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A Raptor, Circling the Captors!

A Raptor, Circling the Captors!


Yared Huluf



After many miscarriages and stillborns, Tigrai was at long last pregnant with and about to give birth to vivacious child she was eager to rear and sustain come  hell or high water, hoping that the child born would in turn  lead her march safe through the dark tunnel,  her detractors kept her under for centuries.


This time Tigrai was certain, the price dearly paid looking after the child was ultimate but the child would  raise her arms and guide her to the glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and her eyes would wide open thereafter.


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In the struggle for survival, this time it was not only the enemy, that had had a plan to wipe her out from the map and the minds of mankind, but opportunists, the likes of EPLF, fearing the emergence of the indomitable Mother of all next door that would  unsettle their dream of plunder of the Eritrean people who fought tooth and nail to achieve their aspersions to a fully functioning and a free nation after long and hard struggle for independence.


That said, the child born in Tigrai was as trusting, an atavistic traits inherited from forefathers/mothers  who  complied and accommodated the wishes and needs of would be companions in arms as a desired way to end the nightmares that befallen on  all concerned.


However, no sooner the hard and bloodstained mammoth task was brought end, the TPLF found itself between a rock and a hard place. It came under external and internal threats.  It became vulnerable to extortions and racketeering from the comrades in arms from within right and left. The EPLF began to pull the rug from under unless it got what it covetously wanted. The Amhara armed wing (ADP) that joined the TPLF/EPRDF earlier on now felt it had neutralized and/ hoodwinked  the grievances of Tigrains against the Amhara domination after the fall of Derg, covertly began operating from within against the OLF to be purged from the coalition, as it was the OLF the Amhara elites in the coalition that they feared  most and for good reason. 


Once the OLF was removed they then began undermining the core EPRDF by abusing the top positions they were trusted with. It was like lending a friend a car to get by who filled the tank with half water and blame the lender for not reaching a destination b planned.


The tragedy, the TPLF ought to have known better. The OLF ought not have had been purged however unreasonable their demands might have been.


The hard fact and it is this: once the country was liberated from the Feudo-militaristic grips, TPLF ought to have fall back and declared independence and leave the rest in good terms to set up and deal with their own nation building affairs. The journey for independence may have been hard, but what has Tigray gained from Ethiopia? Tigrai had been systematically stripped and deprived of decency; humiliated as second class citizen where ignorance, diseases, poverty were set free to exact the kind of punishments one would not wish on adversary to happen let alone on people the Amhara claim their own.


As a snake caught up in a rain desperately looking for a shelter dives in to a dreys not only to find the dreys a cozy nest to rest but also kits it turned them for launch. When the mother squirrel came back, it found out not that the abode  but kittens to be had were lost.


The Amhara elites within the EPRDF were involved in malfeasance flagrant corruptions, benefiting from their mischievous acts and projecting the blame on a third party (TPLF) as the culprit. This is not to say the TPLF was entirely innocent, they were not, but to state that if there are groups from within steering in a wrong direction how could things evolve for the better one would have hoped for?


The groups from within started devouring the very political organization they happened to be an integral part.


A case in point, where ever they were in charge, such as ENSA/ኢንሳ and other institutions they were involved in illegal and unlawful activities such as arresting, torturing, killings and violating human rights against their own people with clear intentions  that the TPLF would be  blamed for and hated as the architect of all if not most of the misdeeds they themselves committed.


They embezzled resources and grabbed and sold poor peoples’ land knowing fully well the Tigrians would be accused for their greed.


An advocate and a journalist by profession, Abebe Gelaw, stooped so low and fabricated a mimic  audio recording, implicating a Tigrian electrical engineer, Tsegay Tekelay, exposing the espionage network the TPLF was involved, even though the plots devised were spearheaded by Abiy Ahmed as ኢሳት head. There is no point appealing for such people to stop; they will not. This is not new it has happen in history. If you watch the news nowadays, all the state media all over the world are arguing whether President Trump will survive Covid or not. I hope he does; but the issue is not whether he will or he will not. For all likelihood he will overcome his predicament, given the best medical attentions he gets the world can offer. 


The question is why on earth did he behave recklessly when he has all the privileges that he could have easily avoided the risk of being infected compared (had it not being  for his bravado) to the ordinarily people, exposed through no fault of their own and who do not have access to basic medical treatments? This is what one call shifting the goal posts! Disorientation at best: they tell the viewers to look backwards when they should be looking forwards!


In our case, all these may not mean anything for the ordinary Amharas stand-bys, until it comes full circle and knock their doors. Then it will be too late to sort things.


Gullible General Asaminew Tseg is a case in point. He operated hand in gloves with ኢንሳ when he complied and executed a plot he received to eliminate ADMP leader, Ambachew Mokennen and two other high ranking officials. 


They were killed because they disinclined to dismantle their party and joined the PP, the PM Abiy led. But be that as it may, as a horrible power grabbing dictator would do as one would expect. 


The irony is; Asamnew who felt he was facilitating, a greater cause of the Amhara elites did not expect that  he himself would be a victim of a plot he was part of, and immediately to be killed before he even uttered a word to the outside world in retrospect admitting the wrong he accomplished. Déjà vu አብዬት ልጆችዋትበላሉች! Following on heels ሓጫሉ/Hachalu came next as one would expect.  More would be in the pipelines unless everybody is awakened for their own sake!!


ኣሳምነው እውነትም ኣሳምነው

ብትገስፀው ብትለምነው

ከወደደ ምን ይሳነው

ሥልጣን ላስክረው

ገደል መዳ ነው ለሚለው

ባሻዣግሬው ሊሆን ሲለምነው

ታጠቅ ፈረስ አለው

ጦር ያለበሰው

ትግራይ ሊያደፈራርው:

እሺ ብሎ ካሳመነው

ዝሮ ብሎ እንደኣመድ  አበነነው:

እንግዲህ ማን ይመን ኣሳምነው::



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