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A Flying Pig Dropped Midair The Saplings Brought From Abroad...እምቦጭ!!

A Flying Pig Dropped Midair The Saplings Brought From Abroad...እምቦጭ!!


Yared Huluf 11-01-20


Whoever has read the book, Animal Farm by George Orwell, it was not only the Dogs, the Sheep, the Pigs but also the Horses, the Cats, the Raven, the Hens. Fate had it but live together in the Farm Kingdom. Of all the horse, Boxer, had a disability, he could not help, and he was roundly used and exploited by the clever elks in the Farm. The Horse could not remember what he had eaten for breakfast, nor could he remember the alphabets he had learned as he tried to go down the list to memories. By the time he had reached the letter D, he had already forgotten what was at the top of the list. Determined that he had to be a member of the elites, he goes back to the top of the list and dug in hard to keep the letter A embedded in his mind, but then already he had forgotten  the letter D. Between four letters he spent his entire life going in circle ኣሺካዕላል to use the word President Isayas loves to deploy to critics his detractors;  little did he know the word defines his persona more than anyone else.


To come to the main point of who drafts and ratifies a constitution, one can take the oldest of all constitutions- American Constitution. It was not written by God and the council of Engels, nor was it written at a time way back, people do not know when as there was no such time concept of a calendar to remember and document.


It was drafted in May 25,1787 and sign in September 17, 1787, 11 years after the day of independence, July 4, 1776.

It was signed by 38 delegates including: George Washington (president), James Madison, also later a president, William Findley, Samuel Adams, John Adams, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, Thomas Jefferson, James Wilson, ,John Dickson Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. 


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The constitution was hoped to bring to the People of the United States, a semblance of order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty and Posterity.


Was the constitution fair and just from the outset? No, it was not. Four out of the 13 formers founders, James Madison (president 1809-1817), Richard Henry Lee, Thomas Jefferson and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney were slave owners. 


But the constitution has lasted and enacted to this very day with fervour, including the rights to carry arms at will.  Am I saying it does not need improvement? No! But I am not an American to meddle in someone’s affair. It would be up to the Americans to clean their domestic affairs, although I am a naturalized citizen I would not be seen as a rabble rouser, but if given the opportunity I would add my input, the way a civilized nation ought to project itself as a world leader.


Equally, The Ethiopian Constitution was drafted by delegates of nations and nationalities, all inclusive and enacted on 21 August 1995. 

Delegates and expertise of nations and nationalities (from  ones regarded as ሻንቅላ/ሻንቅሎች(Benshangulians) ባርያ/ባሮች/Gambles, Gamos, Sidama, Welayetas, Agows, Kemant and labeled as  ጋላ,  the Oromos; all once sold and bought in open markets, to be used as targets in shooting games, domestic servants and other needs of ruling  warlords) convoyed and drafted and signed the constitution to bring about peace, justice, fairness, equality and rule of law.



The constitution is hoped to bring to the People of the Ethiopia, as in once in America, an Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty and Posterity.


Is the constitution fair and just from the outset? No, it is not. But the constitution has lasted 26 years and addressed the question of equality and self determination including and up to secession. It allows nations and nationalities to self express without being denied and disgraced. 


Am I to say it does not need improvement? No, I am not but every Ethiopian has the right to demand to bring about needed improvements.


But to preach that the constitution is a garbage not worth the ink and paper it was written on that needed to be discarded and binned, is something of a different kettle altogether.


The constitution, as in America, was written and enacted, not by God but leaders and representatives of the concerned people in question at a critical and historical juncture, when the country, as in America, was faced existential threat.


It had to done by the delegates and experts who happened to be actors at the time, not by God and the Engels.


At the end of the day, leaders and delegates have to do/draft it. If we agree God would not descend and do it for us; It is people whoever they may who represented their constituencies, who carried out the duty and responsibility of drafting and ratifying a constitution. If we remove God as the signer, it would be then be the RPRDF who needed to do it as they did. Some then as now who cried foul would then by implication tell us, it would be alright and might had it been drafted and ratified by Mesfin Welde Mariam (RIP, a man blessed to lead long life, had it not for the cursed Covid-19 who could have still live longer fit and sound. Though that said Professor  Mesfin wasted his entire adult life sawing seeds of ethnic discord, chauvinist contempt when he could have done better), and his disciple, who are still alive with his talent), you know who you are, I do not have to rattle my finger and point so as not to deny you peace of mind; if that was to be the case, we would be go back and live in the cave; Lo behold!!


Or are they advocating that such a constitution, which recognized the rights of all Nations and nationalities ought not be conceived in the first place; that the oppression and subjugation ought to have continued an abated, when the oppressed people have had no backbone left to carry the burden, the Shewan monarchies imposed?


Be that as it may, there is nothing wrong to have blood or linage from once oppressor warlords. It is no fault or crime to be born into the family of oppressors. None of us have any control how and from whom were are born in to. No one ought to be blamed for the crimes his/her forefathers committed. Sons and daughters of former oppressors are as good citizens as anyone else. 


But if they defend the actions of forefathers who were oppressors, and/or desire to perpetuate the acts of their forefathers, then they are as guilty as their forefathers.


If they aware what had happened in the past, clear in their mind and stay away from it but remained quiet there is nothing much to demand from them.


That said, Blood is thicker than water. It is wrong, very wrong, to expect from such offspring of oppressors to come out in public and condemn their parents to wash off guilt or please would be critics.  I would not want it to do it myself if I were one them, unless it serves a National cause to heal wounds or ward off discordances out of my own volition. 


They have nothing to do with the crime perpetrated and ought not to charge as guilty for crimes they did not participated. 

They are innocents, as anyone is entitled before proven guilty. Most people in Germany and Italy knew their parents were guilty and they are aware not to repeat what their parents committed, but they do not go around with a badge on their lapels condemning their parents as Fascists and/or Nazis.  By doing so they are at peace with their conscience. They are not weighted down and suffer from scienter.   Some even do go out and exposed their parents deeds for educating others at will without being coerced, (31/10/20 Al Jazeera 9:00 report; a lady exposing her grandfather fascistic deeds in the Italian islands repressing Mussolini and Hitler).


Hate driven PM Abiy did anything and everything to rubbish the work of the EPRDF to roll back the wheels of history. In one act of defiance, he undermined the dam Ethiopia built. Little did he know his act would come to haunt him for the rest of his life.


In the deal he agreed to reach with the Americans, he received 3 billion dollars via the Emirates in advance, hoping the Ethiopian will go ahead with his plan compromising the Dam. Once he realised he was playing with the Russian-roulette, the Ethiopians will not forgive, he hesitated to sign the deal. In his act of bravado, he lost the consent of the Ethiopian people but also his backers, who decorated him with Nobel Prize as fanfare and glamorization to boost his popularity. Now he found himself between the rock and hard place. If he were not to sign the deal, they wanted him to return the 3 billion dollars he took in advance. But Abiy has spent most of it building parks and statues, instead of purchasing equipment, helicopters and building infrastructures to deal with locust invasions to say the least. Now he is asking banks and the public to give up monthly wages and salaries to repay the sum he received wasted like a child. Isayas also has been given 2 billion dollars as a gate keeper while the Abiy accomplish the job assigned. Unlike the Abiy the backers have no internal means to threat to return the money they offered. Isayas have mobbed clean his opposition from within. It appears like a piece of meat a vulture has gobbled; you cannot take it out until the vulture is dead and dissected. Money sunk and lost to the bottom of the sea just like the Eritrean fugitives feed to the sharks. The Abiy and his cohorts; Such are the people who glamorize the past, as if suffering from saudade remembering back Menelik for what he was - a black leader who turned victory to defeat. No disrespect to the heroic Ethiopians north and south who bled and shattered bones and muscles to death to defend.


If a gambling addict keeps taking money that provides food from the children and the partner remain quiet, she is either an accomplice or she has lost her mind. If Ethiopians allow Abiy take their wages and salaries to indulge himself in toys and tree houses whilst their kids are denied sustenance, it will be they but who else face the countenance partying in the fairyland, the Abiy built, whilst the kids are left behind with nothing to eat. A flying pig dropped midair the saplings brought from abroad to replant amid the local forest to transform its looks, just like እምቦጭ; and you know what happens next? Ask  the Baher Dar farmers!!



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