieving it. There is no justification now to dither and delay such rights under a lame excuse of ad hominem tricks.


It is no not difficult to apercu: The journey we travelled was not smooth and idoniou and not with many faults. 


I would be the first to admit the journey peregrinated was amateurish, ill thought, in judicious. It had many ups and down and along the line many illegal acts were committed. The five elections conducted may have been divisive and doubously conducted but nonetheless there were elections where people exercised their democratic rights: who and how to be governed. They ushered a new beginning. It is a million times better than a monarchic and dictatorial rules we experienced, until the past two years, where we were compelled to retrograde to the very dictatorial, one man, one nation dominated rule we left behind that we fought tooth and nail to get rid off in the first place.


For the last two years we witnessed broad day light executions of innocent high ranking officials and professionals when they least expected by most likely by members of the clique in power. Some supporters of the clique in power would counter argue that the previous government had committed killings of people no better than the current has committed. Yes, killing in the streets of Addis by the previous were witnessed. They were wrong and ought not to have taken place. I am not going to be an apologetic but at least the victims were aware that if they were and they did march in the streets to protest against the government for what they thought were unjust, they would be attacked and killed. But they were aware and are prepared to pay the price. And they did. Courageous of them they deserved justice. But murder in your own home and offices as is the case committed by this government and/or on its watch is totally a different kettle of fish to imagine.  They are innocent and for right or wrong did not cause an excuse as the people who were out in the streets for the government to carryout brutal killings.


Even the military dictator of Mengestu that imposed its rule on the people made no such pretence; it own up its murder and killings actions sometimes with the drum beatings, የፍየል ወጠጤ .....


We have now a different kind of monster, that chooses a Month (June) and a killing orgies but at the same time claims and blames others for the crimes it committed. An elected group of people seated on the helm unilaterally decided to indefinitely postponed election time table in the same manner Mengestu did to extend it rule with the barrel of a gun. 


Thus group arrested and muzzled opposition leaders, silence voices and mass media only to impose its own to brain wash and extend its stay in power so as to satiate its thirst. It preaches that it is a god sent and deserves to rule and everyone must obey it come hell or high water uncontrolled and unaccountable. It dissolved election and it fears the public to give its verdict. Make no mistake it is a dictatorship. We are not kids it thinks we are it can easily fool and mislead. 


We have seen it in the past and we do not need western experts and its supporters to pool the rug and fool us as they pleased. 


Call a spade a spade. MP Abaiy is a dictator who claims he knows it all, he represents all, and he rules on behalf of all! He claims he is an Oromo, he is an Amhara, dare I say (shut your eyes I will fool you) he is also a Tigrian, etc in as much as his followers now for the first time began to admit and claim that Menelik was an Oromo with the intensions to soften oppositions from the very people crashed and subjugated by the monarch. 


Little would they tell us that it does not matter much Emperor Theodore and his wife were Tigrians, President Obama was a black but ruled their respected nations as members and on behalf of the ruling class of a dominant ethnic/race; an Amhara in the case of the former and a white America in the case of the latter.


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