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Beadledom Child on Birth Labor to a Mother!


Beadledom Child on Birth Labor to a Mother!


Yared Huluf 7-30-20


Mankind and so other living things are born exposed to challenges and difficulties and endurance and perseverance are some ways means of mitigating the forbearance faced. The history of living things is a   history of ephemeral Pyrrhic victories. 


Ethiopians remember April 1979 when the military dictator ransacked the city of Addis Ababa searching house to house what he labeled Anarchists hideouts. It is remembered young students who were not registered and credited as Greg Cadres fearing for their lives were running from one rat hole to another, from one sewer to another to escape arrest and summary executions.

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This was the time when those stood and opposed the military were instantly killed on spots they were found. This was the time when those who wished to keep a distant from politics and stay indifferent/neutral were accused as middle ground lodger/መሐል ድፋሪ and dragged out and killed in front of their parents. This was a time whatever you think, whatever you do; wherever you go you did not escape the threat of being killed by beadledom vigilantes Ethiopia was crowned with. Many perished; many took instant reactions to vanish some to the jungles outside the grips of the military control some crossed boards never to return again.


17 years of bloodshed, when one did not know whether one would be walking the next day or not, except and if one was their part member or sympathizer.


PM Abiy was not born or a toddler insulated from the fears most Ethiopia people were under.  In fact, at a younger age he stood to benefit from the fruits of the tree/country that was fed with clean blood, most of us did not have had the chance/opportunist to extract from as he did without being great full to the sacrifices made. The very luck endowed with endowments just about had to travel three days on bus, cut off from their base/roots to attend a single university centred next to the palace. Nothing could be located or station unless itís next to their oxters.


I am not envious the opportunities PM got, but the Colonel needs to know the fact. Also it is insulting that he lectures us on how to go about building nation, progress and development as if we are idiots and did not know what we struggled for to bring things forwards. 


I am not adumbrating young people. Born after such and such turning points ought not utter, express and/or takeover and lead the country. No they ought and must when they are needed and fit. But they should not be people who dirt our struggle to bring change, they must not be those who wants to reverse history and take us back to where we resolutely fought to consign it the historic museum rest place.


The trouble is and it is a trouble when such people/nation is in midst and one cannot geographically relocate it somewhere else. Those who oppressed other people and nation can and will never be comfortable to live on equal bases with those whom they subjugated and crash to rule them. Even if they wanted they are scared and paranoiac and wake up deranged in nightmare sweats that one day the oppressed would do them what they did to them. To that end they always wish to remain in control. But if by any chance they regain control instead of doing the right thing, living with others isopolitical they resort to their old habits of oppression and subjugation, which the Colonel is now doing BUT it will not work even if he deploys the Lutheran tactics of mass participation and gaslight approach. Only a fool believes that he is the only smart elk with big horns  in the room to twist and bend events as he wants. It is embarrassing to see some behaviour the PM and his entourages displayed in front of a camera like a vain person seeing his image on a mirror that s/he is the only attractive soul on this earth. Can someone tell them to stop for heaven sake!!


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