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Breathe in Water. Breathe out Air on Fire - Egypt and its surrogates!

Breathe in Water. Breathe out Air on Fire - Egypt and its surrogates!


Yared Huluf 05-12-20



The Egyptians need not an altar and a preacher to understand the importance of the fluid running in their system. Unlike other biped mortals the Egyptian breathe in water and breathe out air on fire. 


The Nile was and still is bread and butter. It was and still is a body and soul, life and death for every Egyptian to ignore once a blind of a vision settlement at the mouth of the delta was made.


The Nile identity (what they call, gift of the Nile) was not and still is not only a socioeconomics and political affairs but also spiritual entity built into the psychological makeup of all Egyptian minds  past and present. 

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The Egyptians do not need any convincing how vital the Nile River plays in their lives. They would go to a greater extend to defend its continuous flow un abated if they could help it to stay the way it is now. 


But the Pharaohs, right from Namer/Menes 3150 BC to the present day, did not want to take a chance relying solely on the Egyptians determination to defend the indefensible use of  the Nile Waters. The pharaohs wanted to install more river locks to instill and prevent leakage of water  from the Egyptian minds shaped in a replica of the meandering River Nile across the desert.


To that end the Pharaohs created gods to worship (Osiris as the Underworld judge of water distributions. Horus, this son, begotten from Isis, his own sister, (all pharaohs with no exceptions married their own sisters and at times when there were no many sisters to sleep around to satisfy their sex drive or sisters are not producing male offspring as future pharaohs they did  marry their own mothers and a pharaoh father his own daughter. For further reading): god of  flooding and vegetation. Hapi was the god of fertility of the silk soil of the River side and so was also Sobeke the god soldier of the Nile.


Those gods lived in the caverns and ravines of the Upper Nile but oddly enough were gods of the Lower Nile whose pledge of protection did not extend to the source of the Nile and the people living around.


Add to this, the Pharaohs and their foot soldiers as representative of the gods were also tasked to ensured Maat, Cosmic Order, was observed and the Nile Waters was protected to serve the Egyptian needs.


Nile became the life blood for Egypt. Egypt had and still has no any item of interest except maintaining the flow of Nile waters and its nutrients. Egypt had and still has no permanent allies be it in persons, nations or faith but a permanent interest in the Nile waters and its use.


It exploited ethnic, religious and national tensions in the region to advance its interest around Nile. It entered into pacts even with diametrically opposing forces and play games by setting one force against the other whilst itself has nothing to lose but gain. 


It is not because the opposing forces are fools not knowing they are taken advantage of, they are aware of what goes on  but everyone of them  believes that they are clever enough and are ahead of the game to turn round unfavorable deals to their own ends - a brinkmanship. 

In the end, the opposing force may or may not succeed achieving what they hoped they would but  for sure Egypt always comes out as a winner and  secures its interest - that is the Nile use and its ownership cleeked unshaken. 


That said following 2011 as the tyrant rule gyrates out of control in Egypt, as it is happening in Eritrea nowadays, the Egyptian forgot to breathe in Nile Waters and breathe out air in flame. Hosni Mubarak was toppled down and after street riots and bloodshed he was toppled and democratically replaced by Mohamed Morsi on 30 June 2012. 


No later than a year, yet again,   coup d'état  was carried out by Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Mohamed Morsi  was thrown out and put in jail, subsequently he died  on 17 June 2019 awaiting a mock trial. 


Soon after, the army general, El Sisi, who carried out the coup defeat, became a president after being “democratically” elected by the people. 


For El Sisi being an elected president was no fault in itself but how did and why would the people vote for a person who overthrew a democratically elected president in the first place? Was Mohamed Morsi that bad compared to Hosni Mubarak they did not like or allow to rule the country he was democratically mandated to govern, or was El Sisi any better than Morsi to tolerate his illegal act of overthrowing  a government democratically elected and replace it with a military junta, albeit until he called an election that he was sure to win?


His subterfuge and the entourages he put in place to win the election leave aside, why did the people chose him and his party to win the election by giving him popular support? 


Why did the Egyptian coalesced into and compiled with coup makers? Why the Egyptians did undermined their own inalienable rights? It feels like they do not care about their own personal self respect? You would suspect this to happen if a person has lost his mind! Does this mean the Egyptians in millions at the same time have lost their minds? The answer is no. It is a shift of emphasis of what is self respect and what it is that is most important to these people. For the Egyptians democracy, election, other people’s interest and fairness have less value than Nile and the use of its waters to them. The Egyptian is at home serving Israel as much as they would the Arabs. They would line up with Russia as they would with America.


This much was and is still is true. The USA and other Western powers poured in   a nine digits figure of a hard currency to quell the anger of the people that their democratic rights to put in place a government of their choice were violated. After the initial dispensation of foreign currency, a continuous flow of the hard currency was maintained to help win the election as planned and in the end a puppet government was established. Money was used as bribe so the people began to feel relatively comfortable life style they did not have had before, that they were less vulnerable to the exposure of malnutrition and unemployment as they did during the rules of Mubarak and Morsi these were now  more valued to trade off  democracy and civil rights. Foreign cash provision needs to continue until such time it is safe to abandoned and leave them to their own devices in the end. Cost benefit analysis is take by both sides, scratch my back that I cannot reach, I will scratch yours.


Till then, the Egyptians have accepted bribes in return for putting in power a government that serves Western governments’ interest.


We all know, beginning 2011 Egypt is in collision course with Ethiopia regarding the Construction and filling up of the Renaissance Dam. Egypt and its allies had three phase plan to deal with the Dam. Phase One was the removal of the government that sponsored the construction of the dam. Phase Two gradually installing those who plotted to bring down the democratically elected government and replace it with a permanent un accountable government which will satisfy the needs of Egypt with regards to the Nile River. Phase Three: for all these to materialize the people who are backing the government will be bought with money from the west and allow them to lead a comfortable life style they had not seen during the government they helped to topple down until such time it is politically and security wise safe to abandon them to their own devices in the end.


Until then Egypt has to use the service of Eritrean dictator as he is paid to do, in addition to adding fuel the ethnic and religious strife raging in the country itself.

The slogan that Egypt is the Gift of the Nile, that the Pharaohs, the Europeans excessively fanfare as the new breed at the dawn of civilization is no longer selling considering what has come to light, that they spent much of their time attending the Harems than doing what was good for the people, that a new approach has now to be used to revive and maintain Egypt’s interest.


That said, the Egyptians chose to live straddle on the sides of the River Nile out of their own will. That said, they got no pledge from others, let alone Ethiopians,  to settle along the River Nile. No one gave any promise to doing or not doing anything that affects the Egyptian lives with intent. And if others living on other sides of the River Nile or the source of the same River took measures to secure their livelihoods, the Egyptians have no reasons to claim their rights have been abused. It was their own choice to settle there in the first place without the need of consent from others come what may. It was a historical decision but when conditions to settlement change through no one's fault or malicious intent then there is no one to blame but oneself for the historic decision one had made right or wrong. 

The Egyptians may have to pack up and move on to other place in fairness as they moved in and settled in the region now turned difficult to maintain in the first place. If their demand on the water is exceeding what few nomads established as their residence, now in tens and hundreds of millions they have turned to be but cannot and should not ask others to scarify their  needs for the Egyptian needs as a paramount requisite to the Universe.


River Nile is first and foremost to Ethiopia’s use and well being. That fulfilled the rest can be generously shared with others and not the other way round. 


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