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Not Just “Misery Index,” and “Shitholes,” Africa has a “House Negro” Problem too!

Not Just “Misery Index,” and “Shitholes,” Africa has a “House Negro” Problem too!

By Hailemariam Abebe



Dedicated to:

Journalist Yayesew Shimelis of Ethio-Forum

A couple of years ago, the President of the United States, his Excellency, Mr. Donald Trump, called just about every country populated by black people “Shitholes.” At the time, a lot of people, especially those rogue leaders, tried to link the president’s remarkwith an insult to the ordinary black people living in those counties.  But nothing can be further from the truth so goes the saying.  Let us be honest!Afterall, the conditions the President termed as “Shitholes” were not created by the people but by the mindless thugs who rule over them! And so,let us get it straight, that the “Shitholes” reference wasto those thugs who bring so much shame to black people the world over!

Following is a horror fact for you!In 2014, the superrich African thieves and their accomplices stole and stashed in tax havens to the tune of $500 billion.  This has mushroomed into a staggering amount by 2017 when about 165,000 super rich Africans thieves, stole and hid away in foreign havens $860 billion. That is, an increase of $120 billion/year.  How do they do it?  Through the lawless countries they rule, and through vampires who link them to other corporate vampires, hidden in the West and East!

No doubt about it.  In the Olympics of corruption and failed states, Africa sweeps all the gold! Because of these “shitholes,” Africans are not only unable to live a peaceful and productive lives in their home countries, but also just about every other country in the world, wants none of us in their countries!  We are hated everywhere in the world! But that is not all.

About 5 million children under the age of five die each year due to lack of healthcare, high levels of poverty, and infectious diseases such as malaria as well as other water borne infectious pathogens.  After at least fifty years of independence, what do we have to show for it?  Very little! In fact, we are the first world in underdevelopment hence why referred to “shitholes!”  There are those who have written us off as the continent of lost hope.  Some say some fifty years ago, many African countries had a leg up on many of the East Asian countries. But, guess what happened some fifty or sixty year later?  The East Asian countries are economic tigers, but the African countries are stuck in their “shitholes!”

Yes, and ofcourse, the president was not aiming at the ordinary people in those countries but at those thugs, those rogue leaders who have reduced those countries into a dumpster of human waste. He was referring too, to the dictatorship, lawlessness, corruption, wars and mismanagement which has turned many of the countries into permanent hell on earth for the citizens.  One may fault the President for his other short comings, but on his observation about the countries run by these mindless thugs, he was dead on, on target and on the bull’s eye!  And given that the reality in these countries is perfectly aligned with the President’s characterization, in a way, the president was talking about the plight of our people so desperateto a level of what Charles Dickens would call people condemned to just about to “eat the stew of the human residue!”Why? Keep reading!

How long has it been since many of these countries became independent? Except for one or two, all have been independent for at least half a century. Since then, coupd’états, wars of all types, ethnic cleansing, genocides, and corruption have just about destroyed so many lives along with the infrastructure of these countries, such that one is forced,sometimes,to wonder of the unthinkable, and consider the possibility of what the colonizer once said about his slaves! 

Of course, our predicament is not a function of the great people of Africa! It is not ordinary Africans that is the problem but those brutal thieves which devour them.  We have to remember that if the people were allowed to run their affairs, that is, if they were governed by a government with their consent, and with governments with strong democratic institutions, the Africans everywhere would have reached the highest heights, competed with the best of the best in the world, and would have achieved great things! After all, the historical footprints across the continent speak of heritages so innovative and advanced, nowhere in the world, is there anything like what our ancestorshad built? The timeless wonders so built by the Axumite Empire/Ethiopia, the pyramids of the black people of Egypt, the Sudan (Kingdom of Kush/Nubian kingdom), Mali Empire, Zimbabwe, the Kingdom of Benin, Kingdom of Ghana (Wagadou),the Mali Empire, are but a few of the great living evidences of what our free people achieved. And in this 21st century, Africans, given the chance to do their thing would have innovated in just about every field and would have transformed their countries into economic superpowers. But, thanks to those brutes, how can they?

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Remember too, Africa is not poor but rich!  It is blessed with so much natural resources, such as gold, diamonds, oil, coltan, bauxite, uranium, iron ore and other valuable resources, oil, coffee, cocoa and so many others.  Had it not been for the dysfunctional institutions, that is, had there been rule of law, democracy and accountability, its children would have transformed Africa into the economic tiger of the world!Sadly though, thanks to those headless monsters, rich Africa is reduced into poor Africa!  It is estimated that 50% of Sub-Saharan Africa live on less than $1.25 a day!  According to the UN, as of June 18, 2020, the population of Africa is about 1.4 billionpeople (16.72% of the world population).  That means, about 700 million people survive on $1.25 per day!And yet, if you see the thugs driving around their colony, even though their people are about to eat the “stew of the human residue,” they ride in dozens of some of the most expensive cars in the world and live in opulence that would put the richest American or European to shame!

Following are some alarming African financial holocaust (see reference at end):

v  About $161billion/year flow into Africa from loans, remittances and aid;

v  About $203billion leave Africa of which $68billion is in tax fraud by multinational corporations (about 6.1 % of Africa’s GDP). This sum is three times the aid Africa gets in aid!

v  About $30billion in profits repatriated by multinationals to their home country/tax shelters/save heavens;

v  About $29 billion/year stolen from Africa in illegal logging, fishing and trade in wildlife;

v  About $36billion owed to Africa for damages from climate change incurred by others. But Africans will be more devastated than others from it;

v  The UK capital, London, thrives on the backs African labor and profits swindled out of Africa;

v  About 30% of Ghana’s government revenue goes to pay its loans obtained at high interest rates;

v  For every £1(Pound Sterling)the government of Mozambique received in loans and aid to build an aluminum smelter, it costs it about £21(Pound Sterling);

v  Aid money from the UK destined to build private schools and health centers, end up undermining the building of decent local public services;

v  Countries with abundant mineral wealth experience poorer democracy, weaker economic growth, and worse development;

v  Africa loses an average of 70,000 skilled personnel a year in brain drain to developed countries;

v  What is the answer?”Western governments need to stop forcing African governments to open up their economy to privatization, and their markets to unfair competition;”

v  Foreigners are not helping Africa. Africa is rich. But they are making it poorer.

And then there are those African countries which have been independent since time immemorial.Yes, ours, Ethiopia specially! True, our forefathers and mothers left us a civilization second to none but come the birth of the 20th century, thanks to our version of thugs, yes, until Weyane took over in 1991, we were the “misery index” of the world! Thanks to the likes of Emperor Menelik (who sold Eritrea, leased Djibouti(and Mengistu lost it) and committed horrific crimes against just about all ethnic groups in Ethiopia, worst though, he conducted the first human reengineering on our Oromo people), Emperor Haile Selassie (RIP) and Mengistu (the ultimate savage) who literally sacrificed Ethiopia to the dark ages, they have earned us the coveted prize of the “Misery Index” of the world!  And since the passing of the late PM, Meles Zenawi (RIP), now we have added another title- “shitholes!”

It was not by coincidence Mengistu Neway and his brother, mounted the coup d’étatin 1960. Not by coincidence why Weyane/TPLF had to fight for seventeen years, why our Eritrean people had to fight for a half of a century, and why the peoples of the Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia are still fighting.  It was and is because,we are ashamed to live in a country ruled by born “shitholes” and fraudulent maniacs, ill-equipped not only to administer a country like ours but completely unfit for any public office of national importance! In their reign which lasted over one hundred years, they accomplished very little but train wrecks everywhere! And just look now at the Amhara Kilil run by that Mother of all “shitholes”called Amhara Democratic Party (ADP)! It supposedly fought a war of liberation for some “seventeen years” along with the TPLF! You would think they learned something worthwhile governing!  But look at Amara Kilil now and look at what they are doing at the national level! It is a total mess, lawless, and corrupt to the core, so much so, its leaders are, like their role model Menelik, right now, selling Ethiopia to the Egyptians!

But Africans do not only just have a “Shitholes” problem, but they have a “House Negro” problem too!In the 1960s, the late American Civil Rights leader, Malcolm X used to talk about two kinds of slaves in America’s plantation. He called those two as a “House Negro” and a “Field Negro.”  According to Malcolm X, the “House Negro” was so completely dehumanized and compromised, he saw his master as God.  He hanged around his master’s house tending to his every whim.  Worrying for his master was his life!  And the master had spoiled him by giving him his left-over food and drinks and cloths the master no longer needed.  As a result, the “house Negro” was better fed and dressed. And that was all his dream in his life! Because of these little handouts that he received, the “House Negro” was completely devoted to his master, so much so that if his master caught a cold, the “House Negro” would be so sad and worried for the wellbeing of his master that, in the process he would catch the flu!  And if the master’s house caught fire, the “House Negro” would do everything including losing his life in the process.  Overall, the “House Negro” had no worthy principles, no notion of liberty, rights, freedom, independence, integrity, honor, you name it!  In another words, he was one who accepted his slavery!

Then, there was that anotherslave whom Malcolm X called the “Field Negro!” He was completely opposite of that “House Negro!”  He worked hard in the field from daybreak until late in the evening.  But he was also conscientious; he knew he had rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness!  He was a man of honor, integrity, morals, and ethics and he was a revolutionary ready to do anything for his freedom! He also hated his Master.  If his Master got ill, the “Field Negro” prayed that his Master died! And if the master’s house caught fire, the “Field Negro” did not bring water to put the fire out but he prayed for a hurricane wind toburn the house down to the ground!

Africa is full of “House Negros!” And African countries are referred to as “Shitholes” because the continent is full of “House Negros” ready to sell their countries for their bellies! Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) is full of “House Negros!”  We have mindless rogue dictators who live for their belly and cloth just like the slave on American plantations! And in case of Ethiopia, once again, thanks to the likes of Emperor Menelik, Emperor Haile Selassie (coward who abandoned Ethiopia in its darkest hour, and then came back only to hang Belay Zeleke and to mismanage the country way to the rear end of many African countries) and Mengistu(a savage without equal) who all together, literally sacrificed Ethiopia to the dark ages, and earned us the coveted prize of the “Misery Index”of the world!Then again, what else can one expect from “House Negroes” but like their very lives, miserable “MiseryIndexes!”

Yes indeed, there was a reason why General Mengistu Neway and his brother mounted the coup d’état in the 1960s; they were so ashamed of the fact thatthose who sold themselves for bread, had put Ethiopia why back behind many of the African countries which never wereindependent when we were!  And now, thanks to the current Prime Minister, Abiye Ahmed, we are known not only as the “Misery Index,” and “Shithole” country but also a “House Negro” country too! Not just the PM though but also Prosperity Party, Parliament, Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), Ginbot 7, Mahibere Kidusan, Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), and all Ethiopian ambassadors bought to defend the auction of their country to the historic enemies of Ethiopia!  But the greatest of all the “House Negroes” are, Prime Minister Abiye, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen, Foreign Affairs Minister, Gedu Andargachew, and those generals and their contacts who are complicit not only in the auctioning of our country to the Egyptians and multinationals, ethnic cleansed Tegaru from Gondar but also murdered Engineer Shimengnew, Generals SeArre Mekonen, General Gezai Abera and tens of thousands who were either killed or ethnic cleansed!

But let’s take a close look at the Prime Minister.  We have all seen him, acting like attention deprived poodle, be it, when he met the Egyptian thug, the other Arab thug, and worst of all, when he hugged Isayas!  I do not recall which European journalist it was, but she has characterized him acting like a child with lots of toys! There is something in the man which is incongruent with Ethiopian masculinity! He is into painting, rainbows, flowers and trees during the day but a blood sucking vampire in the night; he is killing people left and right!  How can one think about the lives of trees and flowers, but he is also a murderer who made so many of our people homeless and refugees in their own country? Just look what is happening in Oromia, Quimat, Somali and elsewhere in our country!

He lies endemically! He lives in a dream world that has nothing to do with the real world!  He is a man without moral, ethical, spiritual or religious compass! Although he talks about lofty ideas of love, peace and democracy but his deeds say otherwise!  There is no question about it, and I know TPLF leaders know it to the letter that,he has murdered Engineer Shimengnew, General Seare and General Gezai and our compatriots in Bahr Dar!  And he is murdering people in Oromia and elsewhere right now!

He has betrayed his country when he served as a spy for Ethiopia’s worst enemies, and now selling everything developed since the TPLF ascent to power! Infrastructure so built at great cost and effort to get Ethiopia free and truly independent from the shackles which has now enslaved the PM! He has violated the Constitution which was written at great cost, and one which had, although imperfect, leveled the playing field for the Nations and Nationalities which make up Ethiopia! He is using state money to build that “Prosperity Party” which is really a party of Misery Indexers, Shitholes and House Negros!  Absolutely without conscience bought and sold in the marketplace called Addis Ababa and elsewhere in the Diaspora!

He is so incredibly ignorant, with diplomas and titles incongruent with what we are seeing. He tries so hard to pass as an intellectual but does not even know that it is Marx as in Karl Marxand not Mark! What makes a man, a man? Goes the question and the answer? The brain. But the saying also goes, take the brain out from a man, the rest you can get in a pig or horse!The man is a horse! This man is the most incompetent, corrupt and ignorant, and materially drivenreligious pretender head of state in the history of the Ethiopia of the last one hundred years!

Like gigolo, he is obsessed with his looks! He would kill for the limelight! And he is killing!  He dresses with the finest suits, shoes, hair colors and make up, but along with his desire for hugs, flowers, painting and trees, these qualities speak for his incredible emptiness and insecurity!The man is an empty kettle who has no clue as to who he is, and there can be no doubt, he was born compromised!Remember, his reaching out to mediate between North and South Korea?Who knows maybe not just a King but a world Mother Teresa? Humm!!!!

How else can his behavior be explained?  He was on the market to serve as a spy for Ethiopia’s historical enemies! He betrayed his country and colleagues in the Ethiopian defense establishment! And when he got to the helm of power, he left Africa behind for its worst historical enemies!  He has compromised Ethiopia’s sovereignty, betrayed not only the Ethiopian people but the African people too!He has sold our right over Dearest Abay!  He is getting orders from you know where, some diseased Arab thugs and plantations elsewhere across the oceans!

Let me make it plain.  I can never understand, Ethiopians jumping ship into other ‘Christian” denominations.  Some are no doubt young and misinformed but there are those who should know better but blindly fall down the cliff of eternal shame!  If you saw these who jumped ship or were hoodwinked into that which is not their own, the fall is bottomless!  I have witnessed this at a wedding.  What was horrifying was that when the song and dance begun, they were in absolute trance, with their mind totally taken over, they were nothing but robots devoid of any human logic and common sense! What I saw made me so sad and upset that I walked to the Pastor of this mental colonialism and told him that he was running a criminal enterprise!  What was being practiced was not in fact informed faith but hogwash courtesy of the very missionaries who blessed Mussolini to burn us down or took our land as they handed us their fake bible!  I can understand if people of other countries fall prey to this kind of “religious” colonialism.  But I can never understand it when Ethiopians, the pioneers of just about all, fail to realize that no one else but us have had the front seat to the birth and unfurling of Christianity or Islam!  It is truly the worst kind of mental parasitism when those ones of our own fall prey to the late comers of Rome or Missionaries from elsewhere in Los Angles or Europe!  But then again, House Negros are like the horse; no brain! There, you have it!

Fellow Ethiopians! Yes, Africa has it too,but we have it more! We must see why the man served as a spy! We must see why the man betrayed his country and colleagues! We must see why our sovereignty over OUR ABBAY is at the negotiating table! We must see why our national brands built at a fantastic sacrifice are on the chopping block!  We must see why our people are dying across Ethiopia and why ethnic divisions are going through the roof!  We must see why a national hero is gunned down in a broad day light with the cameras turned off!  We must see why there was no independent investigation!  We must see why the head of the Ethiopian armed forces (General Seare) and his friend (General Gezai) were gunned down in their home and to this day, no independent investigative body!  And the mother of it all, you must know why you do not know, or the Ethiopian people do not know what is being done behind the curtainvis-à-vis OUR ABBAYand Egypt, Isayas, IMF, World Band, and the other salve masters!

We have a mortal problem! We, all Ethiopians, especially patriots who have not sold their country, must come together and stand for our country! Let us tell the world that no treaty signed by the current PM or loans obtained by him, will be honored!! Time is running out, for Ethiopia/Africa is not only diseased with the virulent pathogens of “Misery Index,” and “Shitholes,” but also with the most virulent form of “House Negros!” The cure? Demand democracy now!

Dedicated to:

Journalist Extraordinaire:Yayesew Shimelis of Ethio-Forum; People the World Over areProud of you and following your suffering at the hands of the Shitholes and House Negros! Stay Strong!!!!!


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