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Abiy, the double agent spy wants Tigray to secede


Abiy, the double agent spy wants Tigray to secede

By. W.Yilma                                              October,5/2020

I closely follow Dr. Abiy’s actions since he came to power. The same as other Ethiopians who wish him to succeed, I gave him my full support, assuming that he is the man of his words. Above all my thought about him was, that because he is from the young generation, he will not follow the Machiavellian destructive politics what the old generation of the 1950’s and 1960’s are follows, for the last 50 years. Unfortunately, he terribly failed to fulfil what many Ethiopians are expecting from him.  Abiy failure are both in domestic as well as in foreign relations policies. Many found that he is unfit to hold the higher office of the country with many complex problems. For every poor political decision there is always unintended consequences. Similarly, for any unwise action taken there is equal reaction from the other side. This is why since Abiy came to power, the economy is shattered, unemployment and inflation are skyrocketing, the political situation of the country is in dire situation, the relationship between different Nations, Nationalities and People in particular between the regional states of Tigray and Amhara is fair to say at the brink of war situation. Some of these problems are deliberately crafted and directed by Abiy and his associates. Not only these, Abiy opened the door for external forces to decide in our internal affairs.

Instead of working hard to overcome the above nationwide challenges, Abiy, a double agent prioritizes to work closely with the Eritrean dictator, with the aim to consolidate his power at the expenses of millions of Ethiopian lives. Under Abiy administration Shabia groups, a sponsor of all terrorism activities in Eastern Africa has gains momentum to materialize their dreams in creating weak Ethiopia. For Shabia mafia groups, weak Ethiopia means a milking cow, which can easily exploit its natural resources, and by doing so to become the dominant power in Eastern Africa.  For this Shabia and Abiy are vigorously working behind the curtain to divide Ethiopians and weakening their political parties.  Knowing currently TPLF has undeniable political acceptance by its constituencies, Abiy and Isayas joint venture is to target the people of Tigray in the name of “eliminating TPLF” from the political land scape of Ethiopia. For Isayas to create weak Ethiopia he should create animosity among Ethiopians, in damaging the historical relationships of Tigray with the rest of Ethiopia. The current political atmosphere in Ethiopia under Abiy Ahmad Ali administration created a favorable occasion for Isayas to materialize his long-time dreams. Abiy intention is not limited only weakening Tigray in all aspects, but also to marginalize its politically active elites to the point where they could raise the issue of secession. For Abiy, this could be an excuse to declare all-out war from various fronts in conjunction with Isayas against the people of Tigray in the name of “protecting Ethiopian unity”. It should be clear here that, understanding his mental status, Abiy will not have an intention to negotiate with any political parties to solve the prevailing dire, but extremely dangerous political situation Ethiopia is facing today. Today’s joint meeting of the house of federation, the parliament, and the speech made by the president show this fact. Abiy and his groups cares more for their political as well as financial power than the failure of Ethiopia. Besides, they knew that the damages they have done to the country is beyond repairs and they will be accountable for the crime and treason they as a group has committed for the last two and half years. The decisions they passed through the rubberstamp[W1]  parliament and the House of Federation regards the postponing of the election in the name of “interpretation of the constitution” is an indication to what extent Abiy can go to stay in power illegally. The illegality of Abiy government is not only expressed in power grabbing illegally, but also as a facilitator and an architect of creating conflicts between Ethiopian divert societies and conspiring and directing of political assassination of renown personalities (even during the Durge regime, the only political assassination many of us remembered was the disappearance of Bealu Girma, 1975 E.C). In fact, it is the government who is committing crimes daily, but those who are peacefully opposing the illegal regime or suspected are the one who are accused of for the crime they do not commit.   

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At this time Abiy has arrested almost all renown political figures, activists, journalists, and other businesspeople in which many of them are from Oromia and Tigray. Daily, many more youth are throwing to jail in Oromia, from which Abiy claimed his constituency. As I stated earlier, the only viable political organization at this time who is challenging Abiy outlaw and vulgar government is TPLF. Because of this Abiy together with the Eritrean dictator Isayas, has tried his best to eliminate TPLF, but with no avail. The recent election held in Tigray and the overwhelming acceptance of TPLF by the peoples does not give Abiy and Isayas a sanity of mind, and therefore, they are trying different approaches to punish the people collectively. It became a dilly business for Abiy and his government to falsely accusing TPLF for any crime committed in the country.  The actions taken against Tegarus since Abiy came to power speaks for itself. So far it seems Abiy succeeded in achieving some of his objectives against Tigray and Tegarus. The reasons I said this is the following:

1.   It will become clear in the future what is the motives behind it, but what is clear now is Abiy successfully created irreversible damages between the elites of Tigray and Amhara, and no one knows whether or not the same mistrust is existing between the ordinary peoples of the two regional states. I am sorry to say the following, but it is facts and need to be speak out if we as a united country want to live together in peace. The hate spewing day and night by some Amhara elite’s and various media moguls (including government own but funded by taxpayers) are intolerable not only for Tegarus but also for other Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples as well. Beside spreading of hate, and disseminating of false and fabricated information, some of them are committed treasons by openly asking and supporting the Eritrean government together with Abiy administration to declare war against the people of Tigray. For this groups it is not treason and a violation of Ethiopian sovereignty when they are openly without shame asking a foreign country to open war against the people of Tigray. This show to what extent this groups are intoxicated with hate; a symptom of mental status which will not hesitating to commit crime against humanity if they have got the chance. There is a rumor that at this time Abiy and Isayas are in the process of sending Eritrean mercenaries to Amhara regional state to instigate conflicts between Tigray and Amhara. The reason why some of the Amhara elites are pushing Abiy and Isayas to open war against the people of Tigray is a political tactical, and their long-term strategy is different than what we know now. In general, what Abiy want is to instigate unstoppable conflicts between the people of Amhara, Tigray and between Tigrians and Eritreans, so that he can fulfill what is in his mind, but unclear for many of us now. It is up to the ordinary people of Amhara, Tigray, Eritreans, and many others to understand this conspiracies and refrain from involving in any kind of conflicts crafted by irresponsible bloodthirsty elites.        

2.   Abiy gave directives to all his Prosperity Party (PP) regional states appointees to harass Tegarus, evict them from work, home and land they occupied; detain and arrest them without any charges. The Amhara and the Ethiopian Somali regional states presidents, and officials who are very loyal to Abiy are committed crime against hundreds of thousands of Tegarus.


3.   The Abiy security apparatus imbedded with the Eritreans security personnel’s main duty at this time is not to keep Ethiopia from domestic as well as external threat but to hunt down and spying on all Tegarus regardless of their economic as well as social status. In simple terms, for Tegarus at this time Ethiopia became like a hell to live!

4.   It is vivid that Abiy and his cohorts are working hard to isolate and weaken Tegarus both socially, politically, and economically. At this time, the government in Arat Killo is looking Tegarus as enemy of the country and those Ethiopians or foreigners who are attempting to go to Tigray are considered as violators of Ethiopia constitution, and are harassed, arrested or detained. Investment has sized, capital flow is limited, roads taking to Tigray are closed with the knowledge of Abiy government (some cabinet minsters of Abiy publicly has said that it is appropriate to close the road because the people Tigray should be punished). In the history of Ethiopian this kind of animosity towards Tigray by central government has never been seen. Understanding the erratic and unstable mentality of Abiy, this kind of actions against those who he considered as his political opponents is expected. What is strange and dangerous though is the indifference attitudes of the Ethiopian people, while their social fabrics are deliberately eroded, ruined, and their country is at the verge of disintegration, just to make happy a mad man whose dreams is to become a King.  

5.   Abiy controlled all branches of government, the security, and military apparatus of the country. He is using these resources towards consolidation of his power, the same way what the Eritrean dictator has done to ruin and bankrupt his country both economically, and human capitals.  Besides, he created his own republican guard, like Sadam Husen, trained and equipped to shoot, kill and terrorize those who questioned his administration. The composition of the republican guards is secretly recruited from selected ethnic groups, loyal to the illegally formed Prosperity Party (PP). The members of this republican guards are by far privileged than the underfunded Ethiopian defense forces. There is a rumor that in the long run he will be replaced the Ethiopian defense forces by the republican guard, adding some from Oromia, Amhara, and Somali regional states special forces. As we know, he changed the military doctrines and without due process he personally restructured the same way as the Eritrean defense forces are organized. Within the military structure, Abiy has his own loyalist officers who took order directly from him, meaning there is no institutionalized military commands at this time within the military organization.  


Taking the above-mentioned issues into consideration, to assume that Abiy will show tendencies towards negotiation with other political groups is naivety. As far as I am concerned, Abiy prefer to let Ethiopia disintegrate rather than sitting with the oppositions groups to solve the problem the country is facing today. Undermining this fact is serious fatal political mistakes. Do not underestimate Abiy. He is not only pathological liar, but also a psychopath who believe in assassination to eliminate, not only his political opponents but also those whom he thinks is a threat to his power. Since Abiy came to power, how many innocent peoples including government officials were killed and how many of those killed get fair trials? How many people are jailed without due process, evicted from their job, land and home? He is accountable for all these atrocities and mass killing committed in various parts of Ethiopia. In short, the damages that have been done during Abiy’s administration for the last two and half years are beyond repairs. Hence, what he is doing now is creating, and igniting more conflicts in various part of the country to extend his stay in power.    


Recently after Tigray election, Abiy rubber stamp parliament abruptly has passed a resolution to conduct election in this year. I assume except Prosperity Party, no one think other viable political parties will participate in the coming election. This is because there is not a conducive political atmosphere to participate in the election. Hence, the political parties should demand the following.

1.   The power of the illegal Prosperity Party should be ceased, and transitional, or caretaker or any other form of government should establish as soon as possible. 

2.   The election board should be abolished and reorganized in a new form and the appointees should be assigned with the agreement of all the political parties involved. The same should be applied to the Ethiopian Human Right Council and Ombudsman offices.   

3.   The Abiy government should refrain from using the government budget for his party campaigns, and the security and military institutions should be neutral and should be free from the intervention from Abiy government. A committee elected from all political parties and other relevant individuals and organizations should overhaul the implementation of this agreement.  

4.   All political prisoners should be freed without any preconditions, and they should be compensated for unlawful arrest. 

5.   All commands post illegally established by Abiy should be abolished and the military should be returned to his camps.

6.   Taking into consideration the prevailing situation, the election time should be discussed and decided the timeline based upon the agreement reached by all political parties. Unless these demands met, the political partis should boycott the coming election, and let the Prosperity Party compete with itself!    

Finally, Abiy is the most insecure, relied entirely on external forces to stay in power, obsessed with himself, and have deep hate not only against TPLF, but also towards the people of Tigray. The people of Tigray should know that Abiy and his associates, including the Eritrean dictator, and other domestic extremists who are deeply intoxicated with hate against the people of Tigray will not sleep until they dismantle the social fabrics of the people. Abiy and Isayas knew that if TPLF is in power in Tigray they both feel unsafe to keep their dictatorial regimes in their respective countries. This is real, not an assumption to spread fear. Therefore, from the people of Tigray, it needs necessary preparation to avert the danger looming over the sky of Tigray. The people of Ethiopia, in particular the youth have two choices. Ether to choose the axis of evil and cooperate with them to accelerate the possible disintegration of the country or take bold actions against the axis of evils who are dragging the country into unstoppable civil war and destructions.  Those who live and enjoy luxurious life at the expenses of the poor do not care about those Ethiopians who are living in extreme poverty, deprived from getting a piece of bread to feed themselves once daily. They do not care to think about those millions of Ethiopians who are exposed for hunger and poor health due to civil unrest, draught, locust and army worm infestations, widespread of debilitating diseases; and those who lack hope and happiness due to state captured maladministration and corrupt government officials.  I wish Abiy and the confused speaker of the house of federation when they sit in fronts of their table with plenty of food, to remember those Ethiopians who do not have a piece of bread to feed their crying starved child, those who are in jail without committing any crime, those who are terrorized daily by Abiy loyal security forces. Then they may start thinking about peace instead of beating a drum of war!