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Birtukan, OLF and Abiy.

Birtukan, OLF and Abiy.



Zeru Hagos Sep 21, 2020


I have talked to many close friends over the last month. Almost everyone I talked to does not believe Abiy is an honest person. They also think Abiy will leave no stone unturned to keep his current power in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, all agree he must be removed from power. The easiest method to remove him would have been an election but he along with his  enablers has postponed Ethiopia's election. 


The worst enabler of Abiy according to my friends is Birtukan, Ethiopia's Election Board chairwoman. My friends all agreed Birtukan killed the hope of Ethiopians for a fair and free election when she announced her election board can not hold a free and fair election. She is also planning to kill Oromo's hope to remain independent and owners of their destiny. She will be deciding soon on the fate of the OLF - the vanguard Oromo Nationalist party. 


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 As you all know Abiy has been working hard to destroy the OLF by bribing few OLF politicians. He wanted to fold the OLF into the Prosperity party similar to the OPDO. Abiy has already found few former OLF members to log a letter with the election board Birtukan is leading to remove Obbo Dawd, current OLF chairman from his post. My friends think she will be siding with Abiy and dissolve the OLF or order some kind of process to legalize Abiy’s desire.


 I understand Birtukan has a grudge with TPLF/EPRDF since she was jailed for over two years. But if what my friends are saying is true, what is her reason to side with Abiy when it comes to OLF, OFC, and Jawar? Why can't she resign in protest rather than becoming the worst enabler of Abiy? Wasn't she trained to become a disciple of western democracy? 

From my limited readings on western democracy, one of the cardinal rules that made western democracy an ideal democracy besides having an independent judicial institution is having honest and trustworthy election officials. 


 I understand Meaza, not Birtukan controls the judicial institution but why can't she use her current position to promote the democratic process in Ethiopia? If she can't play a positive role then she should resign! That is what western officials do when they disagree with the power holders! 

BTW, if she is honest she should resign if Ethiopia announces to carry on with the election anytime soon. Such a decision is against her recommendation and an affront to her authority.


Birtukan, don't become another Meaza, the so-called "general Meaza" who suggested Abiy order a military campaign against Tigrai.


The Oromo people not Abiy Ahemd should determine the OLF fate and you of all people should know this!  I hope you are not denying your Oromo root and claiming you are simply a “zega” like "Bir Ametu!"





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